Daesh oil bought by Israel….?? How it all adds up.

Israel is the Main Purchaser of ISIS Oil.

I’ve been researching this for some time and from my perspective perfectly fits all aspects of the great game. A recent article on the subject prompted these thoughts http://www.globes.co.il/en/article.aspx?did=1001084873&from=iglobes

Consider the following. Turkey, Qatar, Egypt, Jordan recognize Israel. UAE just announced the opening of a permanent Israeli representative office. Saudi Arabia has an unwritten agreement allowing Israeli fighter jets to fly over Saudi air space to attack Iranian nuclear. This alliance didn’t materialize because of the USA Iran nuclear rapprochement. So all partners are in full alliance for a common interest to bring down Assad because of his support from and to Iran, ultimately to weaken Iran.

It’s just pure simple regional geo politics and driven by different reasons.  Survival for the Arab monarchies especially Saudi Arabia, perhaps the first domino to fall, Israel’s permanent existential threat and everythinh it can do to survive. Finally Turkey’s desire to eliminate or minimize the Kurd threat, assert it’s Regional leadership and contain growing Russian influence detrimental to their interests.

They all think or certainly thought that Iran poses a much bigger threat to them than DAESH so anything which weakens Iran is in their interest. Enemy of my enemy is my friend is an age old truism. Hence Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and most of the Gulf States except Oman support all these forces that are anti Assad and hence anti Iran. This includes supporting DAESH, Jabhat Al Nusra and all other terror groups.

And then of course pure business economics for Israel. Why pay 40$ when you can get the same stuff for 18$. And the money goes back to strengthen the same people who can bring Assad down.

There have been times in 2014, very strangely and bizarrely of Assad troops supporting DAESH fighters when DAESH was fighting against Jabhat Al. NUSRA the Al Qaeda affiliate in the area hoping to weaken both in their fight against each other.

The only thing which is quite clear in this murky madness is the silent alliance between Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the other Gulf States, except Oman,  to take down Assad, weaken Iraq, create a huge sectarian fireball and ultimately weaken Iran and remove it as a threat.

Clearly for Israel and Saudi Arabia, the biggest threat they perceive comes from Iran and not DAESH.

So if  I were an Israeli or Saudi government strategist, advising policy makers how to take advantage of this situation, one action would be to support anti Assad and anti Iran forces including DAESH.

So that’s my perspective and clearly a very complex issue beyond simplistic binaries of West vs Islam etc.

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