PM visits the GHQ. A Short note!

Syed Haider Raza Mehdi

What should have been a norm is seen as a great moment. And yes it is. For once we have A PM, a Government, an Army Chief and an Army to be proud of!

Never felt so elated & full of hope as now.

We’ve wrought a near miracle in Imran’s election and in the near perfect and complete alignment amongst key stakeholders. Executive, Judiciary, Parliament and yes the Army!

And what of the negative media chatter we’ve heard these last days? Absolutely terrible.

Reminds one of the monkeys chatter in the jungle as they swing crazily and madly in frenzied fear from tree top to tree top, seeing their world coming to an end.

It’s a daily media circus of incredibly naive, ill-informed and petty and mostly incorrect commentaries, without which their work is incomplete.

Unfortunately the vast majority of our media anchors had a field day, taking Imran to town on such “existential issues” as the Helicopter. Buzdar. RPO. This appointment. That appointment. Maneka etc. As if these were our greatest governance challenges!

But as I’ve always said, the caravan doesn’t wait or stop for barking dogs!

Dear countrypeople, have faith in Imran, in his decisions, in the institutions of the state as he and his team fixes them, slowly and surely.

Please understand that the winds are furious, the storms massive, the coffers empty, the institutions destroyed, the enemies within and without out to destroy, and on top of all that, these media monkeys with their chatter.

Ignore them!

We have to give Imran the minimum 3 to 6 months learning curve as he understands his new role as we give to everyone in a new role. Let him get a handle on things.

As a politician he surprised everyone. As a PM he will undoubtedly do the same! Wait as his work unfolds as he continues to work on his agenda to build a new Pakistan. Many, myself included have been saying this for many years.

For example just look at his message to the bureaucracy.

Folks, we are not witch hunting!

Even if you happened to work closely with the Sharifs or the Zardaris I have no issues. As long as you’re competent and reasonably honest, you have a place in my administration!

Only a person with his kind of honesty, courage, authenticity and transparency can do something like this.

And he may yet make an honest minor mistake or two or perhaps even more. And that’s ok. If he doesn’t, how will he learn?

Or when CM Buzdar asserting his authority in the most stupid and hamhanded manner in Rizwan Gondal’s case, irrespective of merit, embarrasses him. Or the PTI Punjab Information Minister flies off the handle. These are great learning experiences for Imran. And how he addresses them is key!

But if the TV media monkey chatter bothers you. Put on earplugs or better still listen to human beings or music!

The Blue Moon has finally risen in Pakistan. A great future awaits us. Of that let there be no doubt. Our time has come!

InshaAllah. Ilahi Aameen.

Salaams and Prayers
Haider Mehdi

4 Replies to “PM visits the GHQ. A Short note!”

  1. I have no doubt about the statesmanship of the present Prime Minister of Pakistan.
    The person who had been a chancellor of a word renowned university, definitely knows how to handle the variety of audience.
    SHRM Sb I am More concerned about the safety and security of PM. To my perception and analysis it is an attack and defence situation between CIA/ etc and ISI.
    Our intellectual lot should utilise their talent for general awareness on the LIFE AT RISK of PM.
    Allah SWT may bless our PM with his protection. Aameen Summ Aameen.

  2. Breaking the Moment. of Inartia is the hard put. The First Gear is needed and employed to just get the vehicle to move. Thereafter, a combination of less powerful gears gets it rolling.
    Ik and his government is presently in this phase. We are on the first gear and moving.
    Pakistan Zindabad.

  3. His election definitely gives us a hope. Much destruction has been deliberately wrought by the two previous regimes. Damage control is going to be a Herculean task. But we have a hope now!

  4. Kahan sahyb has taken bold step to consolidate the military and political approaches for the betterment of nation. The warm reception from the army chief shows to the traitors there is non of a conflict between both sides so, congratulations is right of both heads of the 🇵🇰 Pakistani nation.

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