Kh. Asif’s disqualification.

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

Behind the legal speak and the PMLN spin, also joined by guys like Hamid Mir and others, Kh. Asif was disqualified on two counts.

1. For deliberately lying, concealing and misrepresenting his residence status as a paid employee of a UAE based company.

Asif claimed that because he had attached his Iqama with his nomination papers, hence he was not concealing anything.

On this the court ruled.

*”Iqama is merely a residence visa issued by the immigration officials. In the instant case, the non-disclosure was that of the employment as an occupation and the salary per month received there under.”*.

2. For failing to disclose his salary of 50,000 dirhams and his bank account in the UAE. Asif claimed showing remittances in his nomination papers, and therefore did not conceal anything.

On this the Court ruled as follows.

*The lack of honesty was established by not disclosing the employment as an occupation and the salary received per month despite the vague and obscure amount of Rs 6820 million declared as foreign remittances having been specifically challenged. This would also apply to the non disclosure of the account maintained with the Bank of Abu Dhabi.”*

In summary the court ruled.

*”It is obvious from the facts and circumstances in the instant case that Asif had deliberately and willfully not disclosed his status as an employee of the Company , nor receiving of the salary per month pursuant thereto, despite having been expressly put to challenge by the other contesting candidates,”*

The court also noted that Kh. Asif being a lawyer was absolutely aware of this deliberate falsehood and concealment.

Kh Asif is unequivocally guilty despite the spin by the PMLN, that Botox trash Maryam Safdar and anchors like Hamid Mir, who lose objectivity, if ever there was any, because of his personal friendship with Asif. Bay painday ka Lota. Thaali ka baingan!

-Haider Mehdi

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