Major Changezi’s Shahadat at Torkham

In loving memory of Maj. Changezi who I met only after he sacrificed his all for Pakistan. 

I have often written about how challenging it is for a non military person to understand what a soldier goes through in the Army. And once again Its this sacrifice by Maj. Changezi.

To many or most, the passing away of a Soldier in the line of duty giving the ultimate sacrifice of their life in a remote God forsaken outpost in FATA or Balochistan or Kashmir or somewhere in Pakistan is a mere statistic, a temporary flash in the pan news headline, a fast moving ticker, a talk show discussion and at best, a whatsapp comment (which is where I first posted these lines several days ago)

But to the soldier, even someone like me who shed the Khaki nearly 35 years ago, the passing away of a fellow brother in arms, epitomizes the whole symbolism of this great profession.

To many civilians who have a beef with the Army, and I don’t say it in any patronizing or derogatory manner, the Pakistan Army is confined to and understood through the filters of either Martial Law or the ISI.

The limited horizons, superficial understanding, pedestrian analysis, subjective biases and prejudices, about the institution, by many so called political pundits, does not even scratch the most basic fundamentals of the Pakistan Army and what it really is and stands for.

From their high heeled, sari clad, suited booted or kurtaad crisp shalwar kameez pretentious high horses, these so called “liberattis” run down this great institution, day and night.

They do not, and cannot ever know what a soldier feels, does and dies for.

Never. Ever.

Unless they’ve worn the Khaki or been very close to someone who has.

Rest in Peace dear Maj. Changezi.

We sleep better and in peace, because of your sacrifice!

May Allah Bless your Soul in the Eternal Abode. Aameen.
Haider Mehdi.

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