There’s still time to redeem yourself!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Just look at the enemies attacking Imran, the Supreme Court, NAB and the Army!

Nawaz Sharif, Asif Zardari, Asfandyar Wali, Achakzai, Fazal Diesel, Altaf Hussain.

Then the misguided and the misinformed.

Then those whose political, economic and social stakes are wedded to this terrible status quo of corruption, loot, plunder and institutional destruction.

And most dangerously those who want a weak Pakistan ruled by the corrupt. A Pakistan with a weak Army. A nuclear defanged Pakistan.

They certainly don’t want a progressive, forward looking, democratic Pakistan with strong institutions and strong leadership, working for its people and not the current rich and corrupt elite!

And then look at the media and writers and intellectuals who make fun of him. Deride him. Run him down.

And they do it so very cleverly. They cloak their daggers in silky narratives of “Saving democracy” “Army political meddling” “Judicial Activism” ” NAB witch hunt”, “Religious obscurantism”!

They are blind to the efforts of institutional reform in KP. They are blind to the massive efforts in the police, in healthcare and education. In strengthening the local bodies. And blind to their impact.

Not perfect, I agree, but substantial enough for everyone to see.

All they can see is the resignation of the Ehtesaab Chief.

But none will highight that for 4 years NAB was under a Nawaz toady called Ch. Qamarruzaman and were unable to investigate and or file a reference of any substantial corruption or wrongdoing in KP or against those who are close to Imran.

They lambast the Supreme Court and the Chief Justice for exceeding his mandate, but forget that the same Court, disqualified Jehangir Tareen.

They forget that with all state institutions lying on a death bed, the SC had to step in.

They question the Panama and accountability court’s judgements but forget the criminality of the Sharifs and the Zardaris and their terrible and abject deliberate misgovernance and criminality.

They question Hanif Abbasi’s conviction as a witch hunt, forgetting that this man has possibly been responsible for sending tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands into the dark abyss of lifelong drug addiction and abuse!

And Shaukat Siddiqi. The evil maniac one who calls himself a Judge! Muddying the waters of his corruption and misuse of authority and nearing his convuction, wants to die as a political martyr in a hail of his own calumny! A petty, hypocrital liar, worthy of nothing but contempt.

They question Imran’s monetary handout to Sami ul Haq’s seminary as evidence of his support for Taliban like organizations.

So, if that’s true is KP now a more radicalized province then it was before?

I also questioned him on this in my interview. His answer which he has shared publicly hundreds of time.

Do we leave the hundreds of thousands of madrassah kids, failed by the State, to the mercies of obscurantist thought or do we attempt to exercise oversight over them and teach them skills so they become positive contributors in our society vs being brainwashed into a life of intolerance, guns and violence?

So yes we paid them to establish a teacher training college, upgrade their facilities with computers and curriculum to teach non religious subjects.

In return we got membership on their board and management control and most importantly, authority of approval of their curriculm and complete oversight by the KP Board of Education.

Sami ul Haq also countered the Fatwa by the TTP/DAESH/AL QAEDA, supported by Fazal Diesel, that polio drops were haraam. Sammy’s people accompanied polio teams to address this Fatwa.

But who wants to talk about the rationale and the impact?

Who wants to talk about the crippled life that awaits those thousands of children without polio drops, because their parents and guardians were brainwashed by an obscurantist thought?

And finally lets get real. Sammy and Diesel are political enemies. What would you do if Fazal was your political enemy?

Internationally just look at the Indian and Western press and segments of our own media!

Look at the slander and the pettiness of the filth being heaped on our Judiciary, our Army, the NAB and Imran by his political opponents and many so called enlightened and educated!

So here are my questions to all who have joined this battle to defame Imran and hit out at our Judiciary, our Army and the NAB!

Why would you support known criminals, crooks, plunderers, money launderers like Nawaz and Zardari?

Why would you NOT support people and forces who are desperately trying to save Pakistan from collapsing and anarchy?

Why are you all pointing your guns at the Supreme Court, NAB, Imran and the Army?

Why are all of you desperately trying to scuttle and sabotage efforts to strengthen Pakistan?

Where were you alongwith all anti Imran, anti Judiciary, anti Army political forces when the wholescale loot and plunder in Pakistan was taking place these last 10 years?

Where were you when all our institutions were being royally raped and destroyed by Zardari and Nawaz from 2008?

Where were you when cronies and toadies were appointed to powerful posts so they could loot and plunder with abandon?

Why on earth would you support criminals like Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari?

Why for God’s sake? What have they given us, except deprivation, destruction, corruption, loot and plunder and large projects to fill their own pockets?

You are either ignorant, misinformed, or have deep political, social and economic vested interests with the current mafia like status quo.

And many amongst you with full stomachs, wealth, power and access to state power are not directly affected, so far by this massive institutional destruction and plunder of our wealth.

Woe the day when the pain and the cries of the anguished and underprivileged burst out on the streets!

They will douse your lights, loot and plunder your wealth, burn your houses and end your lives!

Woe that day which is not far off, if this system continues.

Many of you, like me living overseas, in safe environments, are completely oblivious to the horrors, our poor and exploited face everyday.

You the rich and powerful and privilged, are untouched and unfazed by the cries and agony of the millions who suffer everyday.

You do not hear the cries and death throes of the hungry, undernourished malnutritioned poor child, man and woman.

The only cries you hear are of two convicts. The criminal Nawaz and the forgerer Maryam!

You do not suffer the agonies nor do you hear the cries of the millions of suffering sick as your sickness is attended to by the expensive private hospitals in Pakistan!

Or like Nawaz, Shahbaz, Kulsoom, Zardari, Asim Hussain and others like you, you fly off to hospitals in Europe and North America to save your blighted health!

