The Reason we don’t have a Mars program like India or something equally sexy

Some one asked me why India was able to develop a Mars program and we couldn’t.’s what I think….

THE REASON WE DON’T HAVE A MARS PROGRAM. ..or something equally sexy…

Our predicament today is where one stands on the Chicken and Egg CAUSE and EFFECT scenario. So perhaps the question is whether our Military political interventions were the EFFECT of the political ineptness and misrule of our politicians, the CAUSE, or vice versa.

I stand for the former purely based on what I have seen, read, heard and personally experienced. If one stands for the latter which is that the Military interventions were the Prime Cause for the subsequent Effect of civilian misrule and corruption as we see today, then of course our narratives become very different, as do our conclusions.

So if, as I believe, the political ineptness and corruption was the original CAUSE for the subsequent EFFECT of military intervention then the solution lies in changing the Cause. And hence my qualified support for the IK TUQ effort to break this curse.  Because in these unfortunate cycles the biggest loser was and is the Nation and it’s people who desperately need strong patriotic leadership most importantly, and above all good governance.

In India, unlike us,  because they had a Nehru for a fairly long time, a centuries old tried and trusted administrative and political infrastructure, they were fortunate to escape this terrible descent into chaos and the blatant and brazen misuse of power as seen from our earliest days.

 Another far more serious fact which escapes attention is that the powerful elites in Pakistan, primarily rural landlords, feudals and tribal Sardars residing in what is now PAKISTAN actually had virtually no role in in its Creation. They didnt work for it, they didnt sacrifice for it, in fact they opposed the Quaid and the Muslim League, tooth and Nail.

These parasitical cums, mostly established and nurtured by the British to serve their interests, only believed in completely selfish survival, apportioning power to themselves, all the while, keeping the populace, uneducated, weak, exploited so they would never threaten the status quo.

In summary these ruling elites had, as they do so now, only looked after their narrow personal very selfish interests and partnered with anyone, whether a civilian or a military administration, to maintain themselves and their sources of power.

Therefore soon after Pakistan came into being it was but a short walk for these elites to change the nation’s political ethos from a welfare state open to all religions and ethnicities, to that of a predator state, serving just their needs. Henceforth anyone and everyone who acquired power under any pretext such as the cry of “anti corruption” or “good governance” or pipe dreams of Roti Kapra aur Makaan,  a slogan which still resonates with some or the creation of a GODLY state as interpreted by a certain section of Muslims,  self styled guardians of Faith like Fazlur Rehman ( calling him a Maulana is an insult to the title) all looted, plundered and raped the State of its capital and destroyed whatever little we had of any form of Intellectual moral and ethical standards in partnership with these elites.

And now they have been joined and further strengthened by their Urban cousins the “merchant elites”  and predator mercenaries symbolised by Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari. The result  is a cancer of epidemic proportions.

Over time each section of the predator club, the military included, apportioned and grabbed for Itself whatever it could of the State’s resources. Hence a world class missile technology program but no Mars. Outstanding and brilliant scientists either working on “special projects” inside secretive military establishments, and perhaps needed, or seeking pastures outside. And none in the civilian field as the Civilian predators were in my opinion far more rapacious then there military cousins, not too far behind.

So in summary if we had had and can have good governance in the future, the Cause and hence no military intervention,  the Effect, I am convinced we have a great future of a better Pakistan. A Pakistan of equitable opportunities and access for everyone in education, health, jobs, lifestyles etc. A Pakistan free of prejudice, intolerance and where each is accountable . It is possible, provided we create an environment of fairplay, transparency and good governance.

So these are some reasons we have had a slightly different journey than India. For a more detailed understanding of Pakistan and her problems,  may I suggest reading “Pakistan a Hard Country” by Anatol Lievin, which in my humble opinion is perhaps the most definitive book ever written about Pakistan. Recommend reading it at least twice.

And that is why I support the efforts of IK and TUQ in cracking the status quo. And if they betray our trust then let’s also throw them in the garbage bin of history and look for those who can break these chains. Pakistan Zindabad.

Why good people support Pakistan’s Status Quo – It’s the GENES stupid

Why good people support the forces of Status quo in Pakistan. It’s the Genes Stupid….

Our favourite subject after IKs Dharna and Nawaz Sharif’s amazing and legendary stupidity is the flogging and whipping of the Pakistan Army at every opportunity. And even more painful that it is done to berate IK and TUQ and their attempt to change and break the status quo.

So while have repeatedly said that the military has no business to breach it’s institutional borders, and the reason that it did, and this is not a justification but a statement of fact, is because these goons called politicians were, are, and if things dont change, will always remain the same. Corrupt to the core, status quo oriented, tribal and feudal in heart mind soul and action and even worse, when the time comes,  become the military’s willing hand maidens and bedfellows and the rape continues. And giving all cause for a takeover.

