Why good people support Pakistan’s Status Quo – It’s the GENES stupid

Why good people support the forces of Status quo in Pakistan. It’s the Genes Stupid….

Our favourite subject after IKs Dharna and Nawaz Sharif’s amazing and legendary stupidity is the flogging and whipping of the Pakistan Army at every opportunity. And even more painful that it is done to berate IK and TUQ and their attempt to change and break the status quo.

So while have repeatedly said that the military has no business to breach it’s institutional borders, and the reason that it did, and this is not a justification but a statement of fact, is because these goons called politicians were, are, and if things dont change, will always remain the same. Corrupt to the core, status quo oriented, tribal and feudal in heart mind soul and action and even worse, when the time comes,  become the military’s willing hand maidens and bedfellows and the rape continues. And giving all cause for a takeover.

Just look at the shameless Khawaja Saad Rafique justifying his ill gotten wealth by stating in court that he won the money through PRIZE BONDS. But they have no shame. ……

So for those so “enamoured” with the desire to bash the army at the drop of the hat…. please picture the doomsday scenario when this so “terrible” institution of nearly a million people were under the whims of  a Zardari or a Nawaz Sharif or horror of horrors under Bilawal or a Hamza Shahbaz.  Imagine a million Gullo  Butts with nuclear weapons. Because that’s what will happen eventually if these idiots stay on. Picture that.

So while it’s quite fashionable to flog your “favourite” institution…ponder on the unthinkable….Yes, so once again, we shouldn’t have had military rule…yes we went a different governance path than India. ..and for me the Jury on India is still out. This is not to run India down but to illustrate why such terrible contradictions exist in that country and ours.

Over 800 million live under the poverty line. Yes 800 million. This is 4 times our population. There are 17 secessionist and Insurgencies in India. ..yet Mars and Bollywood dominate the narrative because It’s sexy and glamorous…yet the 100’s of millions live and die in sub human  conditions. What more can one say of a land and a people that has never in recorded history ever ventured forth from its borders with Its armies to capture a foreign land….except of course as mercenaries under the British….and has been ruled by foreign invaders for thousands of years since Alexander.

Yes we all come from the same stock and mettle …servile ..slavish… subservient.. ..selfish and totally spineless and herein lies our problem. WE ARE A PEOPLE SO SHAMELESSLY SERVILE THAT WE CANNOT IMAGINE THE UNTHINKABLE. WHICH IS TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

So if someone in Pakistan tries to crack and break this strangle hold status quo… Our centuries old, nay, millions of years old spineless DNA kicks in even amongst the best of us….especially the intelligent and educated amongst us…who will then unleash their intellectual forces and brilliant articulation and turns of phrase attempting in every fashion and manner to destroy and demean and deter these forces of change and a dream of perhaps a better Pakistan.

They use the language of the literate, the liberal, the educated…they use phrases like “constitutionalism” “democracy” ” due process” ” illegal and unconstitutional”  “danger of military rule” “rule of law” “uphold the Constitution” as if this willing hand maiden of these jokers is  a Divine document to be protected. All they are protecting are their pockets, there golden geese and their continued rape of the country.

These forces of status quo so starkly and disgustingly symbolised by Nawaz Sharif and Zardari to name these two most prominent rats…MUST BE BROKEN….and if it means using means and methods different to the previous ones ….so be it.

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