Husain Haqqani and his latest piece on Nawaz’s disqualification in the Indian Newspaper, The Hindu!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

I must start with an apology because this is a very harsh indictment of Husain Haqqani.

It is harsh because he has caused and continues to cause immense harm and damage to Pakistan through his narratives.

In some macabre way, which only makes sense to really evil but brilliant minds or to serial murderers, he probably relishes this notorious reputation as he has gleefully expressed in the past.

He continues to attack Pakistan, as an Indian lobbyist would or an extreme right wing BJP or RSS satrap would. And he does it through his powerful pen.

And that is why he’s so dangerous because he lures the reader into his web through his brilliant intellect and powerful pen and once in, people believe what he says.

This they do as he weaves an evil tapestry of incredible poison, interspersed with half truths and some facts to make them appear believable.

I would  read what he writes with as open a heart and mind, as I do others who I also disagree with, if only his agenda and objectives were transparent.

But his primary objective is to hurt Pakistan.

He’s a terribly flawed man, both personally and professionally and like a woman scorned is out to destroy Pakistan and that one institution, the Pakistan Army, who he believes snatched away the Holy Grail which was almost in his grasp. A possible Prime Ministership

Here are my reasons:

1. Despite his holier than thou protestations and rejecting the charges of being an Indian mole as a “figment of the ISI”  with people like me being it’s willing instrument, I can say with a fair amount of certainty that he is an Indian official mole (if one can call a deep undercover mole “official”). He was likely turned by the Indians, during his Hong Kong days in the 80’s.

2. He believes the creation of Pakistan was a mistake and Quaid e Azam an ignorant misguided person. While others may subscribe to this thought and they’re welcome to it, for me it’s as close to treason as one can get if people living in Pakistan or holding a Pakistani passport still actively work to weaken it, as does Haqqani.  However as point of historical discussion, It’s a personal opinion and one can live with that.

But to actively undermine Pakistan is treason.

And Haqqani has proved it for the world to see. He deflects this charge by saying that because he writes against the Army, he’s targeted as a traitor.

But every person of substance who has worked with him in whether in Government or Media states that Haqqani is a terrible man devoid of any form of integrity. People call him a mercenary, without principles or conscience and the universal label is of a dishonest, cunning,  conniving person with absolutely no integrity.

They say he has no qualms of working with anybody or anything as long as it serves his personal objectives and his inordinate ambition.

He uses his intellect, his pen and his smooth tongue to maximum effect and impact and sells himself very well.

A very senior former diplomat said “After he left the room, the evil energy was so strong that I had to go out for some fresh air. The man is pure evil, almost Satanic”

And that is why he has no qualms of conscience in trying to weaken Pakistan and destroy it’s image.

3. He has no ideological moorings except that of a person who wants to remain in the corridors of power to do what all moles or rats do. Husain Haqqani has been to every port. From a hard core Taliban type Zia ul Haque Jamaathia ideologue to a right wing Nawaz Sharif supporter where he wllingly forged Peter Galbraith’s signatures in a classic case of falsehood to besmirch Benazir’s name and reputation.

And then this amazing man shifts gears and becomes a left wing secular jumping ship (the parallels with rats and moles are amazing) to Benazir Bhutto as Secretary Information and then Chairman House Building Finance Corporation. He ingratiates himself to Benazir by marrying the sister of Benazir’s closest confidant, Naheed Khan.

Out in the woods during Nawaz’s second term, having unsuccessfully tried to worm his way back into the PMLN again, found a golden opportunity when Nawaz was overthrown by Musharraf.

In the words of three people who he approached, one of them being General Musharraf himself. “Hussain Haqqani offered his service to Musharraf / me in any capacity possible and wanted to become Musharraf’s /my  media advisor”. So smooth and convincing was his pitch that Musharraf nearly took him on, till advised by his close advisors about this persons highly doubtful credentials.

But, he claims, as is his want, that he was exiled for criticising Gen. Musharraf’s government. Far from it. He cunningly turned the Musharraf rule to his advantage and convinced gullible US intelligence handlers of his value as a strong anti Musharraf source. The latter at this time still not the darling he would become after 2001.

I’ve wondered how beautifully Haqqani managed to create such an alternate reality to the actual facts on ground.

Under Asif Zardari, arguably Pakistan’s most corrupt politician, (I say arguably because ex PM NAWAZ SHARIF seems to have edged him off the ladder to second place in recent days), Haqqani, this “great supporter of democracy and anti military rule”, after being shunned by Musharraf, wormed his way into becoming Pakistan’s Ambassador to the USA when the PPP came into power in 2008.

While this was his finest hour, it was a period of infamy for Pakistan. He did everything possible to ingratiate himself with the US power centers, including feeding them classified information he was privy to, at the cost of the integrity of the country.

He claims that as Ambassador it was his job to establish close ties with US power centers.

Absolutely correct!

But not at the expense of your Country and its sovereignty.

Not when you hold an office of Public Trust.

Not when you’re privy to highly classified and confidential information.

And certainly not when you Sir, are the Pakistani Ambassador to the US and sell out your country!

His objective was and still is simple. Undermine Pakistan. Weaken Pakistan. Denuclearize Pakistan and in the process, personally acquire more political power and influence. National Security Advisor.  Foreign Minister.  Heck maybe even Prime Minister.

The Memogate scandal is in the same realm as the OJ Simpson murder and Panamagate. Everybody knows who did it.  Husain Haqqani did Memogate but lots of technical confusion surround the truth. Enough for him to create periodic smokescreens to hide his guilt.

For all those in the know, and I am privy to much of the evidence, Memogate was a flagrant attempt by a serving Pakistani Ambassador to deliberately harm the interests of Pakistan and colluding with the US with the primary aim of denuclearizing Pakistan.

It was planned, spearheaded and executed by this man who today writes his bile and poison and invective against Pakistan and his favorite whipping boy, The Pakistan Army. And he had the support of Asif Zardari, then President. Asif Zardari will eventually have to answer for his role in this as well.

Haqqani issued thousands of visas to “CIA contractors” and has the gall to say that he got them cleared by the “Defence Atrache”. A classic Haqqani deflection tactic. The DA in DC had no process to check the antecedents of people being issued visas without clearance from intelligence agencies in Pakistan. And all the gentleman could do was alert the authorities in Pakistan what “Our Ambassador” was upto, which he did.

Haqqani says he was metely following the orders of the PM. Hogwash and bunkum. This unrestricted visa policy was planned and executed by Haqqani, convincing Asif Zardari that it was in Pakistan’s interests. The PM, a cluless man, just a mere rubber stamp and no match to this man’s evil genuis.
Subsequent events confirm how harmful this Haqqani Visa Policy was to our national interests.

Please understand I’m no apologist for the Pakistan Army leadership and it’s many indiscretions in the past.

But I’m a nationalist and will not poison the well to kill the entire village, simply because I’ve a beef with the local strongman.

Our military leaders have made monumental blunders both military and political. They have been the cause of much that has harmed this country.  But the institution of the Army has also been the bulwark against our enemies.

It has shed much of its colonial credentials and in treating people like colonials as it once did. Especially in Sindh and Balochistan.

And It has also paid it’s price in fighting terrorism with blood, sweat and tears. And it has successfully countered the deliberate evil designs of people like Haqqani.

And above all it has managed to stay stable and strong and resolute, despite the harmful acts of commission and omission of its own senior leadership in the past.

It really is a different Army evolving into a Nationalist force vs what it was earlier. An elitist colonial one.

The Army of 2003 vs 2017 are two different worlds. We have to support this transformation and not destroy the institution as Haqqani attempts to do continously.