Just look at the shameless Khawaja Saad Rafique justifying his ill gotten wealth by stating in court that he won the money through PRIZE BONDS. But they have no shame. ……

So for those so “enamoured” with the desire to bash the army at the drop of the hat…. please picture the doomsday scenario when this so “terrible” institution of nearly a million people were under the whims of  a Zardari or a Nawaz Sharif or horror of horrors under Bilawal or a Hamza Shahbaz.  Imagine a million Gullo  Butts with nuclear weapons. Because that’s what will happen eventually if these idiots stay on. Picture that.

So while it’s quite fashionable to flog your “favourite” institution…ponder on the unthinkable….Yes, so once again, we shouldn’t have had military rule…yes we went a different governance path than India. ..and for me the Jury on India is still out. This is not to run India down but to illustrate why such terrible contradictions exist in that country and ours.

Over 800 million live under the poverty line. Yes 800 million. This is 4 times our population. There are 17 secessionist and Insurgencies in India. ..yet Mars and Bollywood dominate the narrative because It’s sexy and glamorous…yet the 100’s of millions live and die in sub human  conditions. What more can one say of a land and a people that has never in recorded history ever ventured forth from its borders with Its armies to capture a foreign land….except of course as mercenaries under the British….and has been ruled by foreign invaders for thousands of years since Alexander.

Yes we all come from the same stock and mettle …servile ..slavish… subservient.. ..selfish and totally spineless and herein lies our problem. WE ARE A PEOPLE SO SHAMELESSLY SERVILE THAT WE CANNOT IMAGINE THE UNTHINKABLE. WHICH IS TO CHANGE THE SYSTEM.

So if someone in Pakistan tries to crack and break this strangle hold status quo… Our centuries old, nay, millions of years old spineless DNA kicks in even amongst the best of us….especially the intelligent and educated amongst us…who will then unleash their intellectual forces and brilliant articulation and turns of phrase attempting in every fashion and manner to destroy and demean and deter these forces of change and a dream of perhaps a better Pakistan.

They use the language of the literate, the liberal, the educated…they use phrases like “constitutionalism” “democracy” ” due process” ” illegal and unconstitutional”  “danger of military rule” “rule of law” “uphold the Constitution” as if this willing hand maiden of these jokers is  a Divine document to be protected. All they are protecting are their pockets, there golden geese and their continued rape of the country.

These forces of status quo so starkly and disgustingly symbolised by Nawaz Sharif and Zardari to name these two most prominent rats…MUST BE BROKEN….and if it means using means and methods different to the previous ones ….so be it.

Please Dont let these Fledgling Embers of Change …Die

It is simply sickening to see and hear how every discussion about Imran Khan and TUQ’s Dharnas land at the Khaki door.

Grow up people…every boot that breached its barrier into the political field and I agree should not have ….was ALWAYS fuelled by the abject incompetence and corruption of the civilian politicians…And the only way to keep the jackboots at bay if that is the fear is a complete and systemic reform of our entire electoral, political, local government, judicial, economic, law enforcement, education systems.

I am really really really surprised how any and every genuine effort for such a reform is painted, tarred and tarnished with the “demon” of the Army taking over. Hey listen. Those guys dont come from Mars and everyone wants reform and so do they. The Army is from us and yes they are not pretty angels in white but they are today the only disciplined, relatively meritocracy based organisation in Pakistan and that’s really saying something in this lawless land.

In a reformed Pakistan we will also have a reformed military infrastructure that is responsive to the needs of the people, operating within limits and not like a state within a state. But only under an administration that is truly for the people. But Not through NS or Zardari, who would love to make the Army Chief and the Corp Commander into their personal tail wagging dogs as they have done to the bureaucracy, the police and all other State institutions,to do their dirty and corrupt bidding.

I am so saddened and of course angry, listening to these so called pretentious hypocrites epitomised at their worst by the likes of Najam Sethi, with their smug grins and smirks, having now sold their souls, trying to discredit the current winds of change, whispering falsehoods, raising alarms and muddying the waters. In case you’re interested please read my other brief commentaries on this blog as well.

But For Heavens sake let’s be objective and support these winds of change and let not these embers so painstakingly lit, die and be doused in the cruel cold waters of petty hatred, vested interests, distorted historical perspectives and pretentious democratic dogma, not worth the paper its written on.

Do we really want to continue to support this horrible system and live under the shadow of what the Sharifs, the Zardaris, the Asfandyar Walis, the Fazlur Rehmans, and that great pretender Mohammed Khan Achakzai and their minion and lapdogs stand for and live as their slaves or personal hand maidens, or do we want to at least attempt to break this terrible terrible curse on our Nation?

