Comparing Gen. Musharraf and Nawaz Sharif

In response to criticism of my piece on the Supreme Court Bench that Ran Away
Haider Mehdi

I did get some brick bats on the Supreme Court article by the “Nawazo-Zardari version of democracy supporters” and asked why I have never offered  comments about Gen. Musharraf’s takeover but took the Supreme Court to task on their Panama disaster!.

Here’s my perspective.

I think Gen. Musharraf’s intervention while constitutionally wrong,  was morally right and in my opinion he should have finished of these rats who are now cutting our throats under the garb of “democracy”.

And remember when we close all avenues then we again ask for and or invite military intervention. So thats my take, in short.

Gen. Musharraf was not a crook and a criminal. Nawaz and Zardari are.

And  that’s the big difference.

You can technically call Gen. Musharraf a usurper but not in fact.

Nawaz and Zardari on the other hand are usurpers, criminals, corrupt in all ways we know, except, technically not found guilty, by the great judicial system of Pakistan.

And the Panama case has stripped even this system of all illusions and today, our highest court stands naked for all to see, warts and all.

So those who prefer the shadow to the substance, please do so. I don’t.

Democracy is only meaningful if its responsive to and answerable to the people.

Democracy doesn’t mean a bunch of brigands hijacking a flawed electoral system, and like Nawaz,  getting 17% of the registered vote or Zardari getting 13, and then ruling the country like dictators and foisting their children on us.

Who is Maryam Safdar? Who is Bilawal?

What right do they have over us? How dare they use their parent’s positions?

 And I say the same for Ejazul Haque and Humayun Akhter etc. But at least they came in after their fathers died.

Did we ever see Bilal Musharraf or his sister anywhere during GPM’S tenure. Never.

Please don’t let one’s hatred for Martial law colour and taint our objectivity.

Today we face the terrible spectre of total anarchy.  If Nawaz and what he and others like Asif Zardari and Fazlur Rehman and Asfandyar represent, continue in power, this country will drown in rivers of blood. And I say this not to scare but with full rationality.

This system is not democracy but an opium pill they use to perpetuate their stranglehold. To continue their loot an plunder. To enrich and entrench themselves. To use this country as their personal fiefdom.

Let’s get rid of this terrible system for another. A system which allows honest and competent political and public governance leadership to reach positions of power and policy and influence.

It is then that I will stand shoulder to shoulder with anyone and fight any usurper in uniform trying to take over.

Upon my honour!

So we have our views and others have theirs and both repeat the same arguments. So lets agree to disagree.

I won’t be convinced that Nawaz and Zardari are Saints and others will never accept that Musharraf was a far better person and administrator than Nawaz, albeit  flawed and made some serious mistakes.  NRO being one.

But not a crook or a criminal like Nawaz or Zardari.

And my final word.

I do not support martial law, but it will come if these jokers stay in power.

Of that I’m certain!

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