UAE’s Threat to Pakistan. An intemperate outburst unbecoming of a Friend

Dr. Gargash’s statement clearly shows the UAE and the GCC and Saudi Arabia are very angry. It appears that Saudi Arabia’s  chosen the good cop bad cop routine, with UAE being the bad cop.

Pakistan and UAE have had a close mutually beneficial relatioship since the country  became independant. Shaikh Zayed the founder and first Ruler considered Pakistan his second home. He was very liberal in helping Pakistan in times of economic hardship.

In return Pakistani engineers helped set up Etisalat and the power utilities. Pakistani military trained the UAE military.  Pakistani pilots trained UAE pilots. PIA  helped establish Emirates airlines.  Pakistani skilled and unskilled workers helped the Emirate establish and run its Banking,  Health care, Construction, educational and other sectors.

Millions of Pakistan have benefited tremendously, especially economically, from the economic opportunities in the UAE.

Internationally the relationship between the UAE situation was different. The UAE never came out in clear terms on Pakistan’s war against the TTP and Al Qaeda.

Unconfirmed reports base this on a commercial arrangement with these terrorist groups to not do anything in the UAE.

In return the UAE would not publicly say anything against them and will give them “protection” money.

The fact is that while the whole region was, and is in flames, nary a firecracker in the UAE.

But perhaps many don’t know about UAE’s “Neutral” stance on Kashmir.

UAE considered this an “internal issue” between Pakistan and India and has never supported Pakistan’s position.

In a nutshell, both countries helped each other economically  but with different positions in International relations, where each party had to take a partisan position.

To threaten Pakistan with consequences is certainly not what the doctor ordered. But an inappropriate, ill thought, outburst.

Coming down on Pakistan’s expatriate population in retaliation will also be able an intemperate and ill considered action with serious ramifications for the relationship and UAE’S future geo political landscape.

Dr. Gargash spoke in anger. His threat was certainly not the hallmark of a top diplomat of a friendly country.

Pakistan has its own internal demons to fight.

Friends should understand this and the fact that a strong united Pakistan is far better for the UAE then a fractured weak Pakistan.

Supporting an ill advised, poorly thought through military adventure in Yemen would have torn Pakistan from inside. And that would have been very serious not just for the UAE but the entire Region.

Ch. Nisar has done well to respond respectfully but firmly.

Only time will tell whether it’s ..”you’ve taken my lollipop”…. reaction which will continue, or saner heads in the UAE and more importantly Saudi Arabia, will prevail.

A link to the UAE position on Kashmir.

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