Altaf Hussain’s lunacy. Madness or a planned drama gone wrong?

What appears to be an act of lunacy by Altaf and his henchmen is not what it appears.

In my opinion, It’s a very well thought out strategy and plan to destablise a volatile phase.

If I was a conspiracy theorist I’d hazard that the PMLN dirty tricks brigade has something to do with this for several reasons.

I’d even venture that people like Rana Sanaullah, Pervez Rashid,  Saad Rafique etc, supported by the Zardari group of PPP with Rehman Malik Mastermind, may have something to with this. It’s an opinion and an analysis, I don’t have any facts.

Objectives could be to take pressure and focus off NS and Panama.

Dilute the impact of the Qasas and Ehtesaab movements.

Lure in Army to take drastic steps.  Become political martyrs. So many things swirling in my mind.

And finally our “friendly” neighbor fuelling opportunities to create “Occupied Kashmir” situations in Pakistan. Link this to their recent comments about Balochistan.

It certainly does not seem to be an an alcohol induced rant of a madman, in a fit of uncontrollable, lunatic rage.

There appears to be much more method behind this madness.

I think the mass unrest will not happen, because once the party leadership in Pakistan and rank and file realize that Altaf is history, support to him will dissipate.

 I think Altaf saw that coming and played his second last card of openly defying the State.

But he has his last card which is to openly declare war against Pakistan and set up a Jinnahpur Government in Exile. That will happen, sooner than later. I think.

But there is likelihood of an increased level of violence in Karachi,  fuelled by the MQM militant groups, along with the underworld and criminals and known and unknown armed militants and terrorists, who may also get into the act and use this for their own ends.

We could see more bomb blasts. Targeted assassinations. Kidnapping. Torture and killings. Etc.

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