Pakistan’s Dukaandars, Thekadaars, Munshi and members of the Oldest Profession

Under the spineless leadership of Dukaandar Nawaz Sharif its been decided to take no action on three important and critical aspects of its Counter Terrorism NAP (National Action Plan).

1. No Action against banned and proscribed outfits.

2. No Registration of Madrassas and Seminaries.

3. No repatriation of Afghan Refugees.

Hence Abdul Aziz of the infamous Red Mosque spits in everyone’s face and publicly supports Daesh / ISIS.

ASWJ, a banned militant outfit gets police protection and is openly allowed to shout their invective and kill fellow Muslims.

So Dukaandar Nawaz Sharif and Thekadar Shahbaz Sharif and Munshi Ishaq Dar and their families are safe.

The label for Mr. A to Z is too inappropriate and embarrassing. Sufficeth that everything is for sale including self respect and character as is the won’t in the world’s oldest profession.  And this is our nation’s definition and description of Mr A to Z as one of Pakistan’s most “brilliant politician”.  Go Figure!!

If this isn’t enough reason to get rid of these vermin I don’t know what will shake and wake this nation of ours.

Unfortunately the fault lies in our meekness and cowardice.

Not more than 30 brave souls stood alongside the courageous Mohammad Jibran Nasir when he lead the protest against Abdul Aziz of Red Mosque. ..similarly when he rallied people against ASWJ.

We are cowards… spineless… gutless… and we deserve these Dukaandars,  Thekadaars,  Munshis and members of the oldest profession in the world masquerading as “Brilliant politicians” 

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