The Runaway Supreme Court Bench – A shorter version!

A short version about the Dishonourable Supreme Court bench  that ran away
By Haider Mehdi.

Several close friends asked me to write a shorter note on the Supreme Court Bench that ran away.

The longer and much angrier version is at The Supreme Court Bench that Ran away!

 Here it is to honour the request for a short version.

1. Why wasn’t the case taken earlier? Why 7 months. And of course those who can, will justify this 7 month long delay.

2. Why fix the first hearing date ONE day before Imran’s DHARNA?

3. Why go through the now clearly useless exercise of establishing a 5 member bench, which history will remember as the “Infamous Five” (with apologies to ENID BLYTON) ?

And then going through the farcical motions of hearing evidence, while all long, secretly knowing that they would never be able to fully adjudicate the case.

And why?

Just because of their incredibly important winter vacations in the spirit of Mohammed Shah Rangeela?

Or the even more sinister issue of the present CJ retirement ? This retirement issue is huge and merits a little more anger!

Why on earth did the CJ in his infinite stupidity or unholy wisdom, make himself part of this all important most critical Bench?

Why, when, given past experience, he and all his others fellow criminal in arms, knew that the case would not and could not be heard during his tenure?

This was either done by design or by default. In this case, clearly both!

Either the CJ and the other four are incredibly stupid, unable to wet the side of a barn, or blindingly brilliant!

So, given the benefit of hindsight, and the change from their early stated position to hear this case on a day to day basis to the then long breaks in between hearings and then the final judgement, one can only draw a conspiratorial conclusion.

And the final conclusion is that they are blindingly brilliant, and everything they did was merely  “Khana Puri”  to go through the motions.

In my considered opinion, It was a deliberate and well thought out plan to sabotage the case from the word go!

4. Why  pass the judgement which says that this will not constitute a “Part heard” case. This means the new bench will start hearing the case all over again.

5. Finally. If these jokers had been serious, and given shortage of time, and oh those so important winter vacations, and the imminent retirement of current CJ, who had these incredibly important tasks of attending farewell events, the very least they could have done was to set up the new bench NOW and issue a “Part heard” interim order.

This would have enabled the new bench to commence hearings from where the previous bench left off.

But no Sir! Lets begin afresh! Because its such a minor case of the Pakstani Prime Minister being tried for corruption, money laundering, ill gotten wealth, lying in Parliament, lying under oath!

Just everyday Pakistan!

But because these guys, and specifically the retiring CJ had some other objectives, with due apologies, I have to resort to a most crude phrase in Urdu, which best describes what the dishonourable bench did.

 “yay saary qaum ko Phuddo Bana gay”.

In english, roughly  ” these honourable Justices took the Pakistani Nation for Royal ride”

I’m sorry for this crude description above, but more sophisticated  words fail me in escribing what they did to the Pakistani nation.

Insaf ka Janaza Zara dhoom say niklay!

What a terrible, dark, flawed and controversial legacy CJ Jamali leaves behind.

For himself, his family and all those who had a very different and much higher opinion of him!

May your reputation never rest in peace CJ Jamali!

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