By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Here’s something that needs the immediate attention of all non PMLN economic experts.


Currently information about CPEC is like a black hole and must be questioned like the JIT is doing.

We must force the PMLN government to fully disclose the terms and conditions of all contractual obligations we are signing with China.

For the sake of our future and our integrity, sovereignty and  independance we must force Nawaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar and that empty suit, Ahsan Iqbal to come clean with full disclosure and transparency.

There are well founded fears that the government is giving away everything to the Chinese without substantial returns to Pakistan.

For example, as earlier stated, we have no idea under what terms and conditions we’ve contracted with China and the different Chinese companies.

What are the financial terms?

What other business terms govern these contracts?

Couple of key things are essential for all CPEC projects for local Industry development.

1. By law, every Chinese company must have a local Pakistani partner with bona-fide credentials and transfer of technology clauses.

2. A minimum of 50% Pakistanis must be employed in all projects. Skilled and Unskilled. There is evidence that in many projects only Chinese labor is being employed. Chinese companies must train Pakistani manpower if the skills are not available.

3. No Chinese company should be allowed exclusive rights on any project and it’s use.

Apparently, unconfirmed reports indicate that only Chinese cargo trains will ply on the new cargo railway tracks being laid.

People like Dr. Salman Shah, Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, Dr. Shahid Kardar, Asad Umar must go after CPEC, like Imran Khan is going after Panamagate.

Otherwise these Noonie Goonies will sell this country and its future.

The Chinese are shrewd businessmen. They will take anything and everything. And once like the proverbial camel, if they’re in and we haven’t safeguarded our national interests, we will have no recourse.

The time is now that we get a fair and equitable deal.

China is a friend but it will look after its own interests as we have to look after ours.

CPEC is essential for us.

But we must not sell the family silver.

Here’s the latest Forbes article pointing to a possible financial disaster in the future.


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