What Now and Next after the Peshawar Tragedy?

So we have a few steps that the political leadership of our country has taken in the aftermath of the terrible Peshawar tragedy.

Here is what I think we need to do.

1. FIRST DECISION Removed moratorium on death sentences for convicted terrorists.

So If the PMLN is serious and  not going to discriminate than the first person to hang should be Akram Lahori of Lashkare Jhangvi who has been on death row on terrorism charges since 2002.

The next is Mumtaz Qadri the killer of Salman Taseer.

But look at the tragedy here.

A lawyer Shaukat Siddiqui, who is seen publicly kissing and garlanding this killer is now His Lordship Shaukat Siddiqi, a judge of the Islamabad High Court.

How can we expect our courts to deliver justice when our judicial commission has no qualms in elevating this terrible person to the High Court Bench of Islamabad?

Then Malik Ishaq formerly of the Sipah he Sahaba and now of the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat.

He has been and still is the behind the scenes master of the Punjabi Zalimaan and also a great friend of Rana Sana Ullah of PMLN. This is Nawaz Sharif’s ticket of preservation.

Also Rana Sana Ullah is Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhrys nephew and hence the reason why these terrorists have been given opportunities to escape their due punishment by our judicial system.

Then the killers of the Christian Couple of Kot Rada Krishan.

And we must put Abdul Aziz of Lal Masjid to trial for his crime and military battles against the State.

It is an open and shut case  and he should be tried and hung quickly and publicly.

And the attackers on GHQ and PARADE LANE. And all those Zalimaan who are in jail and convicted.

I call these people Zalimaan, which means perpetrators of tyranny, murder and mayhem.

We cannot and should not call these animals Taliban, meaning a student.

For through their actions they have desecrated this wonderful and pure label to represent today what is most inhuman and barbaric in a human being.

Hence the label ZALIMAAN and nothing else.

For maximum effect and impact these sentences must be carried out within 2 WEEKS maximum.

This is critical and crucial to send the message. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and NO MORE.

We need to immediately set up Speedy Trial courts to try terrorists, similar to ones that were and even today exist in countries like Italy, Columbia, Mexico, Algeria, where the identity of the Judges the prosecutors and the prosecuting witnesses, are hidden, so the trial is conducted speedily and without fear.

PM Nawaz Sharif you owe it to your position, as the Chief Executive of Pakistan, to the people of this wretched tortured country, to the children, of Army Public School, and their grieving families and friends and loved ones, to the 50,000 people whose lives have been cut short by these animals.

You owe it to yourself. You must deliver..


Either you stand up and stand tall,  stand brave and deliver, or go home and make space for someone who will.

It is by such actions, Mr. Nawaz Sharif, that your political rhetoric will turn into concrete action.


2. SECOND DECISION.  We will not differentiate between good and bad ZALIMAAN.

An excellent decision.  Long overdue.  This means that those elements within our Military and or other Intelligence establishments who support any group,  must be ruthlessly eliminated and or told to cease and desist.

This puts a huge responsibility on the Army Chief and he also MUST DELIVER.

He must tell “His Boys” that the party started by Gen Zia ul Haq in 1977 is finally over and dead and buried!

GEN Raheel Sharif. You head this army at probably one of it’s most difficult and trying times. More trying then 1948, or 1965 or even 1971.

You have a huge responsibility on your broad shoulders to sort out the Institution’s schizophrenia bi polar disorder and it’s fatal dance with the Zalimaan, Good or Bad.

This pussy footing must stop.

We have paid a very heavy price for the distarous policies, justified or not, of the past in nurturing and harboring non state actors for our political and military objectives.

They have all failed miserably.



Our political leadership must immediate promulgate an ordinance ratified by parliament making it a terrorist act to support directly and indirectly the actions of these Zalimaan.

This includes leaders and members of political parties such as and especially the PTI, the Jamat e Islami, all factions of Jamaat Ulema Pakistan of Fazlur Rehman and Samiull Haq and most important of all the darkest most evil poison, and also the proxy for the banned Sipah e Sahaba, the Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat, the party of Malik Ishaq mentioned earlier.

It must cover all kinds of aid and abettment and especially make an example of those and especially those, who have silent sympathies for these animals, yet thrive and live right in our midst in the urban centers of Pakistan.

This event also has a message for IMRAN KHAN.

Imran it’s about time you came clean and unambiguous on this issue. You also owe it to your conscience, you owe it to Pakistan and the 10’s of  millions who flock to your Dharnas and public rallies and who love you to death.


Imran you must end out a clarion call to all including the Zalimaan that you are not with them.

No ifs and buts AND QUALIFICATIONS. .

If you DO SO and pander to these obscurantists as is the general perception, you strengthen them with every apologetic position you take.



We must snatch back the national narrative and discourse from the Mullah who has turned this wonderful faith into a weapon of loot plunder and pillage and political power to impose their own narrow sick version of a Great Faith.

We must snatch back sanity from the terrible insanity unleashed by Gen Zia ul Haque in the shape of the Hudood Ordinances and many other similar laws which have nothing ro do with Islam.

