On Ansar Abbasi Pakistan’s self styled Self Righteous Crusader

23 April 2014. Haider Mehdi( This is in response to AA article tiled I am a Hero, targeting the army and General Pervez Musharraf).  While I am not a Gen. Musharraf apologist, I very strongly refute the many completely false statements by Ansar Abbasi.

Ansar Abbasi lets his personal venom, masked as objective journalism, or an intelligent viewpoint or an an investigative report over whelm his writings and objectivity.
He tells outright lies, distorts facts, muddies the water, laces it with his poison and presents it as “investigative journalism”. For example he had and has no shame in defending Arsalan Iftikhar or his monstrous father, simply because….and i do not want to say more.
Akber Bugti brought his own death by “literally taking up arms against the Country. he took every penny of the Sui gas royalty and never did anything for his people and or his region. Bugti became the Governor of Baluchistan, under ZAB in the 70’s after ZAB dismissed Mufti Mahmood’s Baluchistan government. And all Bugti saheb did was use this position to get rid of his tribal enemies.
I have actually overheard him personally telling somebody who was presenting to him how many roads, and health centers and school were to be built in the Marri – Dera Bugti areas, with a wry smile. You will spoil THESE PEOPLE!! .  Any violent death is tragic and unfortunate and hence so was his. certainly, but he like many others brought it upon himself. He took up arms against the state, attacked the army and FC check posts guarding the Sui Gas fields when Gen Musharraf refused to pay royalty directly to him but pay to the Baluchistan Government. In hindsight he was nothing but a Tribal Feudal, educated overseas, with a semblance of western values BUT bled his people white.
The Lal Masjid so called students were people armed with Rocket Launchers, machine guns, hand grenades, sniper rifles, land mines etc. For your kind information Mr. Abbasi, Madrassa students are supposed to have pens, pencils and books in their hands. He glorifies people like Ghazi, the evil cleric masked as a person of God.
I agree, of course the army should not take over. Agreed. Of course General Musharraf made mistakes but he did not bleed the nation white. But the greater disservice is by the politicians who have wrecked and destroyed this society and by us the spineless nation which allowed these actions to take place.
Please remember. All Martial takeover were initially overwhelmingly welcomed by the people of Pakistan. Can anyone forget the scenes of jubilation when NS was overthrown in October 1999?. Wrong, yes i admit it was wrong, BUT the PEOPLE from North to South, East to WEST welcomed it. Look at what has happened since Mr AZ and now NS have been in power.  Hopelessness, economic stagnation, family dynastic rule.
If people have access to job opportunities, to health care and education and justice, and the freedom to practice their brand of any religion or faith or as enunciated in the Meesaq e Madina, by our Holy Prophet PBUH, why would they welcome a Messiah, in the uniform of General?
We will never. We only  do so because the politicians, crooked to the core, and even today, a shameless lot of pitter patter conversationalists, living in their palatial homes and houses, are sucking this nation dry, and have and will once again fail this wretched nation. These snakes see their biggest threat, not in losing power in elections but in losing power to a non-democratic force. And hence their Machiavellian efforts to weaken this institution to stop it from taking over. How perverted and sick.
So one wonders what is Ansar Abbasi’s objective?. if it is to stop the Men on Horseback from coming back, then I’m afraid he is creating the environment for them to COME BACK. In my opinion, he is a gifted HACK, with a smooth tongue and a strong pen, which he uses to spread poison.
I also think he has very flexible values and scruples and wraps himself in the holiness of Religion, a freedom fighter, a warrior, while grossly lying through his teeth. And what may I ask makes him an authority and scholar on Islam !!.May Allah Guide Him towards what is REALLY RIGHT !

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