What of a government that cannot try and hang Mumtaz Qadri in an open and shut case.

What of a Government that cannot try and punish Abdul Aziz not just for his current madness and brazen support of DAESH and open challenge and dare to the Government but also for the deaths of 14 brave army officers and soldiers who died in the Lal Masjid operation and for staging a mutiny against the state.

What of a Government that cannot arrest, try and punish Malik Ishaq for his own arrogant claim of having “personally killed over 100 Shias”.

What of a government which kills people in cold blood in Model Town and the Chief Minister of that province pleads innocence.

What of a government that fumbles like a pack of incompetent circus clowns landing on its backsides in all areas of governance.

What of a government that cannot manage its fuel supply chain which even a fresh business graduate can do better.

What of a government that cannot show anything and I mean anything for its nearly two years in power.

What of a Government that has as its priorities not fighting terrorism, fixing law and order, improving health care and education but an obscene Metro Bus Scheme and that too in the wrong city.

What of a GOVERNMENT where the PM is clueless about everything, has the temerity to appoint his daughter as the head of a crucial government scheme and finds nothing wrong in it.

What of a government where his brother and all his merry men and women are making obscene amounts of money in lucrative schemes.

What of a government where the Finance Minister has the unenviable reputation of a smooth talking slick con man famous for fudging figures and money laundering and building a real estate empire in Dubai.

What of a government where the interior minister is as clueless about handling terrorism as his naib qasid.

What of a government where the Minister of power is booed in his own constituency.

What of a government where the Minister responsible for the fuel crisis shamelessly says in public that he isn’t responsible for the crisis.

What of a government where the PM’s media Adviser is a TTP apologist.

What of a government where even its electoral mandate is highly suspect and likely stolen.

Why then this government. Why? Why? Why?

The time for getting rid of this set up has come.

No not the army but an an interim handpicked civilian set up of honest competent administrators some how through the Supreme Court declaring a state of emergency.

This fresh set up must be handpicked well and must immediately set itself the task of  electoral and governance reform.

Also hold local bodies elections so grass roots civilian political order is maintained.

Governance structures means Constitutional changes to create more administrative provinces, a Presidential system, majorality election victory and not first past the post system. Cabinet positions to be filled by technocrats and not necessarily legislators.

Most importantly All legislators,  public servants and administrative leaders both civilian and military, to only use Government educational institutions,  health care facilities and public transport for self and family.

And hold elections in 2018.

And let the stern eye of Raheel Sharif keep them in check.

Very sad for me to say this having left the uniform as a protest against Zia’s Martial Law.

One thought on “What of a Government of incompetent circus clowns….”

  1. Haider Bhaie, Very well written … capturing the personal and professional life.

    I learnt so much by reading it and feel kind of a sad and agitated that why I didn't know more about him while he was amongst us. The discussion could have been more meaningful / insightful. I felt the same way after the sad demise of Shaukat Bhaie.

    I have fond memories of Agha, he used to visit Nana Abba regularly in Mughalpura and then we used to visit him at Perry's house in Gulberg. He was my mentor during my childhood to teen age journey. His advice stuck with me, it was practical and any shining edge in my personality is courtesy of that advise.

    Agha left an impact on whosoever he met, there was no escaping from his charisma and charm. His genuineness was so real that he oozed trust.

    God Bless his soul,

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