Can Pakistan survive Nawaz Sharif’s corruption?

What is most scary about Pakistan’s current situation, especially those NS supporters who pretend to be objective, is how we forget the basic fundamentals and the ability to sift obvious truth and dishonesty, good from evil.

Either we get bogged down or, deliberately bog down others in the minutae of nothingness and idiotic one liners and hyperventilated talk shows.

The key and fundamental issue facing our political leadership is about Nawaz Sharif being above board with his Panamagate.

This notwithstanding whether one is a supporter or not.

Just a simple issue of asking ourselves with all that we’ve heard and seen, whether this man should continue to serve as our Prime Minister.

It’s not about the legal aspects of who is named and who is not named. It’s not about the finer letter of the law. But it’s about, morality, integrity and honesty. It’s certainly not about Imran Khan and PTI.

A simple internal honest question to put to one’s own self.

Is Nawaz Sharif corrupt?  Has he cheated the people on Pakistan about Panama? And is he lying on Panama?

My personal opinion to all the above 3 is an unqualified, YES!

If the SC absolves him of any guilt,  it will certainly not make Pakistan a better place.

If he does get snared, by them, we may still have hope.

A very large group amongst us who defend him and people like him, by pontificating on the virtues of Democracy and supremacy of Parliament,  are mostly the rich and the comfortable, who are part of an elite system with very high vested interests in the current system.

None of these groups feel and experience the terrible havoc that people like NS have wreaked on the poor and exploited people of Pakistan and on its institutions .

So, in my opinion,  our country will not be better off by any standards if NS and his like come back into power.

And come back, they will, unfortunately if the current electoral system remains.

And once back, they will continue to weaken an already tottering system because that’s how they retain their power base.

I dont think this country can really survive another decade of this loot and plunder before we plunge into total anarchy. The fault lines will become even more fractured and deep and hideously violent. Economic. Social. Sectarian.  Religious. Ethnic.

And a hungry Indian wolf breathing down our necks.

These fissures will also put great strains on that one surviving relatively stable institution. The Army.

An institution our so called liberals and pseudo intellectuals, so love to whip.

People like that Dufferni Asma Jilani, who never had to suffer anything. She belongs to the most corrupt institution in this country,  the Judiciary and in all  years hasn’t been able to fix it. But pontificates about the “great satan”.

Or that Indian mole, the viper Hussain Haqqani.

Or these secular do nothings. Or these “valiant” journos sitting on their fat backsides, living in cuckoo land, running down “the boys” or that hypocrite Najam Sethi, enemy of the State.  With the blood of Pakistanis on his hand when he fought against Pakistan, alongside Russian, Indian, Afghan funded Baloch insurgents in 1974 -1977.

And these people rather than talk about how every single state run institution has been destroyed by our politicians, have their venom out for the only one which is still relatively better, the Army.

And as we all know, the single biggest reason the Army has so far survived the complete degradation we see in our other State institutions, is because the civilian politicians have ZERO influence on how the COAS administers the institution. This is not correct. I agree. The Army must be subservient to the State! No disagreement there!

But, thank God,  that the likes of NS and AZ have not been able to lay their grubby hands on the Army.

But give them time and they will.

And deeply disturbed that Nawaz Sharif was able to run rings around GRS.

Using GRS and the Army to do his political dirty work in bringing the MQM and PPP to heel in Sind. But keeping him away from ANY interference in PUNJAB.

Gen. Raheel, despite all his bluster and thunder etc, in my opinion, got taken for long royal ride by the wily NAWAZ .

We should be very disturbed at how we ignore evil. Very disturbed.

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