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By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

“It is rejected” screams Maryam Antoinette Safdar AKA “Princess Goldfish Tube-light” for her incredibly “long” attention spans, an admirable trait inherited from her father and her absolute brilliance in getting her father and the PMLN into this s….hole they are now in!

The only reason a cat or a rat or a “ratnee” squeals that hard and that loud and that pointedly, the word “rejected” a side swipe at the Pakistan Army, is because the tail is fully and properly in the vice of the Law of the Land!

If Princess Antoinette Tube-light were to read a bit of history and enlighten herself on what happened to the “House of Bourbon” in France and the “House of Romanov” in Pre-Communist Russia, she may get some insights about what is to befall the infamous house of Sharif’s to which she belongs.
And of the 4 jokers who came back on again to address a press conference.
Kh. Sharam o Haya, 
Kh. Saad “Prize Samad Bond” Rafiq. 
Empty Suit Ahsan Iqbal.
and Shahid ” LNG” Abbassi.

These four and “Princess Tubelight”, remind me of a joke being circulated on Social media today about a family of Miraasees gathered around their dying father.

As they wait for the old man to pass away, one of them silently whispers. “While we’re waiting for the inevitable can we start playing the dholak, gently, to while away the time” .

In Punjabi ” “Wailay Jo Baythaen Aan….Juddoon thukk Abba Nahee Murda…poli poli dholak na waja layay?

The Press conference by the PMLN, Tubelight’s tweet, and statements by others is the “poli poli dholak of the miraasees and miraasaans, announcing the inevitable”.

But Tubelight also has an agenda! The “rejected” word in Tubelight’s tweet, is a bait to enrage the Army! Implied in it, is the alleged involvement of the Army in the JIT report. That the Army influenced the findings and wanted Nawaz out. Even the Miraasees knew that good old Sharif had been having a go at the National Exchequer for three decades.

The Army had absolutely nothing to do with the composition of the JIT. In fact the Army Chief was quite unhappy that reps from MI and ISI had to be nominated, for this exact same reason, that it would bring them a bad name and all that talk of “Establishment interference” etc etc..

So nothing could be farther away from the truth. As many of you know, I have been very harsh in the past on Gen. Bajwa, for being too soft on Nawaz Sharif, for letting him and Tube-light, get away on Dawn Leaks. For appearing to be hand in glove with Nawaz and trying to get him of the hook. But for the first time in our history, certainly in my lifetime, our Army has stayed away, totally and completely, in a situation where in earlier days it would have walked in.

It has obeyed every order of the State and the Supreme Court. Gen. Bajwa’s policy cornerstone has been very consistent. “The Army has no business in politics” and he has been saying this since he was a young officer. A friend who served with him when he was Lt. Col. recounts that then Lt. Col. Bajwa, openly voiced his disagreement when Gen. Musharraf imposed Martial Law, saying that the Army had no business to take over and try and run the Country

But yes, they faltered. The use of the word “rejected” in that infamous ISPR 
DAWN Leaks tweet.

And again, I hauled the Army Chief over hot coals for this tragic, stupid and gross error in choice of words. This angst was the result of a completely contrarian announcement from the PM House on what had been earlier agreed with the Army Chief. It could certainly have been handled better. In private and out of the limelight.

But because it was so stupidly handled, Gen. Bajwa had to eat humble pie.
He suffered the indignities of being called many names, his leadership called into question and people like me took him to task on Social media. Yet he ate this humble pie, took all the criticism, knowing that he and the Army had made a mistake in their choice of words. In a nutshell. Gen. Bajwa has been totally apolitical. He has repeatedly said to his constituents during his various visits to military units, cantonments and institutions that the Army has no business in politics. And I, his biggest critic, give him full marks for his emotional stability and maturity with which he has carried out his tasks in these extremely difficult and politically volatile times.

And also owe him a public apology for misreading his intentions! My turn to eat humble pie

Hence several media persons, including someone as sensible as Sohail Waraich have accused the “establishment” (meaning the Army) of being behind Nawaz’s travails. This is an evil, dark, sinister, dangerous, deliberate and mischievous travesty of truth. Mr. Waraich, who I normally consider a balanced, mature and stable person, not given to sensationalism, has clearly been asked to say what he said a few days back. He has attempted to give this family of Sharif scoundrels a fig leaf to hold on to and again become martyrs, pretending to be victims of this “deep state” this “establishment” etc. Absolute hogwash and nonsense.

But Sohail Waraich is just a minion, following an agenda set by the Sharif’s and deliberately trying to muddy the waters. So ignore him.

What is most important is for the Army to continue to follow all lawful, legal and constitutional orders of the State to ensure no one in Pakistan questions their impartiality in this case.

Let the Supreme Court decide what to do. And if for some insane reason they allow Nawaz to go free, so be it. That’s what the Court ordered and that’s what all institutions should and must and will accept. And if they hang him (proverbially and perhaps………) so be it!

But let us, at least today, savor the joys of these rare moments of great bliss, rarely seen before in Pakistan. Hopefully and Insha Allah we see this not just as a temporary moment of elation, but the start of our long overdue Spring.

For the first time in our history, our legal and constitutional institutions have caught up with our crooks, looters and plunderers. For once, our Army has stayed away and abided by the law, which they should and always must. For once the supremacy of civilian institutions and rule of law and due process has been publicly seen to be delivered.

Let not these cockroaches, miraasees and miraasaans, destroy our day. The time for them has set.

Just pray that the early shimmers of the light of a New Dawn of a New Pakistan becomes a never ending sunshine of peace, security and bliss for all of us.

As Margaret Meade said 
“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”

It’s been a very long overdue, Spring!
May Allah Have Mercy on Pakistan! Aameen.

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