The Trumpeter in Riyadh!

By Haider Mehdi

Trump’s visit and speech, in my opinion, sounded like the final nail in the Al Saud Coffin.

It was embarrassing, to say the least, watching him preach to the leaders of the so called “Islamic” World about “Islamic Extremism” and “Islamic Terrorism”. Words he used throughout his Presidential campaign to slander Islam and the Muslim world, followed by his infamous 6 country Visa ban!

And now, thanks to King Salman and Mohammed bin Salman, today we had the great pleasure of seeing and hearing the leader of a country, responsible for over 4 million deaths in the Middle East and South Asia, slapping each leader of the Muslim world with these insults. Insults couched in flowery barbs!

And they all sat like sheep.

Dumb, deaf and squirming, some lucky ones dozing off, listening to this megalomaniac’s verbal abuse!

How ironic, standing in the heartland of Islam, The Trumpeter lauds the Saudis, the prime fountainhead of terrorist thought, terrorist organisations and terrorist funding, and the country which has caused the most death and destruction, then hands them a 300 billion dollars bill which they will happily pay!

You’ve got to give it to this guy. Comes into your house, calls you extremists and terrorists and walks away with 300 Billion dollars! What a deal!

His speech and presence in Riyadh, may well be the start of the inevitable authoritarian meltdown of the Al Saud regime.

I say this, because he’s now presented the extremists and terrorists, both inside and outside Saudi Arabia, the “perfect argument” that the Al Saud regime are mere USA puppets, a known fact, but never brought home so starkly and “in your face” !

And providing the fodder and a powerful rallying cry by extremist outfits lead by DAESH to recruit large numbers of angry youth to their cause, especially the highly radicalized and testosteroned Muslim youth in Europe and North America!

In my opinion, the Al Saud couldn’t have committed a greater political blunder, than showcasing this megalomaniac,  lecturing the Ummah, listening sheepishly to his “Islamic terrorist and extremism” harangue and signing their own death warrants!

We should be thankful he didn’t mention Pakistan in his speech, thanks to India and our CPEC.  But the insult to PM Nawaz in not being allowed to speak on the occassion, and neither a meeting with Trump, is in my opinion a huge insult to him, personally and not to Pakistan. Perhaps his sins of corruption in Panamagate, may have caught up with him!

Pakistan must not be caught in this firestorm soon to engulf Saudi Arabia and Monarchist Middle East, with serious consequences to follow.

Consequences for regional stability and peace and for the Al Saud family, despite their futile and desperate attempts to hold onto power.

In my opinion, Trump’s speech may have set in motion the downfall of the Al Saud regime. The likely outcome is fairly clear, irrespective of how many weapons they buy to stave off the inevitable. It’s not a question of if, but when!

For Pakistan, there is urgent need to mend ties with Iran, as the Monarchist Middle East begins to meltdown.

Iranians are a pragmatic nation and will do business with anyone, including the US as demonstrated in their nuclear deal with the US. They’re  not called a nation of shopkeepers, for nothing.

All Pakistan needs to do is to balance their concerns regarding our engagement with the Saudis.  As long as Iran doesn’t feel threatened by our relationship with the Saudis or any stupid and active military actions by Pakistan against Iran at the behest of the Saudi Arabia  -US combine we should be OK. Raheel Sharif’s faux pas,  notwithstanding!

Ideally, our long term interests lie in engaging with Iran more proactively and not follow the US, Saudi and Israeli line of “Iran being the greatest threat to world peace”!

This party has just started!

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