Why is it that every forum in the USA which has an anti Pakistan diatribe is also attended by Haqqani? Why is he so welcomed in the Indian Media?  Why does he consort with anti Pakistan and pro Indian lobbyists and groups in the USA?

Of course we’re not a perfect country with stable institutions. Far from it. Lets not forget we’re an incredibly young country. Fledglings really. Totally agrarian at Partition and Feudal with virtually no institutions in 1947 except a highly disciplined “gora colonial army”.

And unfortunately what they did in 1958 was written on the cards and subsequently as well. Totally wrong. Totally unacceptable. Not justifiable but unfortunately inevitable!

But today things have changed. The Military, very powerful, is unlikely to embark on a foolhardy adventure of taking over.

And yes, admittedly, it has huge influence on the country’s politics. No different to power centers in the world, including the US.

America is in a permanent state of war since 1941 till date. Its Defence Industry and Establishment ensures that this continues to fuel this massive economy. Afghanistan, Iraq., Syria are recent examples of how the “US Establishment” orchestrates events.

This is the same US establishment which elects a Trump and signs a 300 billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia!

For us, in Pakistan, the solution lies in strengthening civilian institutions not running down existing good ones , especially the Army.

In an imperfect society like ours, catching a corrupt head of government is a miracle. Nawaz Sharif’s disqualification is a miracle to be celebrated and not to shed subversive crocodile tears like this man, Haqqani does.

His writings and analysis better ignored because they are filled with an agenda whose primary objective is to undermine Pakistan by weakening it’s only strong institution today. The Pakistan Army.

Also a petty footnote and with apologies.

In my personal experience, people who are not comfortable with their physical appearances, especially beyond age 60 and are still desperate to hide their bald palate with a very poorly styled imitation are likely very cunning, conniving and dangerous!

What you see is not what you get!

So for those lured by the Sirens of Ulysses and rendered incapable of rational thought.

Be Warned.

Husain Haqqani is no friend of Pakistan, however beautiful his song!

Why the 5 member Bench used ROPA to disqualify Nawaz?

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

Here’s my view.

I think the Judges have given a historical judgement which will destroy the sleep of the corrupt for generations because it will now be used as a legal precedent for similar cases of misrepresenting assets.

Since the judgement I spoke to a few lawyers, two retired judges, a serving high court judge and a former member of the election commission.

The upshot is as follows.

The case addresses a legal clause around ROPA (Representation of Public office act on corrupt practices) and the filing of the return of personal assets by aspirants to legislature seats alongwith their nomination papers to the election commission.

This was never taken seriously and people would file them.  But rarely was a person disqualified at the time of submission because the EC didn’t / probably still doesn’t, had and have the time or resources to scrutinize these returns.

Neither were these details actively pursued, especially if you happened to belong to a ruling group.

But now with this judgement, misrepresenting assets under ROPA has become a lethal weapon in unseating and disqualifying candidates or later even after being elected.

Henceforth it has the potential of being used extensively by candidates against each other and an independant and powerful and fully resourced Election Commission.

And from what one hears, this judgement may prove to be the death knell of the corrupt vying for public office.

This will hugely impact potential candidates and their candidatures, because a vast number hold assets they don’t disclose.

This is why it has huge implications.

And these Lordships knew exactly what they were doing when they used this to disqualify Nawaz Sharif!

And, from the evidence on hand, it’s a near guarantee that he and his children and Ishaq Dar will get their just desserts at the end of their trials.

Most likely a criminal conviction by the accountability trial courts, seizure of assets and a fairly decent long term in jail.

And that is why he’s so dangerous now with all his talk of “Nazriyathi” etc.

He knows there’s only only place in a grave and he doesn’t hold the better cards.

Therefore he will attempt to create chaos within the country to save himself and his children from certain conviction.

Perhaps even asking his friends across the border to do something foolhardy.

A desperate man is capable of anything. And Nawaz is desperate.

– Haider Mehdi

The Uggar…Mugger…Shuggar Crowd!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

I’ve seen some of the craziest written and verbal gymnasts and contortionists in action today.
Ive seen arguments ranging from people who just can’t accept that we’ve done something unthinkable in Pakistan. Something that seemed like this beautiful dream to this lottery that we finally won!

We’ve finally caught one of the two biggest rats, crooks, thieves and criminals in our history.
Hopefully and Insha Allah, the come uppance and judgement of the other Rat is not far off.
“But what about the accountability of “Generals and Judges and Sain Khan and the milk man and my neighbours dog?” say these people. And what about Imran and General Musharraf and Jehangir Tareen?”

“What about them?”

They will and should be punished, when and if found guilty by the courts. But not kangaroo courts but by courts with Spines like this “Famous Five” or the “Super Six”.
And only if you let this continue will the law catch up with everyone!
You can’t stop the car at Jhelum and complain that you can’t get to Lahore!!!

The PMLN press conference was a disgrace to that Party and to those sorry figures who addressed it.
The lawyer who recited poetry and babbled incoherently.
The LNG king Shahid Khaqan Abbassi, a disgrace to Lawrence College and his Thund Abbasi clan of Murree.
The “lohay kay Chunnay”, Saad Rafique. More a Khawaja Sara then a Khawaja Saad!
The Law Minister who drafted Gen. Musharraf’s emergency declaration in November 2007. And not a flicker of shame in his eyes.

I actually couldn’t watch further. Felt physically sick.

What a disgrace these people are for themselves, for their families, the names they carry, the institutions who educated them, the parents who brought them up, the children they parent, their extended family and friends and associates!

What a bloody disgrace!
How shamelessly they defend the loot and plunder.
How shamelessly they seek rationale in the corruption of others to defend the indefensible!
How they try and create victim hood by alleging dark conspiracies but unable to see the daylight robbery of this fat man and his fat family, fattened on the sweat blood and toil of the poor and the wretched of Pakistan!

Fie on you, you people without an iota of remorse or self respect!
Fie on you for your brazen and unholy defence of a crook, under the garb of “destruction of a democratic process”!
Shame on you for questioning a Supreme Court which went out of its way to offer every opportunity to this criminal, Nawaz and his terrible family to prove their innocence!
Shame on you for alleging the bias on the JIT, which for once in this blighted land, we found 6 good, fit and proper men.
Shame on you for the values you uphold and the behaviour you offer!
Shame on us that we allow the likes of you to get into positions of power and authority!

And shame as well on these so called “left wing cold war warriors”, as I call them, who can’t see the world beyond a stupid binary of “us” and “them”.
To these blind people, lead by the likes of that shrieking woman Asma Jilani and her cohort of supporters, the “democratic order” being “us” and the “Establishment ” (read Army) being “them”
Times have changed but these ignorant folks haven’t grown up and still live in the Zia Martial Law era. A dark period indeed. Or equate Musharraf’s time as that of darkness. While I despise military rule. Gen.  Musharraf’s period was Heaven compared to this Hell.

But in fairness, as today one can be magnanimous, maybe they mean well when they also question why so and so wasn’t taken to task.
Or  they try and bore holes in the Supreme Court Judgement.
Or question the JIT or talk about the “big bad establishment wolf”. Maybe some of them genuinely mean well.

To them I say. We must allow this process to continue. Please don’t nickel and dime it as you so called “brilliant intellectuals” are doing.
That day which you ask for, as does every body and immortalized by Faiz Ahmed Faiz in his “Woh Din Jiss ka Wahda thaa”  will eventually come. When all will be questioned and punished.
“The Day” in that epic poem, which my dear late friend and mentor, Omar Asghar Khan recited so often in his speeches and hauntingly sung by the nightingale Tina Sani. Insha Allah that day, “Woh din” will also come.
And when it does, everybody will be hauled. Be they Military or Civil. Judges or politicians. Business people or professionals. Everybody.