Its a clear choice…really it is….and if IK and TUQ fail us and the Nation…we will try again and again and again till we triumph or die trying.. Its that simple… at least we tried…

31 August 2014. The Dharna. So Where do we go from here?

31 August 2014. 
The Dharna. So Where do we go from here?

Many people not supporting the IK / TUQ lead effort have raised all sorts of arguments to destroy, demean and sully the intent and he actions. They sound like ( not that they are because many of them are my friends whose views on many issues I greatly value and cherish) like those 3rd rate political party reps on TV talk shows who muddy the water and the issue with twisted words and arguments leading to an illogical conclusion.

So we hear things like…IK is stupid. Let Democracy evolve itself. The Army is behind these two. TUQ is a thief and a crook. People supporting IK are the same types who are with NS. What has IK done in KPK?. If the elections were rigged than so were the KPK seats that IK won.

While all these may sound fleetingly logical and if we buy these fig leaves then we have no one but us to blame and may we please live happily ever after amidst this doom and gloom which has become Pakistan.

All these “supporters” of democracy quote many western countries with established democratic to argue against the violence that has erupted in Islamabad. And many, as stated earlier and also as a friend pointed out, are well meaning and well intentioned. So it is really for them that i am attempting to illustrate how the established democracies of the world came to their current state.

All of them, without fail have given huge sacrifices of life, rights, and have struggled hard with blood, sacrifice and tremendous resolve. So as I beef up the case with examples from USA, UK, European countries, some of these acts, especially wars of aggression are not in any way a commentary that these acts were or are politically acceptable. These merely illustrate the blood that has been shed and what trauma these countries have gone through in their evolution to their current systems of governance today. While the current system is not perfect, and has many flaws, but way way better than what we have in offering equal opportunities to their citizenry, relative to us.

USA- 1776 War of Independence, 1864, Civil War, 1st World War, 2nd World War, Civil Rights by African Americans in the 1960’s, Korean War, Vietnam War etc. These examples, I repeat are in no way my view that these were correct or right.

UK. These guys go back to the Magna Carta against King John, 100 years war between Catholics and Protestants. The Cromwell period; Wars between England and Scotland, 1st World war, 2nd World War, Crimean War, Industrial Revolution and then of course their colonial conquests.

Germans after Bismarck; 1st and 2nd world wars. The trauma of East / West Germany.

The French revolution and their colonial campaigns and the Indo Chinese war.

Holland, Belgium and Italy very similar.

Japan 2nd World War and the trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

And now look at us, the “brave” people of South Asia. Yes we are from South Asia and not from Arab lands or Turkey or Persia as we conveniently fool ourselves when we read our history. Those guys have a different legacy.

Look at us. We have never ventured out of our borders to conquer any territory in recorded history. We have been slaves with open arms welcoming any and all invaders and exploiters right till now upto Nawaz Sharif.

The British and Ranjit Singh ruled over their territories in India with the help of the Punjabi Mussulmaans right upto 1947.

Punjab’s biggest shame, was that NOT ONE Punjabi Mussulmaan regiment of the British Indian Army revolted against the the British in support of Bahadur Shah Zafar in 1857. All Units whi did revolt against their British Masters, were non Punjabi Musulmaans, from Bihar, Bengal, South India etc. These include huge numbers of non Punjabi Hindu regiments of the British Indian Army.

The only ones who stayed loyal to the British were the Sikhs, the Punjabi Mussulmaans and the Pathan tribes, who collectively looted, raped and pillaged Delhi for Months in September 1857, when the British re-took Delhi from the forces of Bahadur Shah Zafar.

An even greater mark of shame on the inhabitants of this great land of Punjab. Ranjit Singh ruled over a territory from Ludhiana to Kashmir, including Peshawar with the “might” and full support of his Punjabi Musulmaan units. And to our lasting shame the Badshahi Mosque was under the command of Punjabi Muslumaan units when he converted it into a stable and an Armoury. What he would do in full public view on top of his Elephant every Fridays before Jumma prayers is too painful, embarrassing and humiliating to narrate here.

Finally In 1947, thanks to the resolve of Quaid-e-Azam and the support of non Punjabi Muslim of India, we were given this Independant Country on a silver platter.

All those so called West Pakistani political heavyweights ( again) such as Unionist party in Punjab, under Sikander Hayat, in Sind under Shahnawaz Bhutto, ZAB’s father, and in then NWFP under Dr Khan saheb, Asfandyar Wali’s grandfather, all supported the Congress and not the Muslim League.

The Jamaat e Islami and the Jamaat e Ulema Hind, the forerunner of JUI Fazlur Rehman and Sami Ul Haque, actively agitated against Pakistan, and formally issued a Fatwa declaring The Quaid a Kafir.

So, tragically, unfortunately and embarrassingly, this is our shameful spineless legacy and heritage as compared to the democracies we so glibly allude to.

