The Real PPP BHUTTO Legacy & Bilawal Zardaris embarrassing Karachi Jalsa

The PPP is a party of Vultures. I can never understand why the likes of Raza Rabbani, Sherry Rehman and Taj Haider still remain in this party which is actually a gereditary monarchy of sorts.

It’s origins are shameful. There is no progressive PPP. There never was, never will be, at least under its current leadership.

That small short lived flash in the pan of a socialist agenda for the poor and the underprivileged,   died the day ZAB imprisoned JA Rahim, his party’s Secretary General and Co founder of the party.

He committed the unspeakable horrible act on this supremely elegant, gracious and totally committed to the PPP die hard. An incredibly wonderful gentleman,  ZAB had this most gracious person sodomised in Kot Lakhpat jail in front of his son by a jail sweeper to “teach him a lesson” .

Then ZAB tried to bump off Ahmed Reza Kasuri, his own party MNA, for opposing him and in the process killed his father.

Then imprisoned Mairaj Mohammed Khan, perhaps his most ardent socialist and a cabinet minister. Such was ZAB’S Bhuttoism’s real face.

No sir it was a perverted legacy from the beginning. It was and still remains a mirage and a dream that people think was real.

The poor became drunk and mesmerized by ZAB’S brilliance and charisma. The way he swayed crowds, hypnotizing them with his demagoguery and hyperbole. And them of course the mirage and magic of Roti Kapra Makan.

The result. Absolutely nothing.

ZABs goal was power at all costs. And he used the poor. But fate had other plans.

And now today’s PPP fully exploited by power hungry merchants headed by their chief Asif Zardari are using Bilawal Zardari to keep the poor mesmerized as does a snake, so they can continue to loot and plunder.

If this terrible group of people continue to rule and plunder and the more we delay the redressal of ills and wrongs and the exploitation of the poor and the disadvantaged, the more brutal and violent and tragic will be the explosion of the pent up hatred of theservice wretched souls against the rich and the haves symbolised by #AsifZardari #BilawalZardari #NawazSharif etc.

#ImranKhan may perhaps be the last hope of a change without violence.

Otherwise anarchy, murder mayhem and bloodshed.

The streets of Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad will run with blood. Marauding, angry, vengeful hordes exploited for centuries will drag the haves from their ” safe havens” in Defence, Clifton, Gulberg, DHA, F6, F7, F8 etc including Raiwind, Bilawal House and Bani Gala and the other bastions of the rich and the famous.

So this order must end if we are to avoid what is clearly written on the cards. The complete destruction of orderly society in Pakistan.

And not even the army can save the country from this madness were it to happen, which it will. If we don’t change. And all will be swept away, PTI, PPP, PMLN, JI, JUI, MQM, ANP, ETC.


The anger and vengeance of the desperate the exploited and the angry, spares no one and has no friends.

May Allah Save us from this wrath. But suffer we will if we don’t fix things soon.

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