That time has to come. And it will come. But only if we start this journey somewhere.

But if we keep saying: *”Laykin uss ko… aur iss ko…aur maazee may  … tho..uggar..muggar…..shuggar”* then we’re screwed good and proper.
Because you are then guilty in stifling this process from the outset.
You’re guilty of muddying the waters with these insane arguments.
And you’re as guilty as the PMLN leaders in casting doubts on these noble people of character and courage who did something no one has done before.

Let this process continue, for God’s Sake. It will eventually get everyone. And it should. Insha Allah.

And that will only happen as we continue on this journey and institutionalize the processes of accountability with transparency and authenticity.
It will only happen if we laud and honour people with as solid a spine as our brave 5 Supreme Court Justices and our 6 brave men of the JIT.
Because then we will always have an Imran Khan type breathing down the neck of all those who misuse their public office for personal gain.

It is then that we will triumph and become a Pakistan to be proud off!

We’ve started at the top, and let the games begin in earnest! Insha Allah.

-Haider Mehdi.

Pakistan’s Roll of Honour – The Eleven who will never be forgotten

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

1. *Justice Asif Saeed Khosa*.
2. *Justice Ejaz Afzal.*
3. *Justice Gulzar Ahmed.*
4. *Justice Sheikh Azmat Saeed*
5. *Justice Ijazul Ahsan*
6. *Wajid Zia*. FIA. JIT Head.*
7. *Amer Aziz.* State Bank of Pakistan. JIT Member
8. *Bilal Rasool.*  SECP. JIT member.
9. *Irfan Naeem* Mangi. NAB.  JIT member.
10. *Brig Muhammad Nauman Saeed*. ISI: JIT member.
11. *Brig Kamran Khurshid*: MI :JIT member.

To these brave souls who fought for what is right. Who did what their conscience demanded. Who carved their names on the rocks of   Justice, Integrity, Truth, Honesty. Who demolished evil and dishonesty.  People whose names will forever live in history as those early flames of rule of law in Pakistan.  People who finally broke through the darkness surrounding Pakistan and gave us hope.

The Battle for Pakistan has just started. We must not give up.

And be warned that the enemy within, is devious, powerful, rich and most dangerous, because he is now wounded.

 Nawaz Sharif and the interests he represents will attack the State and it’s institutions with the ferocity of a Bull Terrier and the cunning of a Fox. He will do everything to destroy as he has now very little to lose.

Stripped of his office and his dignity and any little self respect he may have as are his children, his anger and venom could be catastrophic for Pakistan.

Beware the man who will now potentially lose everything. Moral and Material.

But these are also  moments to rejoice and also to remind ourselves  in the words of Nelson Mandela that the journey has just started.

“I have discovered the secret that after climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”
– 1994. Long Walk to Freedom.

And a salute to the Captain, Imran Khan for his relentless pursuit of what seemed impossible!

-Haider Mehdi

Panamagate and what it tells us about ourselves?

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi
Panamagate and the apartments are symbols of the rot in our society!
They define and manifest the cancer of total corruption, criminality, loot and plunder by Nawaz and Zardari and the system they represent. From our early days till today.
Nawaz, and Zardari before him and all other looters and plunderers, civilian and military, symbolise the complete meltdown of governance, state machinery, meritocracy and the ability of public sector institutions to deliver public service.
They define and symbolise what a system looks like when stuffed with toadies and cronies, who lack both competence and integrity. But most painfully and sadly, Nawaz Sharif and his family symbolise the rot and destruction of individual, familial and societal values in Pakistan.
Here is a person who cheats and tells lies and a very large segment finds it acceptable. Here’s a father who makes his children his accomplices in crime and teaches them to cheat and lie. Yes! Teaches them not about truth, honour, integrity, hard work but how to cheat, lie, money launder, forge documents. And he shamelessly allows them to do so in full public view. And people still flock to him. His daughter, Princess Tubelight all the while twittering away religious quotes about him having been “cleansed”.
And here is a PM. Somebody in whom the poor and wretched put their hopes. Here is this amazing person who will publicly tell lies many times and with that cool, brazen confidence of the best con men I’ve seen.
He tells lies on the floor of the National Assembly, in a nationally televised public address to the Nation, in countless Cabinet meetings and in scores of political Public gatherings. And everyone knows he’s lying. But there’s silence from the people he addresses. A shameless silence of the slaves! And yet he has the audacity to say. “Mayra Jurram kia Hay?”  
It’s like the proverbial lady of the night indignantly questioning the arresting police officer about the cause of her arrest.
 “Prostitution, madam” he answers.
“But thats my profession” she replies even more indignantly. “But tell me what crime have I committed?”
Our PM’s indignation is similar. “Corruption? Money laundering? But that’s my profession. Someone please tell me what crime have I committed?” Asks our PM. And this nation takes it lying down.
And just look at this tragedy;
189 PMLN MNA’S, 38 Federal Cabinet Ministers, 26 Senators, 312 Punjab MPA’s, 28 Punjab Ministers. And not one had the spine or an embarrassed conscience or self-respect or even just a fleeting moment of madness remorse, to resign.
Or in the least come on a TV talk show and say something like. …”I love my party and I love Pakistan but for the sake of our Nation’s dignity and self-respect, I think Mr. Nawaz Sharif should step down”. But nothing except abject, tragic, slavish silence. But nothing can shame the shameless. For centuries we have been whipped and our only protest has been to tell the floggers to whip and hit harder and longer!
It’s amazing to see how those who support him are completely blind to the overwhelming evidence of corruption, money laundering, and illegal transfer of wealth, lying, cheating, and misrepresenting information presented against Nawaz over the last one year. Not one in his party can see how this family has been stripped naked of any form of self-respect and dignity and their guilt and corruption emblazoned across the skies for the whole world to see.
Not one public servant or bureaucrat or police officer at the Federal or provincial levels resigned.
Not one of the 350 plus CEO’s of State run enterprises felt a qualm of guilt and shame and quit.
Not one academic in a State run university publicly resigned in protest against this man and his family’s criminality.
Not one crowd of a few thousand people spontaneously came out on the streets demanding he leave office.
Not one person from the business community, the Manshas the Saigols, the Habibs and others like them, especially those who are close to him and the guts to publicly say, Mr. Prime Minister, I think it’s time to go.
A scion of an “illustrious” business family from Lahore, with close ties to Nawaz, boldly asserted in an exchange with me that:
“……These apartments are the result of policy failure of successive regimes
That people felt the need to have assets abroad. And I think the economic crimes of successive governments are far greater than these stupid apartments……”
As if poor Nawaz was a victim of the State and had to money launder and transfer and hide his ill-gotten wealth. I was stupefied!
Not one lawyer association unanimously backed a call for him to resign.  Where is that foul mouthed, pan chewing Asma Jilani today with her vile poison and invective?
Not one trade or business association passed a resolution, condemning this evil family and their corruption.  Not one!
And in all this to and fro, we forget the big picture and the actual act. We forget the loot and plunder. We forget the total destruction of civilized values. We forget that he and his family are criminals.But we get bogged down in discussions about “just a few flats” and “Imran unable to provide x or y” .
Nawaz, Ishaq, Maryam Safdar “Tubelight”, Hassan and Hussain (what a dark stain on the names they carry) have been caught red handed with their hands in the till. If people still believe in their innocence, citing painful contorted and torturous arguments and technicalities, then help us God!
On the contrary, even the educated and insightful amongst us drag down those brave souls, imperfect they may be in other ways, big and small, into their filthy gutters. Look at the manner in which Imran Khan’s name is being dragged into this on the issue of his earnings. A person who singlehandedly forced the Supreme Court to listen to this case. A person who has presented evidence of nearly twice the amount required to justify buying his flat is being pilloried next to this evil man Sharif, accused of laundering billions.  
Imran brings money in through legal banking channels. This crook transfers his overseas on the back of Camels, if we are to believe him or money laundered through the likes of Hudaibiya (what a terrible scar on this great name from our history) and that evil Rasputin Ishaq Dar. And yet I get the question.  But what about Imran’s money trail? What about it? You’re telling me that Imran’s bringing money into Pakistan with all evidence and receipts is the same as this guy’s money laundering.
It’s a sick society that can accept this perverted logic. The Sharif family saying this understandable. But the educated? So we dirty and sully them with dark fabrications. Sowing seeds of suspicion in the hearts and minds of the common person. And they win again. When. When. When will this Nation get a Spine? When will we free ourselves from the yokes of mental, emotional and physical slavery deeply seared into our hearts, our souls and our minds?
Could we only just get few dozen with some Spine? 