So if once in our history we have shown some spine, some gumption, some stirring in our hearts to rise even symbolically, against exploiters and looters and plunderers symbolized by the likes of NS and AZ, let us please support it. Let not, well meaning well intentioned people, browbeat this act with the kind of arguments earlier listed to destroy this action.

I dont know why this happens, why we cave in, why we don stand up an fight for our rights.

Perhaps centuries of slavery has ensured that OUR DNA is so soiled with servitude and a slavish mind set that we cannot imagine and or support a people rising against the ruler. Our centuries of serfdom have some how killed, in some, perhaps for ever, the spirit of freedom. But in those hearts, minds and souls where it still burns,let it not be doused by the cold water of betrayal.

Clearly change will not come through repeated elections. Since the first election in 1951 till our most recent one in 2012, the same people, the same families, the same baradrari driven politics, throw up the same mindsets. The only major break frpm these traditional politics has been the rise of the urban MQM in Karachi and now the involvement of the educated, urban middle class via IK and PTI and even perhaps TUQ.

Even under military rule, and I am no defender of it, the same people, now consorted in ugly adultery with their new master. Every single politician, political familiy, Religious party, Religious leader tribal Nawab, Sardar, Wadera, Malik, Political Businessmen like Nawaz Sharif, barring very very very few honourable exceptions have been the Military’s hand maidens and helped them rule. From General Ayub to General Musharraf it is the same story repeated.

And believe me most of these people will willingly step forward ever ready to bed the new CMLA. So no good can be expected from these forces

So this evolutionary change will not take place unless there is deep structural change, which can only perhaps be brought about in a manner where we “force the change” short of a revolution. A revolution which we will never have for if the change is not force fed like a Peking Duck, this unfortunate luckless nation will only see even more widespread anarchy. And much sooner than we expect, leading to our destruction as an organised civil society.

I hope we dont see that day.

Maybe I am wrong and maybe what the detractors say is correct. But honestly i do not see the direction going North but South. I do not see democratic institutions becoming stronger.

Democracy is not just about an election as many of us so innocently proclaim as the panacea of all our evils. Democracy is about Public trust, Public good and Public well-being for the people. It’s about equal and equitable opportunities of Health care, Education, Job opportunities, Justice, Transparent accountability for all, Meritocracy, Human Rights, Freedom of Faith and Work ethics leading to Creative Innovation.

It is not the elite club fattening these rotten apologies of human beings, as it has become now.

Please remember no one gives up power, privilege and authority if acquired in the manner that our so called political demons have acquired. So fight we must. Struggle we must. Take it back with brute force, if we must. Snatch it if that is the only way, if we must. BUT WE CANNOT STOP.

And finally, If IK and TUQ are giants with feet of clay then we need to find others that can do the job. If these guys fail us and also betray our trust then let us also dump them in the dustbin of history and continue our resolve to make Pakistan a better place. BUT WE CANNOT STOP.

But we cant stop for these Vultures symbolized by NS, AZ, Fazlur Rehman etc to eat away and leave this country to near death and flee to their safe havens in the Middle East, Europe, Far East, North America.

And realistically, nothing is perfect, nothing is pure white, except in the Far Beyond when we transition. Here, really it’s all in finding a lesser shade of grey!!!

As Wayne Gretzky, a renowned Canadian ICE Hockey Player, once famously said. You are 100% guaranteed to not score a goal if you DON’T TAKE THE SHOT!!So this is about taking the shot. Lets keep taking our Shots. I rest my caseSo this is about taking the shot. Lets keep taking our Shots. I rest my case

The Apathy in Pakistan to Support Reform

I am appalled.

I am appalled at the apathy of Pakistani society in not supporting for once what is clearly ( in my lifetime at least ) the most serious and deep rooted attempt at reform. 
I am appalled at the pretentiousness of many otherwise perfectly logical and sane people, for not supporting this serious attempt to get rid of this terrible putrid sewerage system of so called democracy, so cunningly labelled by self serving politicians to safeguard their golden geese. 
These politicians who have destroyed all semblance of good order and governance, simply because of this label of so called democracy. Look at these names who have been in political power in one form or shape or the other, be it a civilian or military administration. 
Look at this horrible horrible roll call. Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Ishaq Dar, Saad Rafique, Asif Zardari, Khurshid Shah, Fazlur Rehman, Asfandyar Wali its an endless list of self serving, corrupt to the core, people. 
While some may criticise IK and TUQ for resorting to “undemocratic” methods. Here’s something to ponder. What choice do IK and TUQ and and people like us have. 
We can’t boot the Nawaz Sharifs and Asif Zardaris out through the electoral process because they have “bought” the entire process. 
We cant take them to court, because they have “bought” the entire judicial system. 
We cannot hold them for administrative impropriety. misgovernance, gross and blatant use of authority in appointments, misuse of public funds, corruption, brazen conflict of interest because they have “bought” the entire administrative structure. 
So IK and TUQ and people who want reform had and have no option but to resort to what they have done. Because, while theoretically we have a parliament and an elected government and there is due process for acquiring power, the system has been hijacked and held hostage by these “professional crooks” masquerading as political leaders. 
Look at Khurshid Shah thundering in parliament, earlier today and look at the sickening amount of ill gotten wealth he has acquired through corruption since 1991 when he was ifrst elected as am MNA. Can anyone justify this terrible and blatant hypocrisy and criminality. 
While some may not like IK’s arrogance ( I do) or TUQ’s Canadian citizen ship ( irrelevant). BUT If these two can set in motion the wheels of change for a better, prosperous Pakistan with strong institutions, especially the Police and the Judiciary, an electoral process which does not hand over power to a bunch of professional crooks with just 10 to 15 % of the registered vote, a system of political accountability which does not allow people in power to blatantly and brazenly misuse authority and public trust and public funds, and a country where no one Faith is imposed on another, I am all for it. 

