On The Donald….

On The Donald.
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Don’t under estimate the guy!

He’s the ultimate pragmatist with ZERO ethics and morality and just bordering on the legal. And the ultimate deal maker.

His mantra. Okay here’s what I can do for you ….what can you do for me? And he will use this approach in his Presidency to try and get the best deal for the USA.

All his current posturing on contentious issues is to set the stage for negotiations. His two books “Art of the Deal” and “Think Big” gives us an uncanny insight into his mind. Its just pure business. Winning. Hard negotiations. Get the best deal.

For example repealing or threatening to repeal Obamacare is to get the best deal from the Healthcare Industry and also keep them happy. The Wall with Mexico, to renegotiate a better trade deal.

Threatening Iran, so that Iran buys US goods and as some say, especially change the 700 Airbus order to Boeing. Etc etc. And also keep Saudi and UAE as its largest arms buyer

Whether he succeeds or fails is another question but he’s a hands on guy, who has played slugfest in the dark and dirty real world alleys of American business. And of course an unsavory character. But m
uch as one finds him personally obnoxious and highly unlikeable, he’s what is called a “fixer and a deal-maker”. 

The ultimate American carpetbagger. And interestingly, detests traditional politicians and loves military leaders and corporate CEO’S. 

So finally America has a leader as close to a large segment of that society. Souless. Unethical. Immoral. No holds barred winning. Ruthless. Unbridled greed. And completely self centered.

In my view, the USA never was and never will be an ethical and moral society, as it so pretends to be.  Hence I’ve stopped thinking and commenting on that aspect of their society. Shooting stars like Jimmy Carter or Obama, are exceptions. Intellectuals like Chomsky, rare. Visible, but totally ineffective to change a society so driven by selfish greed and short-term economic gains. After 8 years, a guy like Obama walks away empty handed.

The USA are simply 21st Century Spanish Conquistadors, looting and plundering the wealth of other lands, disguised under labels of “human rights” “democracy” “our way of life” etc And where it suits their economic interests, supporting and bedding with dictatorial regimes such as the Middle East monarchies, especially Saudi Arabia. 

And so finally they get a President who is the plain unvarnished proverbial “Ugly American”

To understand their policies one needs to understand how the 3 big Industry sectors in the USA. Defence, Financial Services and Healthcare will be impacted. These three drive the USA economic agenda and all their internal and external policies.

Being a pragmatist Trump will keep these three big lobbies happy. Healthcare and get the best deal from them. Likewise Financial Services. But, it’s unclear, how he will keep the defence Industry happy. USA’s biggest bulldog in the ring. Especially because the country has had a near permanent and booming defence industry and war economy since 1941.

2nd World War. Korean War. Vietnam War. Afghanistan. Kuwait. Iraq. Afghanistan. Syria. Iraq.

So let’s see what deal he makes with them. Because for all his bluster, he doesn’t appear to be a war monger

Even Professor Obama couldn’t do much against the Big Three.
On the contrary the Financial Services Industry got their biggest bailout from him. The reason Obamacare will morph into ‘Trump’s New Deal” is because he went against this massive powerhouse of Healthcare. Obama did go for the Afghanistan surge which did serve the interests of the defence industry in his first term but he never opened another front, Syria being one, in nothing his second term, partly because he didn’t want to and partly because he didn’t have to with no re election issues.

Part of the reasons behind Hillary defeat was, in my opinion, the lack of support by the big 3, because she would have have continued with Obama’s plans.

On Pakistan. Here’s my gut feeling.

He’s going to ask us. Okay you guys. I’ll fix Kashmir for you with India? What will you give me in return? And even Afghanistan?

So we better be ready with our asks and answers.

So like I said earlier, don’t under estimate this guy. He may surprise many despite being a really unsavory character!

Just a perspective!

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