Now is the time to bring sanity back Into mainstream Pakistan so Muslims of any shade and people of other faiths can live according to what our Great Prophet Mohammad May Peace Be Upon Him said about Christians and the Christian faith in 628 AD.

Here is the complete text of the charter he granted to the Christian delegation from  the Monastery of St Catherine. The actual text is in St. Catherine Monastery at the foot of Mount Sinai)

 {Beginning of text OF THE Grant of THE Charter OF RIGHTS to CHRISTIANS}

This is a message from Muhammad ibn Abdullah, as a covenant to those who adopt Christianity, near and far, we are with them.

Verily I, the servants, the helpers, and my followers defend them, because Christians are my citizens; and by Allah! I hold out against anything that displeases them.

No compulsion is to be on them. Neither are their judges to be removed from their jobs nor their monks from their monasteries. No one is to destroy a house of their religion, to damage it, or to carry anything from it to the Muslims’ houses.

Should anyone take any of these, he would spoil God’s covenant and disobey His Prophet.

Verily, they are my allies and have my secure charter against all that they hate.

No one is to force them to travel or to oblige them to fight. The Muslims are to fight for them.

If a female Christian is married to a Muslim, it is not to take place without her approval. She is not to be prevented from visiting her church to pray.

Their churches are to be respected. They are neither to be prevented from repairing them nor the sacredness of their covenants.

No one of the nation (Muslims) is to disobey the covenant till the Last Day (end of the world).
{End of Charter}

One is is in awe at these words spoken by the Greatest Man in History 1400 years ago laying  out in clear and unambiguous terms how Christians and other non muslims are to be treated and respected.

And here our Mullahs urge us to burn and pillage in the name of Islam, a Christian minority,  setting their entire villages ablaze, burning a young couple alive in Kot Rada Krishnan.

These were and are as heinous and barbaric crimes as those pepetrated by the Zalimaan on the poor innocent children in Peshawar.

Who will stand up for these cowering, shivering helpless,  Christians and other minorities like the Hindus, Parsees and others who are daily and routinely  subjected to the same inhumanity as the Zalimaan have subjected the Muslims in Pakistan ? WHO?

In this time of sorrow and reflection and anger we must root these out these animals and their thought and those that propund it.

Whether it is the Zalimaan against Muslims or the Zalimaan against the Christians, Hindus, Parsees and others,  are all evil and must be eliminated mercilessly.

Also here also is the Quaid’s speech of 1947 in which he clearly said.

{Start of Quote}
You are free; you are free to go to your temples, you are free to go to your mosques or to any other place or worship in this State of Pakistan. You may belong to any religion or caste or creed that has nothing to do with the business of the State of Pakistan.
{End of Quote}

Pakistan is a Muslim majority country in a Global World. We owe it to our brothers and sisters of other faiths the same rights and privileges and the same safety and security for as Muslims crave for themselves. And as laid out by Allah in the Holy Book and by Our Holy Prophet MAY PEACE BE UPON HIM.

We cannot let bigoted, uneducated, illiterate, intolerant, irrational, self styled leaders of faith take over our destiny.

They must be eliminated or put in their place.

We cannot allow these animals in the garb of leaders of faith  issue Friday Sermons in mosques praising the Zalimaan and calling other sects Kafirs and belittling the efforts of the Pakistan Army. This Must stop.

And the first step should be against Abdul Aziz of the Lal Masjid and other mainstream mosques in Peshawar, Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Lahore, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Multan, Gujranwala, Gujrat, Karachi, Quetta.  We all know these mosques.

We are fighting a battle for the very survival of Pakistan. For a country we love despite its shortcomings and we must set it right, before its too late. Before they strike back.

It calls for draconian measures, for very tough measures,  for serious and genuine measures.

We have had enough hypocrisy and double speak and hunting with the hares and running with the hounds.

Nawaz Sharif must deliver. We need actions not words. We need a clear call to name our enemies. We need no longer be apologetic. We must learn from the past and fix the future.

We must. We must. We must.

And yes there are dangers that such draconian measures may impact some innocent people as well. Sadly.

And yet we hope, that when our fields sway in the gentle breeze of peace and tolerance.

When all of us, young and old, of any faith, caste and creed and sect, and belief, will treat others as our Prophet PBUH had instructed.

When we will not kill and maim and loot in the name of Religion will we look back at this tragic day as the WATERSHED event which changed Pakistan. 

2 Replies to “What Now and Next after the Peshawar Tragedy?”

  1. This puts a huge responsibility on the Army Chief and he MUST DELIVER. He must tell "his boys" that the party started by Gen Zia ul Haq in 1977 is finally over and dead and buried.
    Yes, the seeds were sown during Zia regime in 1977. The fruits are now sprouting which Pakistan feel unbearable. Instead of denying, Accepting Pakistan's role in supporting Taliban and terrorism would be the first step in right direction. RIP all children massacred by Taliban.

  2. Your name for these beasts, Zaaliman must replace their present name. It must be put out and that's what they must be called as of now. Let's hope the piers that be, ( all cowards, the lot) do something since its beginning to come close to home. The pet snake is beginning to bite.

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