By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

There’s an ominous rumbling of dark clouds,  if there is any truth in the noise one is hearing of the Army’s involvement in any form or shape to save Nawaz Sharif.

If there is even the slightest possibility of even a tiny arrangement between the Army leadership and Nawaz Sharif, then the portents are very very dark and perhaps the start of the “Mother of all Crisis’s” in Pakistan.

I say “If” because the chatter is very threatening and yet there may not be any truth in this chatter.

Gen. Bajwa please remember that “public perception” about an issue as volatile as this, is far more damaging than the actual “truth”, however wrong this perception may be.

I say “if” because in this “if” is the ever growing mushroom cloud of a massive rumour of nuclear proportions, taking the country by storm.

And unfortunately it’s not a very charitable rumour for the Army.

Gen. Bajwa, you have so far been a sane and temperate voice. But please remember, that in your desire to remain aloof and above the political cut and thrust, you may, perhaps unknowingly or unwittingly, be playing into the hands of the Grandmaster of Political deal making, Mr. Nawaz Sadiq Amin Sharif.

Please remember that this Army has sacrificed it’s young and old with blood, honour and its thousands of shaheeds as have the other institutions like the police and the FC and others, for a better, safer, cleaner, corruption free Pakistan.

It’s soldiers and officers and senior commanders have paid the ultimate price.

It is not going to allow this sacrifice go waste so that our beloved country continues in the clutches of robber barons and be misgoverned and robbed blind by crooks, posing as our leaders.

Gen. Bajwa, do not allow the honour, reputation and sacrifices of this great institution go waste. This is not a call for Martial Law. Far from it. Because Martial Law is not the answer.

Just a word of caution that the fires of deep unrest and distress may cause some serious convulsions within the institution.

I’m not privy to anything,  but the tea leaves are turning very red.

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