A high level road map for Pakistan.

Martial Law is not the answer but we do need a system which can put shackles on the corrupt and provide good governance.

We can’t hyperventilate ourselves blue in the face by justifying the massive corruption of Nawaz Sharir and his cohorts by criticising past Military interventions and giving a fellow Lahori a free pass as one dear friend advocates.

Here is what we need. No not Martial Law but a constitutional, judicial driven action supported by resignation of PTI PPP and perhaps MQM legislators,  leading to the dissolution of the present rotten stinking administration.

Several things essential before next elections. Otherwise we will have the same recycled crap back in power.

1.  Local government made immediately effective so that the public is not deprived of  administrative access to government.

2. Immediate appointment of capable people in public sector enterprises. PIA is already done with a very competent CEO and COO. This will start paying dividends in months.

3. Technocrats in key policy making roles at federal and provincial levels so they can commence the task of first stemming and then fixing the rot.

Medium term. Major reforms.

4. Administrative (more provinces, census).

5. Economic (tax base).

6. Governance (Presidential system and technocrats in policy making cabinet roles and administrative and financially empowered local government. 4 year terms for President and legislatures).

7. Electoral (50% on proportional representation and other 50% directly elected with majorality win and not first past the post).

Long term.  Complete revamp and reform of following sectors

8. Education. Technology driven. Universal.

9. Healthcare. Universal. Insurance.

10. Judiciary. Attorney General, Election commission,  Head of NAB and Federal Ombudsperson appointed by Supreme Court. Related Provincial by Provincial High Courts.

11. Law enforcement. New police force. Independant. Prosecution. Criminal. Investigative arms

12. Legislatures. Only legislate. No development funds. Not necessary to be an elected legislature to become a cabinet minister.

Then elections. Presidential. Direct. Legislature.  Part proportional rep. Part direct.

Time frame from initiation of change to elections. 3 to 5 years.

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