Some in the Supreme Court. Certainly two for sure. The jury on the other three, still out. And just 6 brave JIT souls and the few others who worked with them tirelessly and fearlessly.
A nation of 200 Million and 8 Spines plus some unsung heroes? Is that all we have?
Or maybe, perhaps the fault lies in our stars, dear Brutus!

Our legacy, our democratic credentials and the Storming of the Bastille – 14th July- 1798

Image resultRelated image
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi
13th July, 2017

In 2008, PPP got 13% of the registered vote, as per the Election Commission statistics which can be checked from their website. This means, a whopping 87% either voted against them or didn’t vote, sick and tired of a terribly corrupt mafia that has ruled this country. I’ll come to military rulers in a short while.

In 2013 election the PMLN got 17% of the registered vote. Again Election commission statistics. And even if one were to accept these highly contentious numbers, still a similar and overwhelming 83% either voted against them or did not vote.

The people of Pakistan, especially the people of Punjab, who constitute 64% of our population and thereby decide who comes into power have very little in the way of a historical spine to stand up to invaders, usurpers, and bandits. Our entire history is replete with an “Ulta Phir” command, offering no resistance, not standing up for our rights, accepting the fiat of external invaders. And worse, the whip of a one eyed illiterate bandit called Ranjit Singh, who lorded over an empire stretching from Peshawar to Kashmir to Ludhiana.

Here’s a very brief historical gallop from 710 to 1857 and 2017

Invaders with puny forces came and took over. The Arabs, under Mohammed Bin Qasim invaded in 710. But there had been several Arab expeditions that had invaded earlier and had footholds in Baluchistan and Sind.

The Ghaznavid ruler Subuktagin, from Afghanistan, founder of the Ghaznavi dynasty invaded India in 997 and captured territory upto River Indus of modern day Pakistan.
His son, the famous, Mahmood of Ghazni, pillaged and plundered this land 17 times. 17 years in a row and this land had nothing to offer but their servitude.

They were followed by The Ghoris of Ghor, Afghans from Afghanistan. Still this great land of the Punjab and others offered an “ulta phir”. Even slaves of the Ghoris, called the “Slave Dynasty” founded by Qutub Din Aibak, were Turkic people from Central Asia. These were followed by the Khiljis and Tughlaks from Persia and then the Lodhis, Ghilzai Pathans from Central Afghanistan and finally the Mughals and Babar.

Babar, founder of the Mughal dynasty in India, was a Muslim Turco-Mongol, of Chagatai origin from Central Asia, invaded India with 12,000 troops. All seasoned warriors of Mongol descent against a 100,000 force of the last Lodhi King, Ibrahim Lodh. His army predominantly manned by, yes you guessed, our valiant martial race from the land of the 5 Rivers.
But our two biggest tragedies were yet to unfold. Ranjit Singh ruled over an area stretching from Peshawar to Kashmir to Lahore and Multan, bordering Ludhiana in the east, then under British control.

The religious demography of this Sikh Empire was Muslim (70%), Sikh (17%), Hindu (13%). The entire Sikh population at that time is estimated to be not more than 1 million who ruled over nearly 6 million people, predominantly Muslims of the land of the five rivers. These Punjabi Muslims comprised the vast majority of Ranjit Singh’s army’s rank and file and gladly and honourably manned the Royal Stables of Ranjit Singh, now housed in the converted Badshahi Mosque.

But it was during the War of Independence of 1857, between the last Mughal Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar and the British East India Company that the “honourable” role of our martial races came to the fore.

Every single Indian unit, Muslim and Hindu revolted against their British officers. Hindu and Muslim Units from Bengal to Orissa to Bihar all the way to the South, revolted en masse and made their way to the Capital, Delhi to fight against the British, under the Mughal Emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar.


In fact the British had to hurriedly recruit more Punjabis and Pathans into conscription to fight the Independence seekers.
THE SIKHS DIDN’T REVOLT EITHER. But their reason was because of their enmity with the Mughals with whom they had been battling and warring since 1707 following the death of the last of Great Mughal Aurangzeb Alamgir. They were at constant war with subsequent Mughal rulers and their Khalsa Army defeated by them after Ranjit Singh.

But back to 1857. The troops who had revolted against their British officers, marched to Delhi and joined forces with the Emperor’s Army under General Bakth Khan. Together they evicted the British from Delhi in May 1857, only to be slaughtered in September 1857 when the British Army of Conquest took back Delhi, in September, 1857. 

This British officered Army predominantly comprised Punjabi Mussulmanns, Punjabi Sikhs and Pathans, the latter mostly irregulars. What followed is called the “Rape of Delhi” when tens of thousands of Muslim and Hindu women were raped by the marauding Punjabi Muslim and Sikh solders and Pathans. Fires in Delhi burned for weeks. Loot and plunder ensued, encouraged by the British officers and troops who also joined in the loot and plunder and rape.

Delhi was the modern version of an Aleppo or a Mosul

So this, my dear Pakistanis is our legacy and our history. At least of the vast majority that makes up today’s Pakistan. There is so much more. But my heart bleeds when I recall how we have been slaves for centuries and how we are still slaves today!
The British rewarded these traitors and killers and murderers with Jagirs, lands, awards, wealth. And our modern great feudal families of Punjab can trace their immense wealth to the largesse they got from the British for the despicable acts of their forefathers.
And today, Nawaz Sharif, is the most visible manifestation of that terrible spineless legacy of evil and servitude.

And just to remind us again about what I wrote earlier. PPP’s 13% registered vote in 2008 and Nawaz’s 17% in 2013.

The rape continues under the garb of democracy. And also under the pseudo versions of Ayub Khan, Zia or Musharraf’s military rules.

These same Feudals, who had and have still hijacked our electoral processes, now also joined by their fellow robber barons from Sind and Baluchistan, have been a part of every single Military Government and continued to loot and plunder.

1. Bhutto with Ayub.
2. Nawaz Sharif with Zia.
3. The entire PMLN and PPP of yester years and today with Musharraf.
4. Now all trying to move to the PTI!

And all this time, from 1951 till today, there has been absolutely zero accountability and even the semblance of a democratic order which means adherence to parliamentary checks and balances.

Look at some events

An Indian Spy, Hussain Haqqani, out to destroy Pakistan, who didn’t even believe in Pakistan and questions Quaid’s motives, gets refuge in the President House, under the garb of being a democratic defender. Is allowed out and continues to spew venom against Pakistan. The same man who offered his “unconditional services” to Gen. Musharraf when the General took over in October, 1999.

