The Supreme Court Bench that ran away!

The Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

For this dishonourable bench to hide behind a Winter vacation Calender, is as disgraceful, as shameful and as flimsy as Nawaz hiding behind the Qatari Prince’s letter.

No shame. No respect.  No pain for the country. No professionalism and above all no ethics, morality and sense of justice.

Everything that this infamous Supreme Court and especially this infamous bench or rather gang of 5 did, is highly questionable.

First lying low, and like Nero and Caligula, power intoxicated and merry making, from April to October, while Pakistan burned.

Then deciding to take on the case and setting the Nov 1st date, for the first hearing, one day before Imran threatens Armageddon.

It stinks.  It stinks all across the Margallas

These actions are an absolute disgrace to their institution and to each individual who was and is part of this infamous bench.

Why on earth would you take on a case, set high expectations and then slink away like rats under the pretense of “winter holidays” ?

Under what compulsions did all 5 of you so called lordships wake up from your damn power induced intoxicated stupour of 7 months in the first place?

And under what blighted wisdom, you Mr. CJ, took the amazingly stupid decision to

make yourself a member of this all  important most critical Bench, when, given past experience, you and all others knew that the case would not and could not be heard during your tenure?

And then what prompted all you so called lordships to jump ship and throw this bag of crap to another bench?

The entire lawyer community should hang it’s head in shame.

If I may say, it seems that all you 5 SC judges, especially your Mr. CJ, basically covered you backsides, and some of your desperately hoping for some crumbs to come your way, post retirement .

It was clear that your entire disgraceful bench had already made up its mind to dump the case when you “asked” both parties about forming a Commission.

Is that how the Supreme Court of our land works?

How many money launderer’s, crooks, criminals have been offered” Commissions” by these people who now disgrace the sacred role of Supreme Court Justice?

How many commissions, you dishonourable lordships, how many?

You’re a disgrace to these sacred seats you occupy, my dear dishonourable lordships or whatever you are called.

A disgrace!

You even indirectly urged Imran’s  lawyers to opt for a commission, subtly implying that his case was weak.

You also knew Nawaz would accept the commission, and thus so these 5 stooges could rid themselves of having to decide the case.

Imran didn’t take the bait so they were only left with an option that a lowly clerk and  “babu” is left with.

Sir may nay chuthee jaana hay. Mayree bhain ki shaadee hay!

Some stupid rules and procedures of winter vacations.

What utter nonsense!

As one very close and much respected friend told me a short while ago about the absolutely hopelessness of our State institutions.

How Imran Khan and others desperately knocked at every state institution’s door. Election Commission. NAB. FBR. FIA, State Bank and finally the Supreme Court for accountability and justice.  And how each failed to live up to their mandates and roles.

The people of Pakistan have been left with no choice but to go to the streets and ask for justice to free this wretched land from this unbridled, loot plunder and pillage.

And don’t be too surprised if they again look askance to the Men on Horseback.

So go ahead your dishonorable lordships. Go ahead and fiddle while Pakistan burns.

Pakistan will not forget, nor forgive you!

Shameful. Disgraceful.  Koee Sharam hothee hay Koee haya hothee hay.

And all you could come up with, was to  hide behind ypur damn winter vacation calender.

May you all 5, freeze in -40 degrees with wind chill wherever you go for that so important and critical vacation. Calgary is my advice!

Off with your  heads, I say! Metaphorically, of course!

And we’ve added another straw to the proverbial breaking of the Camel’s back.

Something has to give. Otherwise, given our fault lines, look forward to rivers of blood.

Imran Khan and all who love this country must come out and take back Pakistan!

Otherwise, not a revolution but anarchy!

3 Replies to “The Supreme Court Bench that ran away!”

  1. Very interesting reading. Very conveniently overlooked some important facets on a very correct assumption that your readers would not be aware. I don't want to discuss what you have written because it is all bullshit and you know it. Just tell your readers who is your pay master? It is now well established that some…..are being paid to systematically undermine the credibility of each and every institution in Pakistan. Going through Election Commission, NAB, FBR, FIA,the Parliament and the executive you have now dug your fangs into Judiciary like the rabid wild dogs and we can see some indicators of Army being the next target. To our bad luck we have a stupid power hungry lacky of yours to play for you. Go ahead but rest assured YOu WILL FAIl.

  2. Thank you Iqbal saheb. Clearly you didn't like my perspective. And I have no issues with that. Clearly you are angry with what I wrote so hence rather than attack the perspective you attacked me. Which is fine. But if you do have an alternate view, do share. And of course whatever I say about me, my credentials or my motivations will not effect you. So all I'll say is that those who know me, know why I write the way I do or have the views that I have. So perhaps over time if you get to understand me better you'll realize my only "paymaster" is my love for Pakistan. Thank you so much for your comments and observations. Salaams and prayers. Haider Mehdi

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