Why Muslim Youth in Europe are joining DAESH/ISIS

The European Jihadis joining ISIS are no different from the radical youth of the post war generation becoming communists. ..people unhappy with their identity both personal and public…people searching for that Holy Grail of “belongingness” which today the Muslim youth find neither at home nor outside…parents who don’t understand and barely able to communicate an external environment where they feel ostracized or out of place

Angry and aggressive and as somebody said …”with too much testosterone and too little brains”…this group is thus ripe to be radicalized…..

…earlier through violent extremist exclusivist Saudi funded Wahabi / Salafi controlled mosques and now by the allure and glamour of guns and combat…and a feeling of belonging ness.

So till Europe and North America doesn’t wrench the Muslim  mosques out of the hands of the Wahabis and Salafis..this factory will continue to produce the fodder for DAESH.

..the real snake head dear North Americans and European leaders is NOT IRAN….but slightly more West of it…and in the Region..

….so while this wonderful House of Saud lead you guys a wonderful merry go round and the fear of a radicalised nuclear Iran…they were nurturung the real snakes and poison in your own hearth and homes and backyards…

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