All Terrorism leads to the Al Saud

The request for Pakistani support to invade Yemen and now the threats from “friendly Muslim Brotherly Countries” UAE and KUWAIT.

The sound bites and rationale been publicly stated about invading Yemen, sound eerily similar to the reasons put forward by Bush and Blair to invade Afghanistan and then Iraq !!!

They opened the route for a more powerful country to attack another simply on the basis of aprojected future possible danger from them. Pre emptive Defensive Aggression.  USA invades Afghanistan. USA invades Iraq, twice. Israel attacks the Arabs in 1967, Lebanon decades later and continues to occupy and increase its physical space. And now Saudi launches an air invasion on a terribly weak and poor “Brotherly Muslim Country”. Yemen. 
Ee did right by refusing NOT to get involved in YEMEN or in Saudi Arabia. The bogey being raised to defend the “Khana Kaaba” is just that, a bogey.

 The House of Saud, the Holy Sites and Nejd and Hejaz are very different entities. 

Mecca and Medina have survived, the First Saudi State, when all Holy Sites in Kufa and Karbala were destroyed by Abdul Aziz and his Wahabi, Ikhwan. 

This included the near destruction of the Prophet’s mosque, before these mad monsters were stopped. If the Khan e Kaaba can survive the Qaramthis who took Haj e Aswad away for decades only to return and throw it back.  If these sites can survive the debauchery of the Ottomans, the Egyptians and the Al Saud. Then they can survive.  
So really it’s  not  about the Holy Sites but the survival of the House of Saud and its atempt at Regional bad ass hegemony.  
This comedy is really tragic.  Here is a hugely powerful country, Saudi Arabia, the largest arms buyer in the world unleashing the might of its air force on a poor rag tag bunch of near starving Houthies and then DEMAND Pakistan to come to their DEFENCE ?? 
Are these guys for real?.

Here are some of the “Battle Honors” of the House of Saud.

1. Iraq – Iran War 1980 to 1989. 1 million military and civilian casualties. 3 Million maimed and injured for life. Major instigator and financial Backer of Iraq = Saudi Arabia = 30.6 Billion US Dollars.
2. 1975 – to date. 120 Billion dollars OFFICIALLY spent by Saudi Arabia to propagate its Wahabi / Salafi brand of militant and Jihadist Islam across the globe. Chief “beneficaries” of this “largesse” Pakistan, Afghanistan, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Phillipines, North America and Europe. 70% North American and European Mosques are Wahabi controlled and Saudi Funded. Guess where the ISIS European recruits come from !!
3. 1980 to 1989 – Afghanistan. War against the USSR, Chief financial backer = Saudi Arabia = plus 25,000 Saudi Jihadists came to fight in Afghanistan and look what havoc they are wreaking til date.
4. 1989 to 1993- War against Communist Regime in Afghanistan = Chief Financier = Saudi Arabia.
5. 1993 – 1996 – Civil War between Mujaheddin groups in Afghanistan. Chief sponsors Saudi Arabia and Iran.
6. 9/11. Attack ( conventional wisdom) 15 out of 19 Hijackers were Saudis.
7. Pakistan’s Terrorism menace and TTP. Arguably but conventionally accepted as correct, that majority of the foreign funding comes from private individuals and organisations from…guess again. 100 to 300 million sourced back to Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar and Kuwait.
8. The “Invasion” of Bahrain to save a a despotic King with a 20% majority ruling over an 80% minority .
9. Syrian Civil War – 2011 to date – 250,000 Casualties. Main Financier of the Syrian Rebels – Saudi Arabia. A genocidal attempt to break the so called “Shia Crescent” linking Iran, Iraq, Syria and Lebanon.
10. Chief Financier of ISIS / DAESH ( (now out of control) to defeat Assad = Saudi Arabia
11. Aggression and Invasion of Yemen, a fellow, brotherly, Muslim country = Saudi Arabia.

We cannot put boots on the ground and for what? To defend this terrible House of Saud against a rag tag army of Houthis or to defend them against their own people?. Who will attack them and why?. The Houthis? And if they can’t fight the Houthis should we? 

Against their own version of DAESH?  Do we want to get involved in a civil war?Against Iran? Can one seriously contemplate an Iranian attack on Saudi Arabia?

Then defend them against whom and what?  Against their nearly century old export of Wahabi terrorism and militancy across the Islamic world?  Against their own terrible chickens which have come home to roost?

Pakistanis will suffer, of course as a consequence for showing some spine and using SPIAGRA, a formulation know to put some stiffness in the spines of hitherto nations with no self respect.  Our people living and working in the Gulf may not have it so good as we did.  Unfortunate but true.  But, perhaps now is the time, we stood up for ourselves, broke the begging bowl, cut the golden handcuffs of financial slavery which ties us to our so called “Brotherly Muslim Countries” and carve our own destiny. Painful but necessary and about time.

The FUTURE if this madness is not stopped.  And the dangerous rhetoric adopted by the Jammat Al Dawah and other ultra orthodiox wahabi friendly political parties such as the Alhle Sunnat Wal Jammat, the reconstituted Sipah e Sahaba and the Jamaat Ahle Hadith, the Wahabi / Hanblai / Salafi political party in Pakistan that the Two Holy Shrines are in danger of being attacked……

1. Shia – Sunni Regional war  to further spread in other countries Cause = Saudi Arabia.
2. Shia – Sunni Civil war in Pakistan = Cause = Saudi Arabia.
And we will rue the day we supported them in Yemen, for it will  put tremendous pressures on our unity and widen the existing fissures and with serious impact on a United Pakistan. Guaranteed

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