Imran’s “Bosa” or “Sajda”?

*Imran’s “Bosa” or Sajda?
By Haider Mehdi

If he says it wasnt a Sajda then why are we insisting it is?

Why are we using our own frameworks to define a Sajda?

Whether its a kiss or a sajda, Imran will answer for it in the only Court that Matters. The Almighty’s

And this, in my opinion, is the problem.

When we take it upon ourseleves in our absolute misguided limited self righteousness that I AM ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!

This complete belief in the “infallibility” and “correctness” of one’s beliefs, gives rise to the Daesh and AlQaeda type of mindsets we see today.

They are totally convinced in the correctness and rightness of their beliefs, thoughts and actions and in interpreting everything as they see it in the light of Quran and Sunnah.

This is very similar to selective interpretations one sees of Quranic texts and self righteous indignation and shouts of shirk etc floating around after Imran’s visit to a Shrine!

This is a very dangerous path as we all know!

Millions have been put to the sword in the Name of Allah and religion and faith.

And in my view, nobody, nobody has the right to judge or label another’s belief.


Because this attribute is only Allah’s and Allah’s alone as He has explicitly stated in His Message

Because by doing so we commit the Greatest Shirk of all in becoming God!

One can certainly have a view about the faith based actions of others.

One can even consider what others believe in as wrong.

I personally have opinions about the belief based behaviours of others. But I keep them to myself for it is not for me to Judge!

Because the alternative are the tragedies and horrors we have seen unfold even in our own Islamic history.

And to this day, we see this all across the Globe, in the religious and sectarian wars and conflicts that have destroyed the peace of our planet.

For me. Its my faith. My belief. My Allah. My accountability.

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