The Runaway Supreme Court Bench – A shorter version!

A short version about the Dishonourable Supreme Court bench  that ran away
By Haider Mehdi.

Several close friends asked me to write a shorter note on the Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

The longer and much angrier version is at The Supreme Court Bench that Ran away!

 Here it is to honour the request for a short version.

1. Why wasn’t the case taken earlier? Why 7 months. And of course those who can, will justify this 7 month long delay.

2. Why fix the first hearing date ONE day before Imran’s DHARNA?

3. Why go through the now clearly useless exercise of establishing a 5 member bench, which history will remember as the “Infamous Five” (with apologies to ENID BLYTON) ?

And then going through the farcical motions of hearing evidence, while all long, secretly knowing that they would never be able to fully adjudicate the case.

And why?

Just because of their incredibly important winter vacations in the spirit of Mohammed Shah Rangeela?

Or the even more sinister issue of the present CJ retirement ? This retirement issue is huge and merits a little more anger!

Why on earth did the CJ in his infinite stupidity or unholy wisdom, make himself part of this all important most critical Bench?

Why, when, given past experience, he and all his others fellow criminal in arms, knew that the case would not and could not be heard during his tenure?

This was either done by design or by default. In this case, clearly both!

Either the CJ and the other four are incredibly stupid, unable to wet the side of a barn, or blindingly brilliant!

So, given the benefit of hindsight, and the change from their early stated position to hear this case on a day to day basis to the then long breaks in between hearings and then the final judgement, one can only draw a conspiratorial conclusion.

And the final conclusion is that they are blindingly brilliant, and everything they did was merely  “Khana Puri”  to go through the motions.

In my considered opinion, It was a deliberate and well thought out plan to sabotage the case from the word go!

4. Why  pass the judgement which says that this will not constitute a “Part heard” case. This means the new bench will start hearing the case all over again.

5. Finally. If these jokers had been serious, and given shortage of time, and oh those so important winter vacations, and the imminent retirement of current CJ, who had these incredibly important tasks of attending farewell events, the very least they could have done was to set up the new bench NOW and issue a “Part heard” interim order.

This would have enabled the new bench to commence hearings from where the previous bench left off.

But no Sir! Lets begin afresh! Because its such a minor case of the Pakstani Prime Minister being tried for corruption, money laundering, ill gotten wealth, lying in Parliament, lying under oath!

Just everyday Pakistan!

But because these guys, and specifically the retiring CJ had some other objectives, with due apologies, I have to resort to a most crude phrase in Urdu, which best describes what the dishonourable bench did.

 “yay saary qaum ko Phuddo Bana gay”.

In english, roughly  ” these honourable Justices took the Pakistani Nation for Royal ride”

I’m sorry for this crude description above, but more sophisticated  words fail me in escribing what they did to the Pakistani nation.

Insaf ka Janaza Zara dhoom say niklay!

What a terrible, dark, flawed and controversial legacy CJ Jamali leaves behind.

For himself, his family and all those who had a very different and much higher opinion of him!

May your reputation never rest in peace CJ Jamali!

Comparing Gen. Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif

In response to criticism of my piece on the Supreme Court Bench that Ran Away
Haider Mehdi

I did get some brick bats on the Supreme Court article by the “Nawazo-Zardari version of democracy supporters” and asked why I have never offered  comments about Gen. Musharraf’s takeover but took the Supreme Court to task on their Panama disaster!.

Here’s my perspective.

I think Gen. Musharraf’s intervention while constitutionally wrong,  was morally right and in my opinion he should have finished of these rats who are now cutting our throats under the garb of “democracy”.

And remember when we close all avenues then we again ask for and or invite military intervention. So thats my take, in short.

Gen. Musharraf was not a crook and a criminal. Nawaz and Zardari are.

And  that’s the big difference.

You can technically call Gen. Musharraf a usurper but not in fact.

Nawaz and Zardari on the other hand are usurpers, criminals, corrupt in all ways we know, except, technically not found guilty, by the great judicial system of Pakistan.

And the Panama case has stripped even this system of all illusions and today, our highest court stands naked for all to see, warts and all.

So those who prefer the shadow to the substance, please do so. I don’t.

Democracy is only meaningful if its responsive to and answerable to the people.

Democracy doesn’t mean a bunch of brigands hijacking a flawed electoral system, and like Nawaz,  getting 17% of the registered vote or Zardari getting 13, and then ruling the country like dictators and foisting their children on us.

Who is Maryam Safdar? Who is Bilawal?

What right do they have over us? How dare they use their parent’s positions?

 And I say the same for Ejazul Haque and Humayun Akhter etc. But at least they came in after their fathers died.

