Gen. Bajwa’s 6th September Speech was really a “Message!”

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

It was one fine policy statements from an Army Chief in recent times.

Simple, straightforward with no ifs and buts. No complex verbosity.  Just the plain simple truth, by a man who clearly speaks from the heart, announcing Pakistan’s position on key issues.

1. The Armed forces will fully support the State and all its institutions.

2. The world’s crocodile tears on fighting terror are hypocritical. If the world (read Mr. Trump) says we have not done enough, then really nobody has done anything. It is now their turn  to “Do More.”

3.  India will not be allowed to use international public opinion to continue to subvert Pakistan in Balochistan and any attempts will be responded to with an iron fist.

4. While the Armed forces can defeat terrorism militarily, it is the Nation which has to collectively defeat it intellectually and ideologically.

5. No non state actor has the right to arrogate to itself the right to initiate armed action and or launch Jihad. Islam is very clear that Jihad is the exclusive prerogative of the State.

6. A clear statement that the Nation is united in its efforts to rid Pakistan of the scourge of terrorism and the Armed forces is working closely towards this end.

7. That Pakistan will not allow it’s land to be used by terrorist groups and expects the same from other countries especially from its western neighbour, Afghanistan

8. It is our duty to give to our coming generations a Pakistan free of terrorism, corruption and disorder, governed by rule of law and the constitution.

The tragedy is that these words and such a clear clarion call should have come from our Prime Minister or our Foreign Minister or our Defence Minister.

The first is busy trying to save his former boss from NAB and stave of LNG corruption charges against himself.

The Foreign Minister is still busy  sharing daily power generation megawatt statuses and our spanking new Defence Minister is busy counting the number of Dengue mosquitos in KPK.

The government has failed miserably and abjectly on all counts.  Take for example the 2600 kilometer fencing of the Afghan border and 900 border posts. While construction is in full swing, the Federal Government is stalling and refusing funds on one pretext or the other.

What kind of government is this which is silently sabotaging the single biggest action which will finally put to rest all these charges against us about providing “safe havens?”

Is this a government which is true and honest to its mandate and to its people?

So when the government abdicates it’s responsibility and its entire focus is to save their former leader from corruption charges and conviction or helping his partner in crime, his daughter win a National Assembly bye election, then somebody has to step up to the plate.

Gen. Bajwa deserves our gratitude for doing the job of the three who have been found wanting and sleeping on their jobs.

-Haider Mehdi.

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