Another election under the same system?

For those advocating another election under this terrible, horrible, disreputable explotative system of loot, plunder, pillage and corruption currently in Pakistan.

Nothing is more unconstitutional than the “Constitutional”  rape, loot, plunder and corruption by Nawaz Sharir and his cronies and toadies.  Many masquerading as supporters of “democratic” values but really trying to promote this terrible and useless system to keep them in power. They must be eliminated and rooted out mercilessly.  If not this society will fall into anarchy.

My thoughts go back to the Supreme Court.

Recently they passed a landmark judgement on the rules of governance and limiting and defining how the PM exercised his authority. And if they can take up Panama and Model Town a significant headway can be made.

5 possible options on the table.

1. Judicial driven accountability. Most desired.

2. Street agitation to bring about resignation. Unforseen consequences.

3. A latent Kakar type effort. Unlikely to succeed given the muleheadedness of NS.

4. Resignation by PTI, PPP and MQM legislators and dissolution of two provincial legislatures . Iffy because of PPP and MQM support for such a cause.

5. An overt takeover. Least desired but unfortunately the most effective in the short term to get rid of NS. Fraught with great and negative portents.

But once the current administrative structure gives way to a caretaker government than further judicial activism through constitutional petitions on areas such as Census. Electoral process, independence of election Commission NAB etc, can be initiated for more much needed electoral and government reforms.

Pakistan Zindabad,  sans this terrible, horrible, exploitative system of loot, plunder, pillage and corruption embodied by Nawaz Sharir and his toadies and flunkies!

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