The Real PPP BHUTTO Legacy & Bilawal Zardaris embarrassing Karachi Jalsa

The PPP is a party of Vultures. I can never understand why the likes of Raza Rabbani, Sherry Rehman and Taj Haider still remain in this party which is actually a gereditary monarchy of sorts.

It’s origins are shameful. There is no progressive PPP. There never was, never will be, at least under its current leadership.

That small short lived flash in the pan of a socialist agenda for the poor and the underprivileged,   died the day ZAB imprisoned JA Rahim, his party’s Secretary General and Co founder of the party.

He committed the unspeakable horrible act on this supremely elegant, gracious and totally committed to the PPP die hard. An incredibly wonderful gentleman,  ZAB had this most gracious person sodomised in Kot Lakhpat jail in front of his son by a jail sweeper to “teach him a lesson” .

Then ZAB tried to bump off Ahmed Reza Kasuri, his own party MNA, for opposing him and in the process killed his father.

Then imprisoned Mairaj Mohammed Khan, perhaps his most ardent socialist and a cabinet minister. Such was ZAB’S Bhuttoism’s real face.

No sir it was a perverted legacy from the beginning. It was and still remains a mirage and a dream that people think was real.

The poor became drunk and mesmerized by ZAB’S brilliance and charisma. The way he swayed crowds, hypnotizing them with his demagoguery and hyperbole. And them of course the mirage and magic of Roti Kapra Makan.

The result. Absolutely nothing.

ZABs goal was power at all costs. And he used the poor. But fate had other plans.

And now today’s PPP fully exploited by power hungry merchants headed by their chief Asif Zardari are using Bilawal Zardari to keep the poor mesmerized as does a snake, so they can continue to loot and plunder.

If this terrible group of people continue to rule and plunder and the more we delay the redressal of ills and wrongs and the exploitation of the poor and the disadvantaged, the more brutal and violent and tragic will be the explosion of the pent up hatred of theservice wretched souls against the rich and the haves symbolised by #AsifZardari #BilawalZardari #NawazSharif etc.

#ImranKhan may perhaps be the last hope of a change without violence.

Otherwise anarchy, murder mayhem and bloodshed.

The streets of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will run with blood. Marauding, angry, vengeful hordes exploited for centuries will drag the haves from their ” safe havens” in Defence, Clifton, Gulberg, DHA, F6, F7, F8 etc including Raiwind, Bilawal House and Bani Gala and the other bastions of the rich and the famous.

So this order must end if we are to avoid what is clearly written on the cards. The complete destruction of orderly society in Pakistan.

And not even the army can save the country from this madness were it to happen, which it will. If we don’t change. And all will be swept away, PTI, PPP, PMLN, JI, JUI, MQM, ANP, ETC.


The anger and vengeance of the desperate the exploited and the angry, spares no one and has no friends.

May Allah Save us from this wrath. But suffer we will if we don’t fix things soon.

Why we must support Change even if we dont like Imran Khan or Dr Tahir Ul Qadri

Ihave always admired the analysis and commentary of many leading geo political thought leaders and subject matter specialists from within and outside Pakistan, who specialize and voice their views on Pakistan and its current crisis.

Most of them have the masterful ability to analyse and present complex issues with amazing simplicity and powerful facts and logic.

But of recent many of these thought leaders have unfortunately failed their own usual objective lens test of presenting Pakistan’s current imbroglio. There writings and commentaries are laced with anger, bitterness and acrimony rarely seen in their writings, especially in the manner they address the two protagonists of change, IK and TUQ, or objectively speaking what these two consider as “change”.

While I am not an Insafian or a TUQ mureed and do not in any form or shape endorse any direct or indirect extra constitutional intervention by any internal and or external institution / force, but believe that this time we have to suspend judgement and our personal biases and dislikes for these two.  I personally don’t have anything against the two, but even if I did, I would also suspend judgement for the following reason.

And the reason is simple. For 67 years, our constitutional and extra constitutional inputs have only produced this current and rotten political, social, economic, religious output/environment. So if we want change we have to change the inputs to get a different, hopefully better and more positive political, social, economic, cultural and religious order.

As Alcoholics Anonymous famously say. It’s Insanity to expect different results from the same behaviors.

Therefore, if all well-meaning Pakistanis, including these genuine pundits referred to earlier, but not the “Raqaam Barhao Nawaz Sharif Hum Thumharay Saath hay Najam Sethi types”  to expect that “THINGS” will change by continuing with the same is, in my opinion, quite frankly extremely juvenile and perhaps even suicidal.

So what are our options. Pretty much two.

One. Sit tight, close our eyes, stick our necks in the sand, and pray that when we open them the World and Pakistan would be this heavenly paradise. And in the meanwhile as we live in Cuckooland, these goons and the terrible order, lead by NS and AZ and GOD FORBID, that royal idiot of idiots Bilawal Zardari (can’t call him a Bhutto) and Hamza Sharif supported by their courtiers who are more like Leechees sucking the life blood of this nation, lead us to destruction.

Two. We finally stand up for our rights, after centuries and thousands of years of abject servility slavery and serfdom, and seek the establishment of a just and fair society which delivers better governance and improves the quality of life of this miserable nation. And in my 58 years this is perhaps the second time after that great and brilliant pretender Zulfi Bhutto, who also let us down so terribly, that we have in IK and TUQ,  the symbols, the seeds, the possibility and fragrance of such a change.

So while IK and TUQ may have their Achilles heels and some skeletons in the closets, but they do represent the cry of the hundreds of millions of the downtrodden, once again looking for hope succour, salvation and a better today and a tomorrow for themselves and their children.  While these two could be the Pied Pipers of Hamelin as some suggest, or the Source of our Salvation, as others hope for, the truth is…only time will tell.

But and it is a BIG BUT, bigger than all the BUTTS put together,  if we don’t make an effort and if in our personal animosities and in our pettiness, and in our prejudices, and perhaps misguided reading of the tea leaves and the stars or misguided by our own frames of intellectual references and our anger towards these two, we try and douse this fire and desire for Change, we are certain to perish or fall to such lows ….God Forbid…perhaps never to rise again.

So let us all support these forces of change and let us also be cautioned that in this desire for Change let us not open the doors to authoritarianism or military dictatorship, while getting rid of this horrible putrid old order.

And also let not the frailties and perhaps imperfections of IK and TUQ ( and pretty small compared to the horrors of the Sharif’s, Zardaris, Khans,  Rehmans etc) cloud our objectivity and our judgement.

We must make a go of it.

For in this imperfect world, we just have to make do with what we have, wherever we are, in the best way we can.