And now we have PM’S daughter with full access to state secrets and highly sensitive documents and acts as a Crown princess and no one has the guts to stop her or haul her or her father.

This PM, consorts and sleeps with our biggest enemy, India, and no questions are asked. Mixes his personal business with official duties and conspires to get a convicted Indian terrorist go free

This same PM, his daughter and his brother and senior leaders of their political party the PMLN, target their own Army, calling it rogue in an official meeting, making the news public and no questions. An Army that has valiantly fought for 13 years so we can sleep in peace.

This same PM’S younger brother, Shahbaz Sharif, Chief Minster of our largest province, Punjab, orders the slaughter of 14 innocent women and men, through his badmash Rana Sanaullah, and no questions asked. And both, instead of being tried for murder, gallivant across the country.

This same PM, his Finance Minister, Ishaq Dar, his sons, Hassan and Hussain and daughter Maryam Safdar, all party to one of the biggest corruption and money laundering scams in Pakistan, are finally caught with their pants and shalwars down. And the shameless, living up to their legacy, defend them, shamelessly.

This same PM and his senior ministers and senior Party leaders, use language in public more appropriate in a brothel or a fish market, to attack the Joint Investigation Team, investigating their loot and plunder under Panamagate. Attack the Pakistan Army and the Supreme Court, and no one can take them to task.

In another country, millions would have been out on the streets demanding this PM’s resignation.

This my friends is our version of democracy and this our spine. This is not democracy. This is the rule of Fascists, Bandits, Highwaymen, Warlords, Feudals, Drug barons who use the two classic methods to stay in power. Money and Force.

Is this what we have to suffer? Is this our fate? Will we allow them to get away because others before them got away? Will we continue to have them in positions of power, influence and authority so they can destroy the only two institutions standing between them and absolute power? The Supreme Court and the Pakistan Army.

Never. Never. Never.

If they don’t leave under due process of law. Then its time to storm the Bastille of Raiwind. Tomorrow is 14th July, 228 years to the date when the rich were dragged out from their palaces and guillotined. Let these vermin be dragged from their beds and gold plated sofa sets and be given the summary judgement, they deserve, if they do not bow to the rule of law.

If they stay, somehow through their Machiavellian tactics, I guarantee anarchy and civil war. For Allah’s sake, People of Pakistan, whether you voted for them or against them, do not let this opportunity pass. They must be dethroned. That’s the only word for them. Dethroned.

For they act like monarchs with no one to question their behavior, their actions and their unbridled and savage loot and plunder.

To the people of Punjab and to all Pakistanis. For once, atone for the sins of your forefathers. Cleanse the ugly legacy of centuries of subservience! Insha Allah they will not and should not be allowed to get away by hiding behind snowflake like conspiracy theories.

“Storm the Bastille” or forever live in slavery!

People of Pakistan! 
It’s time for some Spine!

Cockroaches- Part 2. The Rule of Law and Due Process

Image result for pmln four ministers at press conference
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

“It is rejected” screams Maryam Antoinette Safdar AKA “Princess Goldfish Tube-light” for her incredibly “long” attention spans, an admirable trait inherited from her father and her absolute brilliance in getting her father and the PMLN into this s….hole they are now in!

The only reason a cat or a rat or a “ratnee” squeals that hard and that loud and that pointedly, the word “rejected” a side swipe at the Pakistan Army, is because the tail is fully and properly in the vice of the Law of the Land!

If Princess Antoinette Tube-light were to read a bit of history and enlighten herself on what happened to the “House of Bourbon” in France and the “House of Romanov” in Pre-Communist Russia, she may get some insights about what is to befall the infamous house of Sharif’s to which she belongs.
And of the 4 jokers who came back on again to address a press conference.
Kh. Sharam o Haya, 
Kh. Saad “Prize Samad Bond” Rafiq. 
Empty Suit Ahsan Iqbal.
and Shahid ” LNG” Abbassi.

These four and “Princess Tubelight”, remind me of a joke being circulated on Social media today about a family of Miraasees gathered around their dying father.

As they wait for the old man to pass away, one of them silently whispers. “While we’re waiting for the inevitable can we start playing the dholak, gently, to while away the time” .

In Punjabi ” “Wailay Jo Baythaen Aan….Juddoon thukk Abba Nahee Murda…poli poli dholak na waja layay?

The Press conference by the PMLN, Tubelight’s tweet, and statements by others is the “poli poli dholak of the miraasees and miraasaans, announcing the inevitable”.

But Tubelight also has an agenda! The “rejected” word in Tubelight’s tweet, is a bait to enrage the Army! Implied in it, is the alleged involvement of the Army in the JIT report. That the Army influenced the findings and wanted Nawaz out. Even the Miraasees knew that good old Sharif had been having a go at the National Exchequer for three decades.

The Army had absolutely nothing to do with the composition of the JIT. In fact the Army Chief was quite unhappy that reps from MI and ISI had to be nominated, for this exact same reason, that it would bring them a bad name and all that talk of “Establishment interference” etc etc..

So nothing could be farther away from the truth. As many of you know, I have been very harsh in the past on Gen. Bajwa, for being too soft on Nawaz Sharif, for letting him and Tube-light, get away on Dawn Leaks. For appearing to be hand in glove with Nawaz and trying to get him of the hook. But for the first time in our history, certainly in my lifetime, our Army has stayed away, totally and completely, in a situation where in earlier days it would have walked in.

It has obeyed every order of the State and the Supreme Court. Gen. Bajwa’s policy cornerstone has been very consistent. “The Army has no business in politics” and he has been saying this since he was a young officer. A friend who served with him when he was Lt. Col. recounts that then Lt. Col. Bajwa, openly voiced his disagreement when Gen. Musharraf imposed Martial Law, saying that the Army had no business to take over and try and run the Country

But yes, they faltered. The use of the word “rejected” in that infamous ISPR 
DAWN Leaks tweet.

And again, I hauled the Army Chief over hot coals for this tragic, stupid and gross error in choice of words. This angst was the result of a completely contrarian announcement from the PM House on what had been earlier agreed with the Army Chief. It could certainly have been handled better. In private and out of the limelight.

But because it was so stupidly handled, Gen. Bajwa had to eat humble pie.
He suffered the indignities of being called many names, his leadership called into question and people like me took him to task on Social media. Yet he ate this humble pie, took all the criticism, knowing that he and the Army had made a mistake in their choice of words. In a nutshell. Gen. Bajwa has been totally apolitical. He has repeatedly said to his constituents during his various visits to military units, cantonments and institutions that the Army has no business in politics. And I, his biggest critic, give him full marks for his emotional stability and maturity with which he has carried out his tasks in these extremely difficult and politically volatile times.

And also owe him a public apology for misreading his intentions! My turn to eat humble pie

Hence several media persons, including someone as sensible as Sohail Waraich have accused the “establishment” (meaning the Army) of being behind Nawaz’s travails. This is an evil, dark, sinister, dangerous, deliberate and mischievous travesty of truth. Mr. Waraich, who I normally consider a balanced, mature and stable person, not given to sensationalism, has clearly been asked to say what he said a few days back. He has attempted to give this family of Sharif scoundrels a fig leaf to hold on to and again become martyrs, pretending to be victims of this “deep state” this “establishment” etc. Absolute hogwash and nonsense.

But Sohail Waraich is just a minion, following an agenda set by the Sharif’s and deliberately trying to muddy the waters. So ignore him.

What is most important is for the Army to continue to follow all lawful, legal and constitutional orders of the State to ensure no one in Pakistan questions their impartiality in this case.

Let the Supreme Court decide what to do. And if for some insane reason they allow Nawaz to go free, so be it. That’s what the Court ordered and that’s what all institutions should and must and will accept. And if they hang him (proverbially and perhaps………) so be it!

