Pakistan’s real tragedy – A short note.

By Haider Mehdi.

Pakistan’s real tragedy are those amongst us, the educated and the well informed who, despite everything, defend this terribly evil man, Nawaz and his version of democracy and the terrible system he and Zardari and the likes of Dar represent. Perhaps even worse are those who remain silent.
As said Edmund Burke. “The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men (women) to do nothing!
This to me, is our tragedy.
Those with eyes which cannot see.
Those with ears which cannot hear.
Those with minds which cannot think.
Those with a conscience, now long dead.
This is our tragedy.
Our tragedy is not the tens of thousands of illiterates who flocked to listen to Nawaz’s “Mujhay kiyun Nikala”, but the consciously dead amongst us. Those who know.
It is they who we will hold responsible if a terrible fate befalls us.
Because it is they who knowingly and consciously defended a criminal and a terrible system for their own personal, self centered, selfish interests. Or keep silent!
And not to save Pakistan.

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