The Burning of the Ahmediyya Muslim’s Factory in Pakistan

This demonic act of burning a factory owned by an Ahmediyya Muslim in Jehlum, Pakistan has its roots in Wahabiism and its associated thought propagated by the Al Saud since 1975 and fuelled by its oil wealth.

Many discount my perspective and attribute my repeated reference to the Al Saud being the root and main cause behind militancy and terrorism by so called Islamist groups, to my sect. I do not belong to any sect. In my view, any sect, Shia or Sunni, are as misguided as any other if they preach the mantra of my way or the highway. Any country be it Saudi Arabia or Iran, if it propagates terror and violence and extremism is to be held responsible. I have to date not found hard and substantial evidence against Iran but overwhelmingly against Saudi Arabia.

I’m sure Iran has its bag full of dirty tricks Brigades doing unsavory stuff across borders as does everybody from the USA to Zimbabwe and everybody in between. But never has Iran propagated a thought or an idea which preaches violence, hatred or the killing of innocents, Muslims or Non Muslims. While political rhetoric and chants of “Death to America” make for great 6 o clock news headlines, not a single act of terror in the West has been linked to Iran. Not one. But the Wahabis of Al Saud have, morphing into Al Qaeda, the Tehrik e Taliban in Pakistan, Boko Haram in Nigeria and now DAESH open for the entire world to see in full vivid colour

For instance. The Al Saud have spent 110 Billion dollars since 1975 in propagating the Wahabi brand. This resulted in the birth of Al Qaeda, TTP, Boko Haram and other groups, and now the Mother of all Monsters,  Daesh.

Unfortunately Pakistan was one of the biggest recepients of Saudi religious based funding for two reasons. The Afghan resistance against the Soviets and the desire to curb Iranian influence as the Saudi Iranian proxy wars heightened in 1980 after the Iranian Revolution.  

At that time, in 1979,  incredibly infortunately, Pakistan had that terrible evil incarnate, Zia ul Haque, as the President.  This was the year the world really changed. The Russians invaded Afghanistan and set a chain of events which transformed Pakistani Muslims from benign inclusive beings to radicalized monsters.  The takeover of Mecca which sent shivers down the spines of the Al Saud fearing an Iranian type revolution in Saudi Arabia, which may overthrow them. The Iranian Islamic Revolution, which unleashed Saudi fears of a revolution in their own country hence the need to destroy it, unleashing a vicious proxy war in the Region. Its biggest manifestation was the Iran Iraq war from 1980 to 1989. The last financed by the Al Saud to the tune of 37 billion dollars courtesy Saddam Hussain. Reason. Saddam said the Shattal Arab waterway belonged to Iraq and attacked Iran hoping to destroy the fledgling Iranian regime. Result. 2 million dead.

The Al Saud have destroyed world peace in fuelling an interpretation of Islamic thought which is neither Islamic nor Spiritual.  This thought has indoctrinated Muslim youth across the globe. It is a Genie, out of control. And the Al Saud continue on, funding and financing DAESH to dislodge Bashar.

And the West, sometimes pathetic onlookers and sometimes active participants, are in a Satanic pact with them, fuelled by incessant greed and financial gain.

So in my view: No one. No one. No one. Has the right to call or declare any other person or group a non Muslim. No individual.  No group. No government. No parliament. No country.

When the Ahmadiyya Muslims were declared Non Muslims by Bhutto (what a horrible error by this so called “people’s leader) the floodgates were opened.

It will take decades, maybe a century, to undo and unravel this terrible act and what it has unleashed.

Maajid Nawaz’s book ” Radical” brings it all home. How in the name of Religion and Islamism, one despotic governance  is replaced by another.

The answer lies in eventually evolving to a level where we can engage kindly and gently with others, especially those with contrarian views, especially religious ones. It is then that we will find peace.

But not till the financial pipeline ( to begin with) of people, groups, rulers, like the Al Saud and those monarchies with similar intent, is choked will we see the beginning of the end.  For this money fuels these terrible ideas and thoughts and till the money flows, very difficult to eliminate.

The recent meeting of the Milli Yekchahthi Council in Pakistan denouncing “liberalism” is a very serious situation. Whilst these people can believe what they believe, they do not have the right to define what others think, believe and act.

I’m so so sorry and ashamed that this happened in my Country.

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