Did we ever see Bilal Musharraf or his sister anywhere during GPM’S tenure. Never.

Please don’t let one’s hatred for Martial law colour and taint our objectivity.

Today we face the terrible spectre of total anarchy.  If Nawaz and what he and others like Asif Zardari and Fazlur Rehman and Asfandyar represent, continue in power, this country will drown in rivers of blood. And I say this not to scare but with full rationality.

This system is not democracy but an opium pill they use to perpetuate their stranglehold. To continue their loot an plunder. To enrich and entrench themselves. To use this country as their personal fiefdom.

Let’s get rid of this terrible system for another. A system which allows honest and competent political and public governance leadership to reach positions of power and policy and influence.

It is then that I will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone and fight any usurper in uniform trying to take over.

Upon my honour!

So we have our views and others have theirs and both repeat the same arguments. So lets agree to disagree.

I won’t be convinced that Nawaz and Zardari are Saints and others will never accept that Musharraf was a far better person and administrator than Nawaz, albeit  flawed and made some serious mistakes.  NRO being one.

But not a crook or a criminal like Nawaz or Zardari.

And my final word.

I do not support martial law, but it will come if these jokers stay in power.

Of that I’m certain!

The Aleppo Tragedy!

The Aleppo Tragedy
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Absolutely unbelievable and incredible how the terrible tragedy of Aleppo in Syria, has legitimized DAESH, Al Qaeda & their proxies like Jaish Al Fatah, Jash Al Islam, Jaish Al Shaam & Jubhat Al Nusra, & their supporters,  who’ve basically committed mass genocide these last several years, as the “Good Guys”!

The power of petrodollars fuelling the tragic human stories on social media joined by Western media to put Russia and Iran on the mat has served its purpose in capturing the narrative and influencing people’s opinion.

People, who in their simplicity only see the horrors of children and women caught up in this madness through the powerful but highly  subjective “Optics and Imagery” of impactful, social and electronic media, unfortunately fail to comprehend the terrible power politics and insidious machinations by all parties, which lead up to these heartbreaking tragedies.

And when the Western media picks it up, then you really must question, why?

What alerted me to this sinister design was when Western media started using the phrase “The Fall of Alleppo ” and it suddenly started doing the rounds.

Now those familiar with media lexicon will understand that the word “fall” in the context of war is generally used to bring up images and emotions of valiant brave fighters, in this case DAESH and Al Qaeda, tragically but unsuccessfully, defending and fighting an “evil” aggressor, in this case the Assad Regime, Iran and Russia.

So basically “Good guy” DAESH vs “Bad guy” Assad.

Then instead of labelling the Daesh and Al Qaeda fighters and their proxies as “terrorists” a much more romantic phrase is springing up for them. “Rebel”.

So in my opinion at a high level, primarily four factors behind Aleppo.

1. Aleppo is a human tragedy as people are caught in this terrible genocidal war between two groups, divided primarily by sectarian schisms and fuelled by Arab and Iranian petrodollars.

2. A political power struggle between Assad and Daesh/Al Qaeda for control of Syria.

3. A geo political power struggle between Saudi Arabia and their Sunni Arab allies and Iran. The former trying to weaken Iran’s regional influence by overthrowing Assad, a staunch Iranian supporter.

4. A global battle between USA and Russia.

Aleppo is a manifestation of all these and tragically there will be many more to come.

The line between the “good guys” and “bad guys” has really blurred.

The Supreme Court Bench that ran away!

The Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

For this dishonourable bench to hide behind a Winter vacation Calender, is as disgraceful, as shameful and as flimsy as Nawaz hiding behind the Qatari Prince’s letter.

No shame. No respect.  No pain for the country. No professionalism and above all no ethics, morality and sense of justice.

Everything that this infamous Supreme Court and especially this infamous bench or rather gang of 5 did, is highly questionable.

First lying low, and like Nero and Caligula, power intoxicated and merry making, from April to October, while Pakistan burned.

Then deciding to take on the case and setting the Nov 1st date, for the first hearing, one day before Imran threatens Armageddon.

It stinks.  It stinks all across the Margallas

These actions are an absolute disgrace to their institution and to each individual who was and is part of this infamous bench.

Why on earth would you take on a case, set high expectations and then slink away like rats under the pretense of “winter holidays” ?

Under what compulsions did all 5 of you so called lordships wake up from your damn power induced intoxicated stupour of 7 months in the first place?

And under what blighted wisdom, you Mr. CJ, took the amazingly stupid decision to

make yourself a member of this all  important most critical Bench, when, given past experience, you and all others knew that the case would not and could not be heard during your tenure?

And then what prompted all you so called lordships to jump ship and throw this bag of crap to another bench?

The entire lawyer community should hang it’s head in shame.

