16th December 2014 – Taliban’s attack on our schoolchildren in Peshawar.

16th December 2014.

On the Taliban’s attack on our schoolchildren in Peshawar.
And why this?  
And this is why!!
When our currently most populist leader will not come out with a straight clear and unambiguous position about these animals.
When these people will not be publicly declared anti Islam and anti-state by Imran Khan, the Jamaat e Islami, Fazlur Rehman and their apologists.
When we will pander to these Obscurantists for political gains as I hear PTI supporters say in hushed whispers.
When Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari and all that they symbolise are only interested in looting and plundering this nation.
When your closest financial ally in the Middle East continues to fund these people as they did Daesh and transformed it into a monster
When in the past your leading military institution nurtured these elements to serve what were then called objective realities called strategic interests.
When your leading urban Islamic political party the Jamaat e Islami sends one of its highest ranking leader to become the spokesperson of the TTP in the talks between them and the Government.
When so called scholars of Islam interpret this great faith in a manner which incites divides and creates hatred to pursue their political ends and we the people of Pakistan are willing to listen to their drivel.
When these carpet baggers acquire political power and when through this power they transform a sacred private contract of faith between the believer and their Creator into a public one and try and impose their distorted version of this great Faith on others.
When we cannot even publicly and openly discuss and debate aspects of this terrible demented and Obscurantist thought.
What else but this ?.
And some more home truths about our political leaders and their parties and there positions on the #‎Terroism and the #‎TTP and #‎Taliban
1. #PTI – Apologist for the Taliban, justifying it with as recent as Imran Khan’s RECENT statement that if he were PM he would not have ordered a military operation in North Waziristan.  Party rank and file has been infiltrated and flooded with Jamaat e Islami sympathisers. ( see 3 below)

3. #PML(N). Apologist and supporter through #RanaSanaullah, the #ASWJ Ahle Sunnat Waal Jamaat, the Punjabi Taliban.  Reportedly like many Royals in the Middle East, the Sharif family regularly pay them off for safety and security of self and family

3. #JI . Jamaat e Islami.  Openly supportive of the Taliban and the TTP. Professor Ibrahim of the JI lead the TTP team in negotiations with the Government, Fully supportive direct and indirect public statements from their senior leadership and the likes of Farid Paracha and their ex Amir, Munawwar Hassan , however much they want to distance from them, are real and on the record. 

4, #FazlurRehman and #JUI. Openly supportive of their thought, despite the suicide attacks on Fazlur Rehman. His Maulvi Kifaytaullah was a part of the TTP negotiating team.

5. Samiull Haque and his faction of the #JUI(S). He lead the TTP negotiating team

5. #ASWJ – Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat. Proxy for Punjabi Taliban, Sipah e Sahaba, and Lashkare Jhangvi.  Openly supportive de to their anit shia roots.  Publicly and privately actively supported by PML (N) through Rana Sanalullah and other interlocutors.

1. #PPP – Much as one dislikes them and would hate to hear this given the terrible record of their leaders and their governance. But this is the only mainstream political party which has unequivocally and unqualifiedly opposed and publicly stated on record their opposition to these people.

2. #MQM – again not everyone’s favorite party because of their fascist and strong arm tactics. But again Pakistan’s largest Urban party has been for many years crying FIRE !!

3. #ANP. Secular in their approach and ideologically opposed to the Taliban.

4. #MWM – Majlis e Wahdat ul Muslimeen. Shia party deadly opposed to the Taliban and the TTP because of the anti shia roots, position of the TTP and their associates like the ASWJ, the Punjabi Taliban, the Lashkar e Jhangivi etc.

5. #PAT.  Pakistani Awan Tehreek.  Openly and publicly opposed.

The tragedy is that mainstream parties like the PTI, PML N, Jamaat e Islami are playing with fire which will not only engulf them but the entire nation. !!

End Note;
The ideological roots of this problem emanate from the very rigid, exclusivist, militant and anti Shia theological position of the Salafi / Wahabi / Deobandi school, based on the Hanbali theological school, emanating from the land of Nejd and Hijaz.

So Heres how this PERFECT STORM was formed.

1.  Russian invasion of Afghanistan in 1979 and the USA’s desire to make it the USSR’s Vietnam

2. The Iranian revolution in 1979, starting the Saudi – Iran proxy war opened floodgates of billions of petro dollars funding Deobandi madrassahs and mosques all across Pakistan especially FATA and KPK to fight the Russians.

3. Gen Zia with his Deobandi theological roots and beliefs being at the helm of affairs in Pakistan when the PERFECT STORM erupted with us at the Center in 1980.

4. The Creation of the Taliban by the USA, the PPP Government, the Pakistan Army,and funded by the Saudis and USA.

5. Continous support of  “Good Taliban” by the Pakistani military establishment till as recently as early 2014. Perhaps even now ?

So where should one go to fix it.

Continue to prune its branches or uproot it from its roots from where all the money and funding came, is coming and will continue to come if not stopped.

We have fed this monster ourselves. 

Look at just this one example of our national schizophrenia.

look at the case of Abdul Aziz the Lal Masjid Cleric, who took up arms, opposed the state with military might and fought a pitched battle with the armed forces of Pakistan in Islamabad, with the support of these very animals.

Today he goes about a FREE MAN, the mosque returned to him and allowing him to continue to poison the hearst and minds of the weak and the young and the impressionable,  rather than being hung publicly in Aabpara Chowk.  Look at the depths of hypocrisy we have we reached? We cry foul and murder, shed crocodile tears, black out our Face Book statuses. and yet our mainstream media and political leaders play footie with this man and they represent. 

Just look at how cunningly our mainstream media anchors like Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi,  Absar Alam, Saleem Safi, Mushtaq Minhas and Javed Chaudhry, Oreo Maqbool Jan and most tragically the Prime Ministers press advisor ( may have missed a few)turned this monster, Ghazi, into a respectable person and look how he was allowed and accepted by the PML N Government to become the Spokesperson for the TTP when there were negotiations between the two parties . 

Pakistan’s hell is of our own creation and the Geo Political choices we made and the countries we allied with in the Region. 

And if we want to give ourselves a fighting chance we must remove the terrible deprivation and inequity in our own society, through governance which is able to provide access to equitable opportunities in health care, education, jobs, justice.

Otherwise we will continue to blame whoever we blame today.

Saudi Arabia, who wants Regional hegemony and it’s own brand of Hanbali Salafi Wahabi Islam in the Region and Pakistan and curb Iran’s Regional influence  

The USA who wants a nuclear defanged weak on its knees Pakistan.

India with a perfect opportunity to do to us what we’ve done to them in Kashmir.

Israel whose greatest fear is Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal so like the USA would love to see a pliant weak Pakistan.

And so if we are weak and corrupt with the kind of rulers that we had and have and the political leadership who pussy foots, each of the above and others will continue to use our totally disenfranchised and back to the wall society as willing tools, for their own narrow interests. 

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