But let us, at least today, savor the joys of these rare moments of great bliss, rarely seen before in Pakistan. Hopefully and Insha Allah we see this not just as a temporary moment of elation, but the start of our long overdue Spring.

For the first time in our history, our legal and constitutional institutions have caught up with our crooks, looters and plunderers. For once, our Army has stayed away and abided by the law, which they should and always must. For once the supremacy of civilian institutions and rule of law and due process has been publicly seen to be delivered.

Let not these cockroaches, miraasees and miraasaans, destroy our day. The time for them has set.

Just pray that the early shimmers of the light of a New Dawn of a New Pakistan becomes a never ending sunshine of peace, security and bliss for all of us.

As Margaret Meade said 
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

It’s been a very long overdue, Spring!
May Allah Have Mercy on Pakistan! Aameen.

Here they come – The Cockroaches from the Wood works!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

So finally they emerged.  The cockroaches from the woodworks.  The JIT investigation forcing them out.

The Four Monkeys.  Honorable bootlickers and servants of Nawaz, Maryam, Hassan and Hussain. 
You know Nawaz senses he’s in trouble when he brings out his biggest rats and cockroaches, or his biggest artillery and tanks to the front.  Depends how charitable you want to be towards this terrible family and those who along with them have looted and plundered this country.
This pack of vultures comprises Kh. Asif of “Koi Sharam Koi Haya fame”, the Empty Suit, Ahsan Iqbal, the “Bond King” Kh. Saad Rafique Samad Bond” and the reluctant fundamentalist, Shahid “LNG” Abbassi. 
Khawaja Sharam o Haya sahib has two claims to fame, his perfectly tailored suits and his bile and invective against the Pakistan Army.  Now perhaps also a potential interim PM in waiting between a Nawaz disqualification and Shahbaz Sharif taking over as PM till the March 2018 Senate elections. But more of this later.

And with all his intellect and insight, cannot see the plunder and loot of his own PM and sits like a Qawaal, waxing eloquently on the innocence of a corrupt man.

Then there’s the great “the name is Prize Bond, Khawaja Saad Rafique Prize Samad Bond”. 
Khawaja sahib is the classic rags to robbery story. From having nothing to becoming a billionaire, he offers, of all his snowflake excuses, winning prize bonds as his source of wealth.  And this person nearly joined the PTI but didn’t because he wasn’t promised the title of Vice Chairman.
And then the third witness to the murder, Ahsan Iqbal.  He is, what we in the corporate world call an empty suit. 
Great communication skills, great ability to suck upwards, possesses all the proverbial con men tricks of sounding very believable and earnest, yet zero competence. His only credential of substance is his Wharton MBA.  This indicates that he is clearly smart.

But then he has not done a decent day’s work in his life.  A junior engineer in some forgotten small private company. Entered politics because of his mother, Apa Nisar Fatima, a die-hard Jamaathia, and as I’ve heard, a woman of great substance.

She must be appalled, looking down from the heavens at the values espoused by this bearded hypocrite.  Taught at some local Pakistani business schools, and that too courtesy of some friends in senior positions in these private universities in Punjab. associated with JI and who he subsequently rewarded for selling their souls.

The last, Shahid Khaqan ‘LNG” Abbasi. The seemingly reluctant fundamentalist, belongs to my alma mater, Lawrence College.  And he puts us all to shame. Disgracing the values of truth, honesty and hard work that we have all so devoutly tried to live by. Now having to defend the indefensible, because of the $15 billion Qatar contract and the alleged 20% kickback.
Such are the people who lined up to defend their great leader. and leaving behind the second eleven, poor Danyal Aziz and Talal Chaudhry, starry eyed fans of Maryam Antoinette Safdar, who twirls them around her pretty fingers, and that poor completely clueless, Maryam Aurangzeb!
People advise me to be “objective” when I write about Nawaz Sharif and his corruption. They say that I’m too one sided in my opinions and perspectives.  That I should be “fair”.
How can one be “fair” about someone against whom the evidence of corruption, plunder and money laundering is so overwhelming? 
How does one remain objective when the PM himself, his sons, his daughter, his Finance Minister, his other ministers and party leaders have themselves lied and given statements which broadcast their guilt to the World?
So how does one write objectively about this family? What should one write when the heart bleeds and the wounds are so fresh?
How does one even begin to see good in people whose hands are stained with the blood, horrors and miseries of the poor and wretched of this nation?
How does one forgive these people who have deliberately and systematically destroyed every single public institution of this country, so that they are not held accountable for their daylight robberies?
How can one write objectively about a person and a family who have sold this country’s unity and sovereignty to its mortal enemy India, so they could enhance their wealth and destroy the last institution standing between them and total power, the Pakistan Army?
To me and the overwhelming majority of Pakistanis, the conclusion is simple.
These people are crooks and criminals.  They have bled this nation dry.  In 3 decades of misrule and misgovernance, the only people who have benefited is this terribly, evil family. 
A family, whose hands are soiled with the blood, miseries and hopelessness of the tens of millions of poor Pakistanis devoid of the basic securities of life, property and health care.  People just hopelessly waiting to die like flies in the corridors and grounds of our government hospitals, if they are lucky enough to even get there.
The Sharifs have the blood and curses of people who will never be able to leave the vicious cycle of abject poverty because of a lack of education.  People forced into a life of petty crime which in turn fuels the recruitment of soldiers for terror groups.
Of course our military interventions have caused great problems, but never have our military rulers sucked the blood of the nation at such a colossal scale as this family has.
If ever there was a person and a family that deserves to be strung up like a Saddam or a Qaddafi or a Mussolini or a Nicole Ceausescu, it is this. They had the opportunity to turn this country around, but all they did was fill their own person coffers and bank accounts.
Pakistan must not let them get away.
And all these four shameless criminals can come up with is a twisted technicality to defend themselves. As twisted and warped as their values, their upbringing and those of their children and their forefathers.
That “If the Qatari’s statement is not recorded” we will reject the JIT…..”
How could these four put themselves up for so much shame and ridicule, arraigned on a table like the ‘gang of four”, shamelessly and embarrassingly defending what is now an obvious open and shut case?
But what is perhaps most dangerous are the educated, informed, insightful and honest people of Pakistan, who are unable to either see or bring themselves to acknowledge this loot and plunder.
While education is bandied as a panacea for development and a relatively corruption free environment, I struggle with this simplistic argument because of the many decent and honest people who turn a blind eye to the crimes of these so-called leaders.

People who in their personal and professional conduct are above board, but choke up when it comes to Nawaz Sharif or Zardari.  And then one finds the inevitable links.  A brother, a sister, an uncle, an aunt, a cousin, who are part of the Nawaz gravy train. Or their business ties to the gravy train. And finally the inevitable, Kashmiri, Lahori, linguistic, ethnic, baradari links.

