On the Motorway incident – SSG officers and Motorway police.

 Folks, two army officers embroiled themselves in an avoidable and embarrassing and ugly, situation.

This is typical of most engagements in Pakistan, involving civilians or military petsonnel, when questioned by law enforcement agencies, especially the police.

And especially again, if it involves egos and power play, further compounded if one is young, hot headed and arrogant.

And if one is an army officer and SSG, highly trained for combat, then it gets really complicated.

Everyday we see defiance of authority and law, by anyone who can.

Sons of politicians getting away with daylight murder.

A PM who robs the country in broad daylight has his and his children’s guilt emblazoned in Panama headlines across the globe, yet flouts any and every law with impunity without any remorse OR shame.

A Chief Minister, who orders the cold blooded killing of 14 innocent people, is still in power, merrily squandering tax payers money on his “building trains in the air” spending spree!

A Finance Minister who launders money, cooks the national books, in total disregard of any law and or fear of being caught. And smiles as he does it!

An energy minister who commits the scam of the century in the recent LNG contract with Qatar, and then looks you straight in the eye, denying any wrong doing.

The son of a former Chief Justice of the Nation’s highest court party’s in the world’s hot spots, paid for by near crooked mobsters and fixers, so he could “fix” things. Makes obscene money and no one can put the manacles on him.

Flouting law and getting away has become a national norm. Especially if you’re powerful and rich. And the more powerful, the bigger the defiance of authority and law.

I don’t see this incident as a black mark on the army as an institution, but a symptom of a sick value now deeply embedded in our national psyche of flouting authority.

If these two officers transgressed then they  should be taken to task as should anybody in Pakistan who flouts the law. And more importantly for the sake of the institution whose reputation they’ve besmirched.

That’s why, as young officers we were strictly ordered to avoid any public situation which could cast a shadow on the institution.

I dont think this is about defending the Army or the Motorway police.

It’s about two stupid, arrogant, hot headed idiots in an encounter with another bunch of likely stupid, hot headed, arrogant idiots.

However my conspiracy theory itch bone says, that the Noony dirty tricks brigade had something to do with the way this whole incident went viral.

My hunch is that getting wind of it, the Noonie Loonies were quick to use the opportunity to embarrass the Army, had an FIR registered post haste by someone who was not even involved AFTER the matter had been amicably resolved.

And my hyperventilating conspiracy theory now hazards that before one could say “Nawaz Sharir” these Noony Social Loonies, under the command of the very elegant ” First Daughter”, went into full action mode, using Social Media to full effect.  Hmmmmm!

And then perhaps things just went viral because of the characters and institution involved!

We may never know!

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