And for those professional politicians with IK ( not many with TUQ) who think that they will benefit once again from the ‘IK” bandwagon, as they have done on other bandwagons in the past…I think they are in for a surprise!

THE ISIS CANCER and Aafia Siddiqui ( The Islamic State)

The ISIS Cancer; 

They lie stealthily all around us and also within our minds masked as my neighbour, my professional colleagues, my business associates, even as my friends, and some even within my family…they lie within us, all over, all across our society. 

They are like a poison and cancer like Aafia Siddiqui hidden deep in our body and soul without us realising, appearing superficially and seemingly benign but actually fatal and terminal.

They start brainwashing our minds and hearts and souls using Religion anti Americanism anti Zionism anti Jewry anti Christianity…catchy slogans to anchor themselves in our hearts and minds and entwine and entice the young impressionable minds with photos such as that of a dishevelled Aafia Siddiqui, eyes closed, hair strewn, a helpless weak oppressed female.

But this mask hides the real Aafia Siddiqui!!

She is the person who has the blood of thousands of innocent Pakistanis on her hands by providing support, food, shelter, communication, weapons, to TTP and Al Qaeda suicide bombers in her house in Islamabad and then whisked off to Afghanistan by the TTP just before the agencies caught up to her. The Media played her case, supported by ISIS type supporters, in suits and ties, to build up anti Musharraf sentiment when he was in power. She is as much responsible for the terrible murder and mayhem inflicted on Pakistan as is the TTP and Al Qaeda. Why would the ISIS seek her release. WHY ??. Because she was and is one of them !! 

The ISIS and their supporters use distorted interpretations in sermons and political speeches…in schools colleges universities and in mainstream Media…especially Mainstream MEDIA.. Just look at the nonsense that is paraded and displayed in the name of one of the purest Faiths…how smooth talking evangelists…so called maulvis, an institution which should not exist, so called charlatans masked as religious scholars, bereft of even the most basic elements of serious objective research and scholarship to their names.  TV anchors with and without the trappings of a beard or a turban, conducting a “monkey” show to hype up viewer ship and ratings, …all leading us astray in the name of Religion

Mainstream Media must not give time space and forum to these demonic forces

Islam is pure simple and thrives on reflection and questioning. We must wage a Jihad against the Terrible Obscurantism symbolised by ISIS and their Salafi / Wahabi cousins and the likes of Aafia Siddiqui, wolves in sheep clothing. 

We must not be innocently mislead into supporting the cancer inside us like Aafia Siddiqui who has the blood of all those innocent Pakistani children, women, men and Pakistan army soldiers when she provided safe haven and support to suicide bombers in her house in Islamabad. See this link to learn how the ISIS asked for her freedom before they killed James Foley..

