The Panamagate Judgement.
Another open letter to the Supreme Court bench.

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Dear Lordships,

Thank you for hearing this case and keeping the nation engaged, these past two months.

Today most Pakistanis, barring some who recently left post haste for the UK, including First Daughter, and dear First Father recently in Turkey, look askance at two institutions. The Supreme court, specifically Your lordships and that “Saviour of the last resort” the Pakistan Army, to somehow initiate the process of getting this poor country, back on track.

Not the Red Line track or Green line track or the Metro track or Orange train track, or the Motorway track or the many other tracks representing the loot, plunder, pillage and corruption that has beset this wretched land.

But the track of accountability, honesty, meritocracy, competence, equitable access to safety of life, property, health care, education and jobs and all other opportunities.

The track of tolerance and accommodation to live with people of contrarian views, faiths and beliefs.

A track where people have hope of a better tomorrow. So that they do not fall prey to purveyors of grossly misinterpreted religious thought.

And perhaps most critically, a track of honest, competent, patriotic leadership who do not sell their souls and the country for Qatari dinars.

I’m not a lawyer, nor any pretensions of being one, so clearly not in any position to offer any legal insights.

But some things that your lordships said when you “Mahfoozed” your order are worrying.

Its the kind of stuff we in the Corporate world call a “CMA” or a “CMB” statement.  In more polite words, its a way to pre empt any future uproar and ensure that all honorable backsides are fully covered.

You said, we will judge by “Law” and the “Constitution”. Mighty fine words, your Lordships.  Mighty fine!

But there is something called the “Letter” of the law and the “Spirit” of the law.  Something called the “Words” of the Constitution and something called the “Intent” of the Constitution.  In both cases it’s the “Interest” of the Country and the People of Pakistan that must remain paramount.

We ask for the “Spirit” of the law and the “Intent” of the Constitution. We ask that Justice be served and what is good for the people of Pakistan and not let this case fall victim to “technicalities” of the “Law” and the ” Constitution”.

Enough hints were dropped by your Lordships on the “admissibility” of the evidence, its “validity” and its “sources”.

This is scary, your Lordships. Very scary!

If today, with all that we have seen, heard and read, with everything that we know of the Panama Gate, irrespective of its “admissibility” in your august court, if even now, in your eyes, there is even the remotest semblance of doubt about the criminality of Nawaz Sharif, his family, Ishaq Dar  and all those who were part of these terrible acts, then, I’m afraid,  your Lordships, we are doomed!

If Nawaz Sharif and his cohort of looters and plunderers headed by Ishaq Dar, get away with this kind of brazen daylight robbery and murder of all that is honest, ethical and moral, then we are indeed doomed, your honour, and honorably and royally screwed! (please pardon the French)

Short of catching Nawaz Sharif, riding atop a Camel and leading a line of camels from Dubai to Qatar, with 12 million US$ laden atop them, we cannot have more clear evidence of his guilt and loot and plunder.

Please do not pass the buck to a “Commission”. As your Lordships so rightly said. No institution in this country could catch these guys because he has bought off everybody. Everybody.

Look at that Qamar chap, the NAB Chairman. A person better hauled in chains. But he has the bloody audacity to give all of you Honourable Lordships, the proverbial up yours finger, in the Court.

That is how powerful Nawaz Sharif has become that this crook and his minions can look you all squarely in the eye with contempt, saying…..Do what you can……

 So which person and what institution will conduct the inquiries for this Commission?

We do not have time.  Our country is being milked dry.  The Barbarians are at the gates and all over inside. There is no one to help except your Lordships.  Asking the Army is calling for Martial law and we all know where that leads us.

Paraphrasing Henry II, For God’s sake your Lordships, help rid us and Pakistan of these terribly evil and corrupt people.

Otherwise like a cancer they will emerge even stronger, spread like wildfire, till there is, God Forbid, no Pakistan.

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