If I may say, it seems that all you 5 SC judges, especially your Mr. CJ, basically covered you backsides, and some of your desperately hoping for some crumbs to come your way, post retirement .

It was clear that your entire disgraceful bench had already made up its mind to dump the case when you “asked” both parties about forming a Commission.

Is that how the Supreme Court of our land works?

How many money launderer’s, crooks, criminals have been offered” Commissions” by these people who now disgrace the sacred role of Supreme Court Justice?

How many commissions, you dishonourable lordships, how many?

You’re a disgrace to these sacred seats you occupy, my dear dishonourable lordships or whatever you are called.

A disgrace!

You even indirectly urged Imran’s  lawyers to opt for a commission, subtly implying that his case was weak.

You also knew Nawaz would accept the commission, and thus so these 5 stooges could rid themselves of having to decide the case.

Imran didn’t take the bait so they were only left with an option that a lowly clerk and  “babu” is left with.

Sir may nay chuthee jaana hay. Mayree bhain ki shaadee hay!

Some stupid rules and procedures of winter vacations.

What utter nonsense!

As one very close and much respected friend told me a short while ago about the absolutely hopelessness of our State institutions.

How Imran Khan and others desperately knocked at every state institution’s door. Election Commission. NAB. FBR. FIA, State Bank and finally the Supreme Court for accountability and justice.  And how each failed to live up to their mandates and roles.

The people of Pakistan have been left with no choice but to go to the streets and ask for justice to free this wretched land from this unbridled, loot plunder and pillage.

And don’t be too surprised if they again look askance to the Men on Horseback.

So go ahead your dishonorable lordships. Go ahead and fiddle while Pakistan burns.

Pakistan will not forget, nor forgive you!

Shameful. Disgraceful.  Koee Sharam hothee hay Koee haya hothee hay.

And all you could come up with, was to  hide behind ypur damn winter vacation calender.

May you all 5, freeze in -40 degrees with wind chill wherever you go for that so important and critical vacation. Calgary is my advice!

Off with your  heads, I say! Metaphorically, of course!

And we’ve added another straw to the proverbial breaking of the Camel’s back.

Something has to give. Otherwise, given our fault lines, look forward to rivers of blood.

Imran Khan and all who love this country must come out and take back Pakistan!

Otherwise, not a revolution but anarchy!

Victims of our DNA and our Environment

On the favorite pastime of many Muslims and people of other faiths, who judge and label others of different beliefs.

Any belief and faith is the product of our environments and influences.

As we understand more and more the power of the mind, and how, over the years, it is influenced and then develops the billions of neural highways of habits and choices and beliefs, we understand more and more how we are “victims” both of our DNA, which some call the “accident” of birth and the environment which influences us from birth.

The age old “nature and nurture” debate.

In simple words, all of us (mostly) frame and see the world based on our filters and the influences of our environment. Family. Social. Cultural. Workplace. Religion. Sect. Economic etc.

So for example, those in the Muslim world, labeling the Ahmadiyya Muslims as Kafirs, do so because that’s all they know.

Likewise, many enlightened amongst us, have strong views about Jews and Hindus, or Shias, Sunnis, Wahabis, etc because that’s all we know.

If by sheer accident of birth we were born into a Hindu Brahman family, or a devout Jewish family, or a rabidly Zionist one, our world view would have been different. Or even a different muslim sect preaching the insanity of a DAESH type faith, we would have been happily butchering and slaughtering people.

So, in a nutshell, we are all caught in this terrible iron cocoon.

And some of us do break free of these chains and shackles, keep an open mind, and are willing to accept contrarian thoughts and values and consequently replace our filters through which we see the world.

So that’s why I don’t get all hyperventilated because someone calls somebody anything.

Hence I consider labelling and judging people, totally wrong, irrespective of how strongly I believe in the absolute correctness and rightness of one’s own “world view”.

Because I also now understand that the other party or person also believes in the absolute rightness of their construct, as I do to mine.

Because that’s all we and they know!

So despite my anger and frustration at things which appear to me completely irrational, barbaric and cruel, these very identical things, seem totally rational, correct and completely acceptable to “them”.

In the Muslim world, especially in Pakistan, for a “change” to happen requires the very hard and tough herculean task of undoing the nearly 5 decades of brainwashing madness, funded by petrodollars from  the Gulf.

And also because it is a 1400 years old schism, deeply rooted and seared into the hearts and minds of Muslims,  unfortunately we may never overcome this terrible divide.

But perhaps, over time, with  better education, social evolution and awareness, better economic conditions, will people become more open and understanding of contrarian views and address differences with dialogue and not the dagger.

It’s a hard reality to stomach, understand and accept!