Operation Zarb e- Azb and talks with the TTP

16th June 14
Operation Zarb -e- Azb and talks with the TTP 
by Syed Haider Raza Mehdi.
As Operation Zarb – e –Azb, gets under way, it is time to briefly reflect on why the operation may be the best option, albeit about 3 months late.  But with all its negative serious, tragic and often horrific consequences of an urban nationwide devastation, and the many innocent loss of life and property in the “operational zones, who will suffer the “hot winds” of terrorist actions, it is essential that this now must be militarily fought to its bitter and painful end.
What is even more important is the “re-building” of the ravaged land of its physical, human, and emotional devastation and consequences.  In this the role of post war, rehabilitation is CRUCIAL.  Otherwise, like the circular debt, it will raise its hydra heads with even more viciousness and devastation. And unfortunately the current Federal Government is the worst possible one could have imagined to do this.  So while we sincerely pray that the operation will succeed, we must think and plan for the post operation phase and have a governance entity which can do the needful.  Tough times need tough decisions. The NS government cannot do it .Period.
So why is Operation Zarb-Azb, crucial and essential to give us a fighting chance of future peace?
Firstly, the TTP wanted breathing space to consolidate their forces, recover from the degradation of their power, because of the army operations these last two years.  And remember we are specifically talking of the TTP and its Al Qaeda affiliates and those who propagate the ISIL and ISIS philosophy and NOT the people of FATA at large.
This resulted in a significant loss of the TTPs ability to launch any operation against the Army as they had been doing from 2007 to 2013.  But because they were beaten and pushed into North Waziristan, they are now unhinged and on the back foot. However they can and will still create havoc by bombing civilian soft targets in urban cities of Pakistan.
The TTP is our main enemy. The TTP have very cleverly developed a narrative which weaves Islam, Pakhtunwali, liberation of Afghanistan, anti US resistance, an Islamic Caliphate, Sharia, and God Knows where they get their version of the Sharia, anti Shiasm, and of course loot plunder, money and power into one narrative and attracted various criminal elements into their fold.
So they also wanted their people freed from jails, they wanted the summer months to pass without a military operation, because it is difficult to conduct military operations in the winter, and lastly they did  not want an operation till the bulk of the US troop departed from Afghanistan, so they had large force into a free run into Afghanistan.
In a nutshell they used the “talks” presence”, to recover from their wounds and consolidate their power. Once they would have been ready, they would have renounced the talks under one pretense or the other and then wreak such terrible havoc and hell all over Pakistan, as they started to do with the Karachi airport attack.  And these will now most likely increase.
Their agenda is simple, destabilize the state of Pakistan, as their partners are doing in other Muslim countries, such as Syria and Iraq, weaken these countries, grab territory and impose their terrible and horrible version of our pure faith. In this they are playing right into the hands of the enemies of Pakistan who fund them through several faces removed.
Lets be clear on one core objective that fuels the anxiety the world over. 
Everybody in the world except Pakistan would love to see a “de-nuked” and a weak and, God Forbid, the worst case broken up Pakistan,.
So here we have it as clear as it can be.  While many had hoped, perhaps some in genuine naivety that the talks would end in a genuine peace time has proved that it hasn’t and will never for the reasons cited above.

So fight we must !!

Hence the view that Operation  Zarb-e-Azb is the only answer, amongst the very limited choices we have and had, and now. . 
Today a large part of their “foreign fighters” have left for Syria and Iraq.  Also for the time being their sources of funding have been significantly reduced as their “financiers” are now financing ISIL/ISIS in Syrian and Iraq. Hence their resort to kidnapping for ransom to fund their activities, has risen manifold.  This last coupled with the “power struggle” within the TTP, has brought about the split which we see today.
So we have to fight them, and sooner than later. So those who still want talks. Take your pick. Now or later. Otherwise Peshawar, then Nowshera and then Islamabad and so on is on the cards..
And the real difficult question is whether even this military option will work or not? The jury is out. 

But clearly a better chance now for success, than later when these enemies of Pakistan would become even stronger.

A perspective on Reconstruction of Muslim Thought (with deference to Allama Iqbal)

9th June 2014
A perspective on Reconstruction of Muslim Thought (with deference to Allama Iqbal) 
By Syed Haider Raza Mehdi
Yesterday’s Karachi Airport attack, the slaughter of innocent people in the sectarian madness which has gripped Pakistan, as in Quetta yesterday, the horrifying beheading of soldiers by the TTP, the  fratricidal bloodbaths in Syria and Iraq,.  What is going on? And why?  Here’s a perspective.

It starts with the fossilization and complete absence of any form of creative reflective thought in the Muslim world.  And I deliberately use the phrase Muslim world and not Islamic world, for they represent two very different perspectives. The former is the perspective adopted by Muslims, very dogmatic, entrenched and narrow, while the latter would be, a perspective based on rationale, logic and laws, which represent evolved thinking, societal development, scientific and technological discoveries ( not “Islamic” science and discoveries).  

I say not Islamic discoveries, for the entire nature of the Universe and Creation, for a believer in ‘Creationism” as we Muslims are, is the Work of the One Supreme Creator.  He Existed Before Everything and After Everything. Quantum Physics proves the Universality of “energy” as the only source of everything.

Muslim thought, has unfortunately remained frozen, at a point in time in the 11th and 12th Century, based on an understanding and interpretation of Islam, Quran, Hadith, Shariah and defined quite differently by 5 very eminent theologians; ;   Imams Malik, Hanbal, Shafei, Hanifa and Jafar, with each school claiming its way as the “right way”

Since then the Muslim World has failed to re-interpret and redefine their code of conduct based on very different individual, societal, scientific, technological developments and challenges.  The 5 theologians were certainly great, eminent and well versed theologians, perhaps the leading scholars of the Quran, Hadith, Jurisprudence, Shariah etc, of their times, but we must not forget that they lived several hundred years ago, were not God Ordained Prophets and were only able to do what they did, as best as they could, based on their personal abilities, readings, research, understanding and their views of what the Shariah Code should be for a society which existed in their times. 