Your ignorance of what’s happening, deliberate or unconscious, is a curse on your insensitive skins, your conscience and your souls.

Your ignorance and insensitivity is a far greater curse then the curse of ignorance which millions of our youth are blighted with. Our schools and colleges failing them, providing an education which offers them nothing. No skills. No competencies. No employment!

Your ignorance pervades because you do not face the fascism of our police and others, either buying your way out or using your influence.

You are a miserable, sick, prostituted lot.

Prostituted by your arrogance, your power, your wealth, your egos, your privileged lifestyle, your vested interests and above all your insensitivity and your ignorance!

And because you’ve sold your souls, your self respect, your honour and your dignity, you will do everything in your power to bring down the man and the institutions, who for once in a long long time, in a rare moment in our blighted God Forsaken history, are desperately trying to fix our corrupted body politic and fight for the under dog, the poor, the marginalized and the socially and economically disadvantaged.

You want to kill this rare moment in our history!

If God Forbid, we are unsuccessful now in changing our system then please remember it was you who stabbed Pakistan in the back!

And then cry not when the flames engulf us all!

But there is still time to redeem yourself.

Please Vote for Pakistan and not this terrible band of looters and plunderers of the Sharifs and the Zardaris!

*Salaams and Prayers*
*Haider Mehdi*

An unseen consequence of the Abraaj downfall!

By Haider Mehdi.

Aman foundation, a private sector social impact organization offering major services in health care and technical training is winding down its operations in Pakistan, specifically Karachi, because of bankruptcy declared by Abraaj, its primary sponsor.

For Karachites this has serious consequences.

60 state of the art, fully equipped Aman ambulances, staffed by highly trained para medics and in some cases, doctors provided round the clock emergency support services to the citizens of Karachi, at nominal cost.

To date they catered to nearly 100,000 incidents with an average response time of 18 minutes.

The cost per incident ranged from Rs.5000 to Rs. 6000, but people were charged Rs. 800 to Rs.1100 depending on distance etc and those who couldn’t got it free.

Moreover these ambulances were crucial in providing the critical emergency medical care by highly trained para medics or qualified doctors to patients in the critical time from pick up to drop off to a hospital.

Like the 1122 service, this service was very effective and quite unlike the Eidhi or Chippa ambulances which are nothing more than a means of transportation, with no health care support in the transit time when it’s needed most by the patient.

While the Eidhi and Chippah services are better than nothing, they really are not ambulance services in the true sense of the service.

Following Abraaj’s bankruptcy, Aman foundation, now left with no funds and unable to sustain their operations, have been forced to dismantle operations.

15 ambulances have been taken over by NICVD (National Institute of Cardiovascular Diseases).

Some reports suggest that the private sector South City Hospital and Aga Khan Hospital, may take the rest.

While NICVD will continue to serve its own clientele of heart patients, including the poor, but they will likely send some out to their satellite operations in interior Sind.

The private sector hospitals, as we know, will only cater to their own, and likely for only those who can afford them.

Consequently, your average Karachi citizen will most likely no longer have access to this critical and state of the art public service!

What now?

The previous PPP Sind government, with all its faults and whatever their political motivations, created a wonderful and sustainable model of free health care delivery to citizens.

In one case the vehicle was a government entity, NICVD and in another a private sector health care foundation called the Child Life Foundation, started by a near angelic being called Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood.

Former PPP CM Murad Ali Shah, knowing the rampant corruption, handed over large sums of budgeted health care allocations to these two institutions.

Child Life Foundation (CLF), took over all Child emergency centers of all government hospitals in Karachi and in a few years changed the terrible and tragic statistic of 95% mortality of all children brought to the emergency centers into a 90% survival rate.

A miracle of sorts! Thanks to Dr. Naseer and his team!

They were able to do so by taking over the management and administration of these facilities, using trained medical staff and state of the art equipment and facilities, funded from their own sources and the government. A key factor also was being free of government interference.

In NICVD, Dr. Nadeem Qamar and Dr. Nadeem Rizvi, two amazing individuals, both government employees, completely revamped the NICVD and its processes, procedures and systems.

They established an independant governing board, enhanced salaries of doctors and staff to very respectable levels, prohibited private practice and wrought a near miracle in heart health care in Karachi and Sind, now offering near to world-class heart care even in remote parts of interior Sind!

Government funding was crucial to these two success stories, as ordinarily these funds are either siphoned away because of corruption or even more tragically, lapse because of lack of capacity.

Health care is a basic right. It does not fit into “return on equity” business planning frameworks. But a “return on well-being” quotient!

Therefore the civic, political and administrative leaders of Karachi, and any other city of Pakistan, who want state of the art ambulance services, must step up to the plate and establish similar partnerships as stated above.

People like Dr. Abdul Bari Khan of Indus Hospital, Dr. Adeeb Rizvi, Dr. Nadeem Rizvi, Dr. Naseeruddin Mahmood, Mushtaq Chaapra of The Citizen’s Foundation, Yousaf Jameel, now a caretaker Sind cabinet minister and the indefatigable Nazim Haji and others, must quickly get together to develop and operationalize a state of the art emergency ambulance service for Karachi with funds from the private and public sectors!

And I understand that their currently exists a Sind Ambulance service, which has not taken off, but offers an opportunity for Karachi’s and Sind’s civic leaders to adopt it and make it come to life!

In fact every city in Pakistan and its civic and political leaders and well-heeled business people must adopt this highly successful and sustainable model of public private partnerships, especially in health care and education.

An ideal partnership of political will, functional expertise and taxpayers money coming together for public good!

In its death throes, Abraaj may have unleashed a revolution of sorts in Pakistan.

Let’s wait and see who puts money and expertise where their mouth is!

  • Salaams and Prayer
    Haider Mehdi