Please Dont let these Fledgling Embers of Change …Die

It is simply sickening to see and hear how every discussion about Imran Khan and TUQ’s Dharnas land at the Khaki door.

Grow up people…every boot that breached its barrier into the political field and I agree should not have ….was ALWAYS fuelled by the abject incompetence and corruption of the civilian politicians…And the only way to keep the jackboots at bay if that is the fear is a complete and systemic reform of our entire electoral, political, local government, judicial, economic, law enforcement, education systems.

I am really really really surprised how any and every genuine effort for such a reform is painted, tarred and tarnished with the “demon” of the Army taking over. Hey listen. Those guys dont come from Mars and everyone wants reform and so do they. The Army is from us and yes they are not pretty angels in white but they are today the only disciplined, relatively meritocracy based organisation in Pakistan and that’s really saying something in this lawless land.

In a reformed Pakistan we will also have a reformed military infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of the people, operating within limits and not like a state within a state. But only under an administration that is truly for the people. But Not through NS or Zardari, who would love to make the Army Chief and the Corp Commander into their personal tail wagging dogs as they have done to the bureaucracy, the police and all other State institutions,to do their dirty and corrupt bidding.

I am so saddened and of course angry, listening to these so called pretentious hypocrites epitomised at their worst by the likes of Najam Sethi, with their smug grins and smirks, having now sold their souls, trying to discredit the current winds of change, whispering falsehoods, raising alarms and muddying the waters. In case you’re interested please read my other brief commentaries on this blog as well.

But For Heavens sake let’s be objective and support these winds of change and let not these embers so painstakingly lit, die and be doused in the cruel cold waters of petty hatred, vested interests, distorted historical perspectives and pretentious democratic dogma, not worth the paper its written on.

Do we really want to continue to support this horrible system and live under the shadow of what the Sharifs, the Zardaris, the Asfandyar Walis, the Fazlur Rehmans, and that great pretender Mohammed Khan Achakzai and their minion and lapdogs stand for and live as their slaves or personal hand maidens, or do we want to at least attempt to break this terrible terrible curse on our Nation?

Its a clear choice…really it is….and if IK and TUQ fail us and the Nation…we will try again and again and again till we triumph or die trying.. Its that simple… at least we tried…

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  1. As Toffler and Peter Drucker said in their books , world has passed through stone age, agriculture age, Industrial age and as passed these ages unevenly. There are certain part of the world is still in agriculture age , some part is in post industrial age or information age.

    Each has its own political , social and economic system . Capitalism, Socialism, communism , democracy are all system of industrial age, All these systems are becoming rapidly irrelevant . The concept of nation state was also part of industrial age . World is passing through process of globalization , the process of globalization is irreversible . In 19th and 20th century , artificial boundaries were created 21st century see recasting of old boundaries ,Pakistan is passing same transformation, Pakistan needs sincere , dedicated and true political leadership to protect its boundary , unit the nation and sail the nation through rough sea of globalization.

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