Gen. Durrani, Gen. Kayani and Osama. A very short note!

By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.

What’s the real story on Osama?

Only Gen. Kayani knows and perhaps this cigar smoking, scotch drinking ex army dude, called Col. Iqbal (Bailey)

But from what Gen. Durrani said and past whispers it appears that.

1. We knew.
2. We cooperated.
3. Someone made a lot of money.

If the above are correct. Then Gen. Kayani is clearly the major player in 1 and 2 àbove.

Perhaps 3 as well perhaps not.

Only he has the answers. And his silence will not help him.

As for Lt. Gen. Durrani. Apparently a bright officer, who allied himself to a political party PPP and its leader, Benazir, for reasons better known to him and got some benefits and perks.

Given the way our ex military leaders and generals are ready to sell themselves to foreign governments (Raheel), political leaders (Durrani, Hamid, Baloch, Tirmizi etc) he and the aforementioned plus others are marginally better than the bunch of retired Generals at the beck and call of Malik Riaz!

But then some would say that the Malik Riaz Generals are better.

At least they didn’t sell their Souls or the State!

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