This is like using the scientific and technological formulas and knowledge of the 11th and 12th century scholars of medicine, science, astronomy, physics, chemistry, mathematics etc, in fact every aspect of life( all God’s Rules) to develop things for today’s needs. 

For the Muslim world, to become truly “Islamic” which means being a humane, gentle, inclusive, fair, tolerant faith, accepting the right of people to hold divergent and contrarian views and beliefs, as most powerfully and symbolically manifested in the Holy Prophet’s (PBUH) Charter of Medina, must re-vitalize its strongest value, which gave its greatest strength, that of reflection, discussion, discourse, to find answers which today challenge the minds of 21st Century Muslims and Non-Muslims. 

And a process which must continue to develop practical solutions, based on the eternal principles of Islam, which allows people to practice a faith in new and evolved environments, as society changes and morphs.

The Muslim society, as History proves, reached its earlier zenith and height, not because it was dogmatic, but dynamic, not exclusivist, but inclusivist, not fossilized and frozen, but phenomenally fresh and continuously challenging and coming up with answers and solutions for that day and age. 

It certainly did not have a “my way or the highway” message for non-believers, or those of different sects or faiths but “I will fight to defend your highway”.  

Unfortunately, the continuous downfall of Muslim societies and this great liberating faith, can be traced to the era of exclusivistic dogmatism following the interpretation by the five Imams, when it became a “sin” to challenge existing dogma, even as times and centuries passed. Unfortunately, this dogmatism has become even more tragically entrenched today. 

Today Muslim Countries,  collectively represent the worst forms and examples of terrible, cruel and corrupt governance.  We see the unending exploitation of the weak and the poor, unbelievable poverty, non-existent health care, education, and job opportunities, discrimination of every sort, zero scientific and technological development, except for farces like the “water car” in Pakistan and other such nonsense.  

We must reflect, deeply, dispassionately and objectively that something must be terribly terribly wrong in the manner in which we interpret and practice our great Faith with the result that today, we are at the bottom of pile.  Our current state, certainly does not reflect the Great Teachings of the Quran and The “True Way: and “Sunnah” of the Prophet” PBUH.

Above all and foremost, Muslims of all pales and shades, will have to leave the “politics” of “right” and wrong”.  WE will have to make our beliefs a private contract and not a public one.  However difficult this may seem, we must do so.  For this is the only way we will move away from the need and desire to declare the others as  “Usurpers”, “non-Muslims” “unbelievers”, with no right to live, exist with different views and faiths.  The collective society can and will be be Islamic if its individuals act, according to its values not its rituals only. The state has to be fair to all, Muslims and Non Muslims

We must learn to live in a world of divergent views and beliefs within and outside the pale of Islam.  This is the true message of an enlightened Islam and an enlightened polity. We must reflect, challenge and come up with answers for today.

We must not blindly follow centuries old interpretations, by people who did the best that they could, given what they knew then and what they saw then.  We must reflect, discuss, discourse, research, re-interpret and manifest codes which reflect our current states based on the Eternal principles as laid Down By The Creator.

Why GEO Must be stopped or taken away from Mir Shakil’s control

7th  June 2014
For those who support Mir Shakil, GEO and Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and the likes, here’s my viewpoint.
As children when someone was loosing at Ludo, they would deliberately and cunningly up end the board and the gotis so it was difficult to put the pieces back together, restart the game and get back to the real issues. 
Mir Shakil of GEO has up ended the board so the real issue is lost. Standing up for GEO is not about Freedom of speech, as he and supporters of GEO and Hamid Mir would love to make it out. Or about the heavy handedness of the “agencies”. The organisation, and really its Mir Shakil ur Rehman, if one were to seek cause, who has played a terribly dangerous game under this garb of freedom and have caused immense harm to Pakistan. 
Mir Shakil has let loose on an unsuspecting ignorant public the likes of Hamid Mir, Ansar Abassi, Saleem Saafi, Trojan horses for the Taliban and Najam Sethi, Trojan for NS. Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi and Saleem Saafi may have every right to make their choices of promoting the TTP and turning Pakistan into Salafi Caliphate, 
But if GEO allows them their forum to insidiously brainwash people then i have a serious problem. And if it means their covert and active support of such enemies of the Country then I have a problem. If it means selective misreporting as on Balochistan, then I have a problem. If it means causing the deaths of people ( Col. Imam and Commander Khalil) then I have a problem. The media in Pakistan which is supporting GEO is subjective and stinks of “Asabiyah” and in this case completely wrong.
 I have always stood up for the underdog, For those who dont my background ( not very impressive) . Resigned my commission as a Captain against Zia’s Martial law in 1981, walked out of the hall when he started speaking as a Chief Guest in an APNS ( All Pakistan Newspaper Society) function in Karachi, where he was fawned over by all these media luminaries.Refused to work undercover for my former comrades in arms. Actively worked with Air Marshal Asghar Khan and TI against Zias Martial Law. Wrote a wide ranging very biting commentary on Gen Musharraf rule in 2007. More about how he lost perhaps the best opportunity someone had to turn this country around and how his heavy handedness in his last days was causing more harm then good. 
So I am no apologist for military adventurism. But GEO, which means Mir Shakil and his very suspect objectives, the likes of 5th columnists like Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi et al who are enemies of the state must be stopped. This is because Mir Shakil will not stop his tirade against the Pakistan Army and the ISI. Why he is doing it is an enigma. But he will not stop. And Nawaz Sharif will also let him do so, for it serves his purpose of a weak Pakistan Army and a weak ISI. 
So If we dont stop this now, time will prove me right and woe betide that day.