And it is these who I blame above all.  The good and the decent, who sell their souls and their self respect to defend the indefensible for a few crumbs today or potential crumbs tomorrow.  
And look at the education of this gang of four. What good did it do them?
Ahsan Iqbal went to Wharton, one of the top business schools in the world and yet gets his son elected Chairman of a Local Government of Narowal, so the Iqbal family loot and plunder can now also continue unabashed. And this after giving his son an education at a top North American University. What a fall!
Shahid Khaqan Abbassi attended Lawrence College, arguably the best higher secondary school in the country ( Aitchisonians will of course disagree) teaching its students, honour, dignity and self respect. So did this great institution falter or was their a manufacturing defect?
No idea where Khawaja Sharam & Haya and Prize Bond Saad Rafique got their education.  The last one, if at all.
However Kh Sharam& Haya, was a BCCI Bank Manager, so he obviously had some sort of an education. And look at these other fine specimens of educated homo-sapiens.  Look at Danyal Aziz, the person who masterminded the Local Government reforms under Gen. Musharraf, slobbering and drivelling at the mouth, disgracing his family and everyone associated with him. For Talal Chaudhry I have nothing to say, except that he reminds me of those whose label is best left unsaid……usually found in the unsavory parts of a city where the night owls prowl.
So education really is not the panacea. Its the value system that people are brought up on that defines their characters which boils down to ones upbringing and parentage or guardianship! But this still does not answer why these same crooks will behave well in one environment and not in another.  Why a Pak Army sepoy or NCO or JCO or Officer is much less prone to corruption than say those of equivalent ranks in the Police or the Customs etc?
The answer lies in a society defining “acceptable” and “unacceptable” behaviors and ensuring compliance either through positive reinforcements of merit driven, promotions, reward and recognition or negative consequences of punitive actions? 
Why do people drive with a seat belt and within 125 kmh on the Islamabad – Lahore Motorway and not on the GT Road? Because of the consequences!
Why are military personnel, in Pakistan, by and large less corrupt than their civilian counterparts? Because of the severe consequences.
And sadly as these consequences become less and less effective as they rise in ranks, the level of corruption and misuse of power and authority increases, everywhere!
Our nation’s destruction is not only just because of an absence of strong values and lack of education, but about the complete absence of public institutions which hold people accountable for their actions.  The entire psychology of human behavior vests and agrees on one single fundamental.  People’s behaviors is directly related to the limits imposed by society.  So one sees the instant transformation of an ill disciplined mob like madhouse at Lahore and Karachi’s International airports, to a perfectly sane, peaceful and tranquil lot as soon as they land at Dubai airport.  Same people. Different environment.

This is true for all societies, even the most so called socially evolved and developed.  Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans, USA, laid bare the horrors of human behavior, where in this first world country called America, people chopped of fingers from the living and the dead to steal their watches and jewelry, as the state institutions of Law and Order were nowhere to be seen.

How Rwanda, today is a model democratic country after its 2 million deaths in the genocidal conflict between the Hutus and the Tutsis.
It takes very little to move from the Angelic to the Devilish and back to being an Angel. Its called accountability for one’s actions! Ask military cadets 6 hours after joining PMA, and they will tell you what this means!
Accountability at every level of society. For traffic, at schools, at work, and most importantly when occupying Public office. For it is there that the whole scale destruction commences!
So it’s now back to our Supreme Court bench and the JIT investigation report.
From the howling and screeching emanating from the corridors of Raiwind and the bowels of the PMLN, it does appear that the JIT has them by the … (I wish I could complete this sentence, but hopefully people will understand). 
Clearly the questions asked and documents showed to the Sharifs, indicates that they have uncovered much more than just the Panamagate money laundering.  From what one hears, a major portion of the Sharif’s ill-gotten empire has been uncovered. This is what provoked that comment from the “poor” Princess Maryam Marie Antoinette Safdar “Why are they asking us about our personal wealth?”
This Maryam Safdar statement sits at par if not superior to that attributed to that other tubelight from history. Queen Marie Antoinette, who when watching people from her carriage rioting in Paris sometimes before the French Revolution, asked her adviser, “Why are these people rioting?” “Because they have no bread to eat my lady”, replied the courtier. “Oh”, said Maryam Antoinette Safdar, sorry I mean Queen Marie Antoinette. “Let them eat cake”, she replied and eventually the good people of France, guillotined her.
Such is the anger of the people and the justice of God! And the latter comes through the former!
So now what options are now available to the SC?
The Supreme Court bench can pass a judgment on Nawaz’s disqualification or otherwise as stated in the earlier judgment of the 5 member bench.  I quote:
On receipt of report of the JIT, the Bench shall pass appropriate orders in exercise of powers under Article 184(3) read with Articles 187 & 190 of the Constitution relating to disqualification of Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Respondent No.1 as a member of Majlis-eShoora (Parliament),.
Article 184 (3) confers the power and the right on the Supreme Court to pass a judgement on, quote “if it considers that a question of public importance with reference to the enforcement of any of the Fundamental Rights ….”
Article 187 gives the Supreme Court the power and authority, quote, “to issue such directions, orders or decrees as may be necessary for doing complete justice in any case or matter pending before it, including an order for the purpose of securing the attendance of any person or the discovery or production of any document”.
Article 190 empowers the Supreme Court to, quote “….All executive and judicial authorities throughout Pakistan shall act in aid of the Supreme Court……”
Here’s the link to the relevant articles shared above. Articles 184 (3), 187, 190 of the Constitution of Pakistan
The Bench also stated that if found guilty, the process of disqualification will be initiated and respondent number 1, Nawaz Sharif, may be called to explain his position before such an order is passed.
It seems that this may be now what is being anticipated by the Nawaz league.  So what are their options?
1.     They are setting the grounds to reject the JIT report and any subsequent orders by the Supreme Court to disqualify Nawaz Sharif.
2.     In a party meeting they said “Nawaz Sharif will remain PM”, which means they will clearly disobey the orders of the Supreme Court if the SC were to disqualify Nawaz. This would bring them into direct conflict with the SC who will then ask the state institutions under Article 190 to remove Nawaz Sharif. This would then create a crisis and result in violence on the streets and if the army steps in, at the behest of the Supreme Court, the PMLN would term this a “coup” and try and attain martyrdom, which they are so desperately seeking to cleanse themselves.
3.     However, if Nawaz goes, after a bit of huff and bluff, my take is that someone like Khawaja Asif will take over as Interim PM for a 6 to 8 week period till Shahbaz Sharif is elected on the vacated NA seat. Not a sure thing, but assuming he is elected, Shahbaz will administer till March to get the Senate majority and elections are then called.
4.     Thus, the PMLN is hoping that with a Sharif still in power, the party will not disintegrate as it did in 1999 – 2000 and they will again “win” the election.
This brings us to the “caretaker governments”, where the Sharif’s think they hold the cards! 
If a Sharif is still in power, especially Nawaz Sharif, who through some combination of legal technicality or use of money, power, pressure, influence, bribery, coercion and fear is not disqualified, then no one can rid these guys through the current electoral process and this is why!
The current electoral process is totally biased in their favor, legally and constitutionally.
Under Article 224 of the Constitution of Pakistan of the Constitution, the caretaker PM and CMs are appointed by the President and respective Governors in consultation with the outgoing PM (Nawaz or Shahbaz), leader of the opposition (Khurshid Shah) and the outgoing CM’s and their respective leaders of oppositions.
Clearly, given the current situation, one does not see a consensus at the federal or provincial levels between the incumbent PM/CM and respective leaders of opposition.
In that case, Article 224 (a) of the Constitution of Pakistan  comes into play. This states, in brief summary, that in case there isn’t a consensus, a committee of government and opposition members will be set up, by the Speaker of the National Assembly / Provincial Assemblies, who will nominate the caretaker PM and CMs.
But here’s the clincher. In case these committees also fail to resolve the issue, which in my opinion is likely to happen, then the matter is referred to the Election Commission of Pakistan for nomination of the caretaker PM and CMs.
And guess who “owns” the current Election Commission?
So what other options do the people have?
Other than ask for a military coup, which in my opinion is an even worse scenario than a Nawaz in power, is for the people to go back to the Supreme Court to seek and ensure a fair playing field prior to the holding of the next elections.
As a minimum they must ask that the Election Commission be above board and using powers under Article 184(3), appoint people of unimpeachable integrity, as they did with the JIT.  And to cleanse some key state institutions of Nawaz and Zardari toadies. Provincial Police chiefs, NAB. FIA (these guys seem to be seeing the writing on the wall). SECP; FBR. State Bank etc.
In addition they should be asked to ensure that the fresh census results are reflected in creating new electoral constituencies and demarcating existing ones, by a trusted and competent Election Commission, prior to fresh elections.
And finally and most importantly, under Article 184 (3) nominate the Caretaker PM and CM’s. Again people of unimpeachable integrity and competence.
And to the Army.  My humble plea from the people of Pakistan.  Please DO NOT take over. Please maintain law and order and If I were Gen. Bajwa I would ask all associated military units and rangers to be drawing up plans to address a potential outbreak of violence, orchestrated by Nawaz and funded and fueled by our “friends from across the borders”.
Please help the Supreme Court implement its orders. And please ensure the holding of fair and free elections by ensuring that ballot boxes are not stuffed. The Presiding officers are on the straight and narrow and the Army is not seen to be taking sides with anybody. Overtly or covertly. Let the fair will of the people be heard! 
Dear countrymen.  This family is like a leech. They will not leave till they are physically thrown out and eliminated, by legal and constitutional means.  They are willing to throw Pakistan into civil war and anarchy to save their power.
It is for us, the People of Pakistan to rise to the occasion, take our destiny in our own hands and support those people, parties and institutions who offer a much better hope and future than these terrible people.
And the Army.  Please do your legal and constitutional duty in aid of the Supreme Court!
Otherwise it’s back to the stench and vomit of the Sharifs and the Zardaris and to anarchy and breakdown!

