Victims of our DNA and our Environment

On the favorite pastime of many Muslims and people of other faiths, who judge and label others of different beliefs.

Any belief and faith is the product of our environments and influences.

As we understand more and more the power of the mind, and how, over the years, it is influenced and then develops the billions of neural highways of habits and choices and beliefs, we understand more and more how we are “victims” both of our DNA, which some call the “accident” of birth and the environment which influences us from birth.

The age old “nature and nurture” debate.

In simple words, all of us (mostly) frame and see the world based on our filters and the influences of our environment. Family. Social. Cultural. Workplace. Religion. Sect. Economic etc.

So for example, those in the Muslim world, labeling the Ahmadiyya Muslims as Kafirs, do so because that’s all they know.

Likewise, many enlightened amongst us, have strong views about Jews and Hindus, or Shias, Sunnis, Wahabis, etc because that’s all we know.

If by sheer accident of birth we were born into a Hindu Brahman family, or a devout Jewish family, or a rabidly Zionist one, our world view would have been different. Or even a different muslim sect preaching the insanity of a DAESH type faith, we would have been happily butchering and slaughtering people.

So, in a nutshell, we are all caught in this terrible iron cocoon.

And some of us do break free of these chains and shackles, keep an open mind, and are willing to accept contrarian thoughts and values and consequently replace our filters through which we see the world.

So that’s why I don’t get all hyperventilated because someone calls somebody anything.

Hence I consider labelling and judging people, totally wrong, irrespective of how strongly I believe in the absolute correctness and rightness of one’s own “world view”.

Because I also now understand that the other party or person also believes in the absolute rightness of their construct, as I do to mine.

Because that’s all we and they know!

So despite my anger and frustration at things which appear to me completely irrational, barbaric and cruel, these very identical things, seem totally rational, correct and completely acceptable to “them”.

In the Muslim world, especially in Pakistan, for a “change” to happen requires the very hard and tough herculean task of undoing the nearly 5 decades of brainwashing madness, funded by petrodollars from  the Gulf.

And also because it is a 1400 years old schism, deeply rooted and seared into the hearts and minds of Muslims,  unfortunately we may never overcome this terrible divide.

But perhaps, over time, with  better education, social evolution and awareness, better economic conditions, will people become more open and understanding of contrarian views and address differences with dialogue and not the dagger.

It’s a hard reality to stomach, understand and accept!

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