On Ansar Abbasi Pakistan’s self styled Self Righteous Crusader

23 April 2014. Haider Mehdi( This is in response to AA article tiled I am a Hero, targeting the army and General Pervez Musharraf).  While I am not a Gen. Musharraf apologist, I very strongly refute the many completely false statements by Ansar Abbasi.

Ansar Abbasi lets his personal venom, masked as objective journalism, or an intelligent viewpoint or an an investigative report over whelm his writings and objectivity.
He tells outright lies, distorts facts, muddies the water, laces it with his poison and presents it as “investigative journalism”. For example he had and has no shame in defending Arsalan Iftikhar or his monstrous father, simply because….and i do not want to say more.
Akber Bugti brought his own death by “literally taking up arms against the Country. he took every penny of the Sui gas royalty and never did anything for his people and or his region. Bugti became the Governor of Baluchistan, under ZAB in the 70’s after ZAB dismissed Mufti Mahmood’s Baluchistan government. And all Bugti saheb did was use this position to get rid of his tribal enemies.
I have actually overheard him personally telling somebody who was presenting to him how many roads, and health centers and school were to be built in the Marri – Dera Bugti areas, with a wry smile. You will spoil THESE PEOPLE!! .  Any violent death is tragic and unfortunate and hence so was his. certainly, but he like many others brought it upon himself. He took up arms against the state, attacked the army and FC check posts guarding the Sui Gas fields when Gen Musharraf refused to pay royalty directly to him but pay to the Baluchistan Government. In hindsight he was nothing but a Tribal Feudal, educated overseas, with a semblance of western values BUT bled his people white.
The Lal Masjid so called students were people armed with Rocket Launchers, machine guns, hand grenades, sniper rifles, land mines etc. For your kind information Mr. Abbasi, Madrassa students are supposed to have pens, pencils and books in their hands. He glorifies people like Ghazi, the evil cleric masked as a person of God.
I agree, of course the army should not take over. Agreed. Of course General Musharraf made mistakes but he did not bleed the nation white. But the greater disservice is by the politicians who have wrecked and destroyed this society and by us the spineless nation which allowed these actions to take place.
Please remember. All Martial takeover were initially overwhelmingly welcomed by the people of Pakistan. Can anyone forget the scenes of jubilation when NS was overthrown in October 1999?. Wrong, yes i admit it was wrong, BUT the PEOPLE from North to South, East to WEST welcomed it. Look at what has happened since Mr AZ and now NS have been in power.  Hopelessness, economic stagnation, family dynastic rule.
If people have access to job opportunities, to health care and education and justice, and the freedom to practice their brand of any religion or faith or as enunciated in the Meesaq e Madina, by our Holy Prophet PBUH, why would they welcome a Messiah, in the uniform of General?
We will never. We only  do so because the politicians, crooked to the core, and even today, a shameless lot of pitter patter conversationalists, living in their palatial homes and houses, are sucking this nation dry, and have and will once again fail this wretched nation. These snakes see their biggest threat, not in losing power in elections but in losing power to a non-democratic force. And hence their Machiavellian efforts to weaken this institution to stop it from taking over. How perverted and sick.
So one wonders what is Ansar Abbasi’s objective?. if it is to stop the Men on Horseback from coming back, then I’m afraid he is creating the environment for them to COME BACK. In my opinion, he is a gifted HACK, with a smooth tongue and a strong pen, which he uses to spread poison.
I also think he has very flexible values and scruples and wraps himself in the holiness of Religion, a freedom fighter, a warrior, while grossly lying through his teeth. And what may I ask makes him an authority and scholar on Islam !!.May Allah Guide Him towards what is REALLY RIGHT !