May Allah have Mercy on Pakistan!

Give a dog a bad name and hang him….

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

My father before me, was called anti state when he wrote against our military disasters in 1965 and 1971, and against Zia’s military rule.

He was declared persona non grata by Zia and subsequent Chief’s till Gen. Musharraf accorded him the honour he deserved.

A person who was a Pakistani well before most. Writing to the Quaid in 1944 and then donating his Military Cross award to the Muslim League. His life story is also on this blog, for those interested to know more about him.

Here’s the link. Col. S.G Mehdi.M.C. The Passing Away of a Great Warrior

Like him, I have also mostly (yes I’ve sometimes, not often, compromised to fight another day) written and voiced and acted on what I believe is right. Such is the legacy from my father!

My school buddies from Lawrence College, my Army course mates and platoon mates from 53rd PMA Long course, and my unit officers from 15 Punjab, as will those in 4 Ak Bde, where I served as GSO 3, before leaving the Army, will endorse this suicidal attribute.

As will all those fortunate or unfortunate ones who have traveled my journey to date. Family,  friends,  colleagues etc.

And my right could be wrong from another person’s perspective. Absolutely. But it is a perspective which I choose to hold based on what I know and understand and analyse. And of course, as everybody,  I have my natural biases of biology, values, gender, ethnicity, beliefs,  experiences etc.

But I do not have an agenda other than voicing what I believe is right and calling out the wrong.

I have written as strongly for the Ahmediyya Muslims (yes they are Muslims in my eyes, as long as they say they are. No act of Parliament can make a Muslim, non Muslim, irrespective of my or your personal beliefs).

I will and have written as passionately and angrily when a Christian village is razed to the ground or Hindus are being persecuted. Or Sunnis are being persecuted in Iraq or Shias or Aga Khanis.  Anybody.

I will and have defended the Pakistan Army, which I have served honourably, but will also call out its indiscretions and those of its leaders.  I’ve hailed Raheel when he did a good job and raked him over hot coals when he  took this stupid decision, in my opinion, to head the Phantom Coalition in Saudi Arabia.

Likewise Gen.Bajwa.  Praised him and lambasted him. And praised Gen. Kayani for his great job on the war on terror, despite the overwhelming sentiments against him. As well, praised and criticised Gen. Musharraf, someone who I personally know, like and respect.

Because, I think it’s the right thing to do.

I‘ve praised Imran and hauled him. Despite my bias and support for him, hoping he makes it to PM.

Because that’s how I see things.

And here are my biases.

I cannot stand Nawaz Sharif and Zardari and all that they stand for.  And will fight till my last breath to see them convicted and jailed and put away for good.

I support Imran, for the sake of Pakistan, because with all his faults and mistakes and errors, I still believe he is our best shot. If he can only listen more to good advice and sift flatterers from genuine well wishers!

I genuinely believe that the Al Saud ruling family of Saudi Arabia is the prime cause of the thought, funding and support of the Global terror that has been unleashed. Not all people of Nejd and Hijaz, because there are many in Arabia who hate this evil family!

I believe that Iran is no angel and has done its bunch of dirty tricks in its regional battle against Saudi Arabia. It has provoked Shias in the region and inflamed the fires of conflict, by so doing!

I believe that religion and faith do not have any place in public discourse and is a private matter between an Individual and His Creator. And that is the only way we will get rid of the terrible scourge of sectarianism.

In my personal faith.

I am a Sunni, if it means following the Prophetic Sunnah.

I am a Shia if it means supporting Imam Ali in his fight against evil and what he stood for!

I am a Muslim, if it mean submitting to the Will of Allah.

And above all I am a human being, who believes in the right of every individual to believe anything they want, live as they want, as along as they do not physically harm another. 

Only Allah knows who is right and wrong!

But I will and have never. And I repeat, never, curbed what I write or say because it’s “not in line” or because I get a phone call from people. And I get them pretty often now to “go easy on the Chief…. or ……..”

Or because of an insidious Social Media campaign to smear me and my reputation, cast aspersions on my loyalty, and bring my children into it. And those who’ve chosen to do that are the ones who have been my biggest targets for the mess today. The ultra rightist extremist lobby in Pakistan.  Very strong, both in and out of uniform.

I’ve been allegedly arrested in Quetta in January 2017, for giving money to Shia officers and released at the request of the Canadian Embassy. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Implied in this extremely dangerous slander was that “Shia Officers” of the Pakistan Army are now suspect. I have heard some really bad things, but this really shocked me. And I can now see the “source” of such slander.

A group, people or nation which aims to divide and weaken the Pakistan Army, and Pakistan on sectarian grounds. And only four countries or their proxies in Pakistan mean to do this. India, Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia.  The last joining this group, to safeguard their throne and their enmity towards Iran.

And just for the record. I haven’t been back to Pakistan, since April 2015, after my father, Col. S.G. Mehdi, passed away in March, 2015.

I have not and will not use any forum or platforms, as some cunningly do, to deliberately throw a piece of burning coal and watch the mayhem!

Or insidiously target one country or another, not because they believe in the rightness of their perspectives, but to deliberately “stoke” and “provoke” discussions, at the behest of hidden hands.

To them. My hidden hand is My God.

To others.

Kindly do not fall victim to the devious tactics of  these Quislings, pretending to be patriotic intellectuals and trying to cast people like me into an extremist or sectarian slot, to shut us up, because we ask the difficult and the painful questions.

And what is even more tragic, is that this campaign was started by a retired Col on a Pak Army whatsapp forum. It contains some very specific but incorrect information about my younger son’s unsuccessful attempt to join the Pakistan Army. Information privy to very few. Including people at the highest levels of our current military leadership!

As my dear late father would often say!

“Don’t play to the gallery of  public opinion but to the gallery of your conscience and what you believe is right. And enjoy those rare moments when both are aligned. Otherwise walk your lonely path of “Yukk e Az Azaan-e-Mehdi”

Remember, if voices like mine are silenced, no one will fight for you when “they” come for you.

And come they will.

One day!