The Trumpeter’s New Year Twert

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

The Trumpeter’s Tweet in my opinion, is not something to be taken too seriously, despite the fact that he’s the President of the USA.

People in his own country, even in his own administration, even those holding cabinet posts ignore him and clean up the mess this monkey with a machine gun leaves behind.

He’s a political aberration but a harsh reality of American politics. He’s upended all the rules of the game, the rules of business and the protocols of the Presidency. And he does this deliberately to cater to his support base.

He thrives on being seen as the outsider, a maverick, talking the language of those he represents. The mass of bigoted America, right wing extremists, prejudiced white supremacists and the Christian bible belt, the last leveraged by Israel.

He has *tweetilitated* and humiliated his own administration officials, even his Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, his generals, threatening to fire his Afghanistan military commander.

To try and rationalise and understand his actions and tweet is as confusing as understanding Nawaz Sharifs money trail or the reasons for the Sharif brothers recent trip to Madina to answer questions about their Saudi stashed wealth or why people like Aitzaz Ahsan, Qamar ZamanĀ Kaira and Sherry Rahman stand shoulder to shoulder with the likes of Rahman Malik, bowing and scraping and humiliating themselves in front of Asif Zardari and Bilawal Zardari.

So we have these enigmas at home as well.

Trump uses his Tweets to position the USA for future negotiations and to keep the other party on the back foot. His objective is to scare Pakistan into re-engaging back with the USA AND thereby weaning it away from China. In addition to stop us from engaging with Iran and developing a Pakistan, Iran, China and Russian bloc.

In my opinion, our reaction was over the top. At best a sharp tight in your face tweet from Kh. Asaf would have been enough followed by a more intelligent response from the foreign office.

Trump is like a pig who loves to wrestle in the filth. And in wrestling with a pig the only party who gets dirty is the opposing party.

All arguments about our sacrifices, our losses, our support in our battle against terrorists, cut no ice with this man. He’s threatened to send Hillary Clinton to jail. He’s groped women and laughs about it. He’s insulted Mexico, Native American Indians, immigrants and Muslims. He’s insulted former US Presidents, politicians, in fact everybody and anybody!

Even his wife has publicly and angrily brushed away his hand in a gesture seen by hundreds of millions . He’s a megalomaniac, emotionally disturbed and an over viagrad monkey with a machine gun.

In summary, he’s achieved his purpose of scaring Pakistan, unhinging us, resulting in our high powered NSC meeting chaired by the PM and attended by the top military and civilian brass which in my opinion was totally unwarranted and uncalled for. We fell into his trap.

The fact that he tweeted at 7:12 am on New Years Day about Pakistan, which certainly is not his top priority, shows how unbalanced this man is!

Trump is better ignored. Not America!

– Haider Mehdi

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