On banning the MQM

Banning the party is not the answer. It will further enhance the perception of being persecuted and drive the hard core militants to violent reaction.

RAW sleeper cells will be activated. Criminal, terrorist and other ethnic groups will jump into the fray, taking advantage of this opportunity to pursue their ends through violent means.

Even now, given the current environment, there’s the very real danger of a major terrorist attack on a soft target in Karachi and not by the MQM but others to put the blame on this party

We can all surmise that the vast majority of people who support the MQM do it for their Thana Kutchery Naukari needs as do others elsewhere in Pakistan.

The MQM militant group is no different to the private militias of our politicians to keep their supporters in check. Except it is huge and big and powerful and forced an entire ethnic group into a kind of bondage,  in the country’s largest city.

Let’s also not forget the MQM of Punjab, the PMLN with it’s militant wing called the  Punjab Police.

There’s some discussion around the “political” and “militant” wings in the MQM being separated or fused together.

As in all fascist organizations the barrier between the public political face and it’s militant part begins to come together. People move from one part to the other especially as people get “promoted” up the party ranks and hierarchy. Usually  from militant group to the political. At lower levels still distinct. And as the organization acquires political strength, the groups fuse, at senior levels, as was the case of Sienn Fein in Northern Ireland, and MQM at home.

Farooq Sattar may never have killed anyone himself but, my guess is,  at a minimum, privy to all shenanigans of the MQM target killers and hit squads. In reality not much difference. All knew who did what.

Also, I believe, the current public stance distancing from Altaf Hussain, is a planned ruse, to save the party from being banned and losing its legal right to exist and also to stem the tide of rats jumping a sinking ship.

I think, the party has decided this public posture merely to stave of the threat of dissolution. Altaf Hussain and his politburo are still in silent play, till they tide over this tough period. Otherwise it’s curtains.

So a necessary public stance only for sheer survival. The actual ties have not been cut.

No different.

So rather than ban the MQM, efforts must focus on breaking ties with Altaf and the London gang. Additionally, prosecuting those found guilty of this connection for treason and sedition because of aiding and abetting people who have publicly called for the destruction of Pakistan.

Farooq Sattar’s latest press conference is a huge red herring.

Don’t believe him.
Don’t trust him.
For now.

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