Hussain Haqqani – Traitor or Nationalist?

My considered view is that HH was turned by the Indians in the early 80’s, when he was in Hong Kong as a rabid Islamist, writing for the now defunct, Far Eastern Economic Review.

There. So much for the mystery of the blog title.

And this is where his journey started, to embed himself as an Indian mole, in Pakistan’s governance structures.

And because of his radical Islamist views, he also caught Gen. Zia’s fancy, the then Pakistani military dictator, who himself was a dyed in the wool, radical fundamentalist.

I don’t have any evidence to substantiate my hypothesis, except Haqqani’s subsequent actions, behaviors and career moves.

Incredibly, he’s changed more political ideologies than a kid’s diapers, to suit his masters, both Indian and Pakistani, and the needs of the times.

From a rabid Islamist Taliban like activist, to a right wing democrat, to a supporter of military intervention, to left wing secularist, he’s been to pretty much every base!

Working for the enemy is not uncommon. Personal and political biases, political philosophy, ego, greed, power, privilege, position, money, anger, bitterness, all contribute in creating a Kim Philby, the British MI6 mole embedded by the Russians, or a Gunter Guillaume, the East German spy, working as West German Chancellor Willy Brandt’s assistant, or our very own Hussain Haqqani.

Here’s why I think HH is or was an Indian mole.

1. He has known anti Pakistan views which he has held for a long time. Believes that partition was a very bad idea, and also holds very uncharitable views about the Quaid.

2. He managed to wrangle himself into both the PMLN and PPP governments.  And willing to work in any role which gave him access and proximity, to power centers.

He was Ambassador to Sri Lanka under Nawaz. Secretary Information under BB. Then, Chairman, House Building Finance Corporation (imagine HBFC) again under her.

He desperately tried to join Gen. Musharraf’s government. Offered his unconditional services to do “anything”. Wanted to become Musharraf’s media advisor.  I know this from several horses.

And remember, this offer to Gen. Musharraf, from a man,  who now presents himself to the world as the great upholder of democracy in Pakistan and virulently against military intervention.

Finally, he becomes the Pakistani Ambassador to the USA, under Asif Zardari, where he probably caused the most damage.

If his Memogate ploy had been successful, he was well on his way to National Security advisor with the ISI under him. God knows what the Army would have done to him. But that’s another story. And then it was a short walk to either Interior or Defence Minister, and finally the ultimate prize. PM of Pakistan.

An Indian mole as a Pakistani PM!

He is unbelievably brilliant and masterfully cunning. Smooth as a snake and vicious as a viper. Can mesmerize anyone with his Lukhnawi charm, destroy you with his devastating intellect and make Lucifer look like Gabriel, especially in his writings.

Now that he stands exposed, at least to most Pakistanis, he now presents himself to the West, as their poster boy of democracy and anti militarism.

He has perhaps been one of the biggest factors in arming the anti Pakistan and pro Indian lobbies in the US, with information and evidence acquired through the very sensitive positions he occupied in the “service” of  Pakistan.

He now works for the Hudson Institute, in Washington D.C. a known pro Israeli and pro Indian think tank, and makes himself relevant by espousing anti Pakistan narratives, cunningly presented as liberal and anti militarism views.

They liberally fund his research and his books and writings. In addition, he is actively supported and indirectly funded by staunchly anti-Pakistani and pro-Indian lobbies in the USA. And he gets himself invited or is invited to major anti Pakistan forums such as the one pictured below.

I have absolutely no doubt that HH was an Indian mole. But thank God, not anymore, as his cover is now blown.

Eventually like all moles, he will “die”, as the information he sells, becomes dated.

Till then he is an extremely dangerous man. Much like a scorned spouse!.

Angry. Bitter. Totally destructive.

Should never be allowed anywhere near any Pakistani role. EVER!

And the one reason he still hasn’t taken a USA passport and or given up his Pakistani passport is because he hopes, one day, to come back to some position of power and authority in Pakistan.

But he should never be allowed back. And he must face trial for treason for Memogate! 

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